Aileana Morinen

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

Concept: Avant-Garde Chef & Patissier
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Morinen
Gender: Female
Age: 242
Birthday: 1/1
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Chef
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Stormy Grey
Skintone: Pale & Freckled
Marital Status: Single

Petite, even by elven standards, this elf is just a small wisp of a creature. Short and slender, her frame is fine-boned and willowy. Her face has a classical beauty, ivory skin making it easy to imagine fine marble statuary when she sits still for overly long, though sitting still is rarely her nature. Expressive and inquisitive, there is usually a sparkle of mischief shining in her glittery grey eyes. Her ears are long and delicate, the right pierced thrice at the lobe and connected by swooping silver chains studded with sapphires, the left run with silvery hoops all the way up to its tip. Matching hoops glitter along her left brow, and another stud of sapphire glitters in her left nostril and again at her labret. The silvery metals and blue stones set off the strawberry glints of her hair, gleaming red curls falling all the way to her hips, often gathered up in several elegantly interwoven braids from her temples to keep the strands held back from her face.

(Allie is dressed in a white eyelet-lace camisole and a sky blue pleated-skirt with a tea-length hem. Her shoes are simple satin slippers in a silvery shade of grey. A lightweight powder blue sweater is tied around her shoulders in case of a breeze. The sweater is held clasped with a silver pin in the shape of a barbed star, outlined with chips of brilliantly blue sapphires. Silver combs pull her wild curls back at each temple, lined with more glittering blue stones. Her perfume is a blend of oranges, champagne, and honey.)

Aileana has wanderlust flooding her veins. She's an explorer at heart, always striving to find the next ingredient to elevate her recipes in homage to her new homelands. She's curious and inquisitive, a fan of puzzles, games, and excitement. She hates staying too still for too long, always craving the next new exploration or adventure. Her culinary explorations are experimental, new ingredients infusing delicacy and flavor into her concoctions. She's not afraid of risk nor failure, it's a lesson that teaches more for next time. Her playfulness loves to play tricks and tease others, always from a place of fun and frivolity. Light-hearted and optimistic, she always finds the silver linings on the sunny sides of any clouds over-head. There's a strong hedonistic streak to her, now that the elves are mortal and she can age and die, Allie makes sure to suck as much marrow from the bones of life that she is able. She wants to experience as much of it as possible, leaving no joys behind.

Background: Aileana was born as the youngest daughter to one of the lines in the oldest, wealthiest, and most respected families in Faenorian history. Her marriage was arranged at a very young age to a member of the Aeran Kinship, the family seeking to gain a sailor who could strengthen their family's naval experience. Part of the terms of marriage was that the couple would wed when they each had turned two-hundred-fifty years old. It would allow him the time to learn as much of sailing and the sea as he was able, while she would learn the skills needed to help her cousins run the household they would share. She was provided the best educations and tutors that money could provide, and she was raised to keep a home and support a household. It was a future she did not look forward to, but a future she could see no way to escape. She was resigned and acquiescent, but utterly unenthused about the future that was laid out ahead of her. Instead, Allie's heart was full of adventure, longing to explore, always curious about the next new discovery and horizon.

The only part of home-making that interested her were her lessons in the culinary arts. In the kitchen, her artistic freedom could flourish. She could take new and exciting ingredients and weave them into new and appetizing recipes. She could let her artistic side run amok with elegant plating and beautifully decorated pastries. She could visit other Kinships through ingredients traditional to their homelands, travelling via her taste-buds to the lands that her own insular upbringing frowned upon.

Only one-hundred years after she came of age, the Mortal Strife settled down upon the shoulders of the elves, and it was then that Allie truly began to feel the weight of not only immortality, but also the future laid before her. Becoming mortal, knowing that she would age and then die truly made her feel each passing moment, each bit of time that was wasted learning to build and prepare for a life that she did not wish. She would never dishonor her family by running away from the obligation of her duties, but she began to despair over the life she dreamt of that she would not be able to live. She longed for the adventures and explorations that she could not have. And more and more she began skipping her lessons on economic and diplomatic studies to instead lose herself in the joys of cooking, always trying to find a new ingredient or a new way of looking at an old recipe when she was shopping in the markets or working to pull herself out of the doldrums of mortality.

Another quarter of a century passed, and the Eradication Wars began. Allie's betrothed was on the frontlines of the Aeran's fight against the Host, often sending messages wrinkled by saltwater that told of the battles faced by his family and Kinship at sea, tales of adventure as they fought for the salvation of all immortal races. For the first time, she wished to be wed, if only so she could be by his side, to see and experience the adventures he was having, as horrifying as those adventures were. But she spent the War locked away in the frozen mountains of her homelands, safe and protected, isolated from the dangers of the war as life after life was slain by the relentless onslaught of the Hosts.

When the elves set sail for Aarandor, Allie sailed with her family and others of her Kinship while her betrothed Captained a ship for the Aeran. It was sixty years before the two were set to wed. But their future together was not meant to be. Her betrothed went down with his ship when it was struck with lightning during the journey. He was able to pilot it close enough to another Aeran vessel that many of those aboard were able to take lifeboats over, and thus rescued many of his Kinship's lives, but he lost his own in doing so. Allie's live was almost lost as well when the ship she was on tipped in a wave. But just as she lost her footing, a mage who was lashed to the foremast reached out and grabbed her, Alistair's arms strong as ropes as he held on around her waist, preventing her from going overboard into a churning sea and saving her life. As they shared the safety of the foremast, it gave the pair exhausting hours to keep one another awake and alert by talking and sharing stories, and by the time they safely reached to shore of Aarandor the pair were well on the way to being inseparable friends.

Her friendship with Alistair was also her salvation when she learned that her betrothed had died on his migration to the new homelands Aereth provided as an escape from the Host's onslaught. It was a complicated mix of feelings. She mourned his loss deeply, as well as the losses of her parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and so many other cousins and kin. But she also rejoiced in her innermost heart for the freedom of life which opened before her. While she knows that her cousin Emyrion could choose someday to follow the footsteps of his parents and use her as a political pawn for their family, so far he has allowed her to enjoy the freedom of an untethered life, leaving her free to build her own future however she desires to do so. And, because she has felt that freedom and joy at the expense of lives lost, there was a fair bit of guilt piled atop as well. But her friendship with Alastair was a balm to the pain, and to the guilt as well. His experiences during the eradication war haunted him almost as much as she was haunted by her own guilts, leaving the pair bonded even more closely as inseparable friends as each helped the other to find their footing and to move forward in their new lives in Aarandor.

By the time Thelos was established, Allie had come to relish her new homeland. In addition to the icy homes of the Aeran where she hunts for game and harvests hardy, snow-covered plants and taps bitter saps from evergreens for her culinary adventures, she also has access to a connection with the other Kinships by building relationships with those she has met there in the inter-mingled city. She is often-times known to trade with them, offering to prepare feasts for their families and friends in exchange for tastes and supplies of the game and flora of their own lands, too. While she still misses her old home, and those who were lost, the adventures of this new home, of new tastes and places and people to explore is too exciting for her to notice the melancholy in all but the most infrequent of moments. Even after mortality settled upon her shoulders once more, the love of adventure and so many new things to savor leaves her optimistic. She may have only this one, mortal life to live, but she's going to live it to her fullest.

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