Vesper Reymar

You don't have to be an extraordinary soul dreaming of greatness to change the world. The ordinary send ripples of hope through everyday acts of kindness and love.

Concept: Spirited Soldier
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Reymar
Gender: female
Age: 78
Birthday: 09/21
Patron: Glanor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: golden amber
Skintone: tan
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: This tiny, tanned elven lass is no stranger to labor under the sun. Rippling muscle and sinew can be seen during movement through the compact, corded body. Her softer features contrast with her hardened frame. The earthen brown locks frame an elegant elven face. Her golden amber eyes often seem wistful or aloof, even during conversation. Inked geometric patterns spiral down from a skull-like design on her left shoulder, completing a sleeve of tattoos.

Personality: Vesper is star-loving dreamer. She loves not only to sit under the ocean sky contemplatively but also to talk someone's ears off about possibilties and souls while gazing up. Loud and temperamental as an ocean storm, she's also been called just as short-tempered as she is short. In truth, she enjoys fighting and, by all accounts, fights unfairly. Even though she lacks an iota of chivalry and is rarely polite, Vesper is quite open-hearted and generous to friends and family.

Background: Born just after the start of the Mortal Strife, Vesper's first real voyage onto the water was the harrowing trip to Aarandor. She seemed to be haunted by the journey and had trouble sleeping in her adolescence. Perhaps the passage into the Immortal Lands traumatized her. She had lost family, friends, and even her young pet wolf turned to dust in front of her. After a period of mourning, she found solace through long conversations with priests of Glanor. Even though her sleep was ever troubled, she learned to cope.

Rather than proceed as a somber youth, she slowly transitioned into an eccentric one. People would find her lying on the docks and talking to the stars about the new lands she was in, as if catching her lost friends up on things. She held onto this habit until she received her first tattoos and the Blessing of Larenor, their ritual rite of passage. This act seemed to wash away some of the gloom. The elf was finally able to let go and proceed freely with her own life.

It wasn't long after her tattoos that she started to uninhibitedly speak her own mind, often to her detriment. After infamously thrashing a fellow with a stool, Vesper discovered she had a special knack for violence. She has been fighting for something or someone ever since then.

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