Alabrax Alcaldia

Let your worries wash away with the tides.

Concept: Seaworn Sailor
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Male
Age: 723
Birthday: 03/13
Patron: Glanor
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Peppered Grey
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skintone: Swarthy
Marital Status: Widower

Description: This aging elf has been weathered by time and tempest, with a swarthy-complected skin that is craggy and worn almost to the point it could be considered more leathery hide than anything else. He is of a short, wiry build, without much notable musculature to speak of but bearing a sinewy sturdiness that suggests he is still capable of an active day's work. What would have once been a midnight mane is peppered with streaks of grey, though if his visage is wrinkled it mostly appears to be from laugh lines. Set beneath a bushy brow are a pair of dark blue eyes that appear almost black in lower levels of light.

Personality: Throughout the centuries, Alabrax has been many things. Dutiful second, dedicated shipmate. Loving husband, doting father. Grieving widower. The elf has come to terms with life as it is now, knowing that the greatest of his years have already come and gone, and taken on a less rigid, more laid-back approach to existence with his age - content in Glanor's peace. While he can have moments of somberness (usually when respect is due, or lives on the line), he is more apt to seek relaxation and a smile than worry and a frown - sometimes to the chagrin of those driven to greater urgency than he is.

Background: Born the second of four siblings, Alabrax was already into adulthood when Elexia Marindur began the first steps of her rise. A cousin who he was already fond of like a younger sister, Alabrax found in her someone with the drive and ideas he was willing to follow, and did what he could not only to see her and her plans succeed, but prosper. It was during her overtures to the Faenor that Alabrax met his future wife among the Ingith, Amariah.

The couple was one of the first unions to result from Faenors return to the elven fold, and the decades following their marriage would be some of the brightest years of Alabraxs life. However, the joy would not last - the couples firstborn was identified as one of the Harbingers, and would be reaped during the Feast. While this was not the only child the couple was blessed to bear, the sense of loss, betrayal, and doubt that they may have failed their daughter weighed heavily on Alabrax and Amariah for centuries to come.

The Host and the flight to Aarandor took their own tolls from Alabrax. Even though he was not on the front lines of any engagement and was more involved in the logistics of fleet preparations and development, the sailor nevertheless felt the loss of those relationships he had spent centuries cultivating, friendships and alliances crumbled by the relentless onslaught of the unknown force. When the kinships finally fled Larandor, his was a place among the scouting corsairs, leaving his wife behind in the main fleet. His wife, however, was lost to the depths with Elexia during the passing, and with his leader and his love, so too did a piece of his soul pass.

In the transition years following the elven peoples landing on Aarandor and the establishment of Lorawin, the old elf found peace in his patron, but has lost his drive along the way. Blazing into the mysterious, mythical land of legend is a torch he will willingly pass along to his younger kin, and he will be content to pass on what wisdom he can offer while catching naps where he can find them..

Relationship Summary

  • Eiliriel - My sweet, sweet Liri. She's brilliant enough to be anything she wants, but my greatest concern's that she's happy.

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