Novice Jaxyn Sedriel

Strive to be a warrior and a scholar. Be forged in fire and tempered by knowledge. If not, you will lack the courage to fight for your ideals or lack ideals worth fighting for.

Concept: Ambitious Warrior Scholar
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Sedriel
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Birthday: 07/15
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Spellblade
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Tan, almost bronze
Marital Status: Single

Description: Jaxyn stands at just over 6 feet, straight, with an air of confidence that comes from growing up in a land that speaks of day to day struggle. He has shoulder length black hair that is straight, with just the hint of shine. His skin is a tan, almost bronze colour, and his eyes are a dark brown, very close to black, in the right light, owing mostly to the shadow of the area around his eyes and lids.

Personality: Jaxyn is, in many ways, the typical Thalerith. He values challenge and the struggle. He desires knowledge and skill, both physical and mental. He is brash and headstrong, at times, but has a deep-seated honor that influences all decisions. He attempts to be the embodiment of both warrior and scholar, though he feels very limited by what mental prowess he can achieve by staying with his family, which has largely influenced his decision to seek out the Acadeum to study magic. While he has had very limited contact with others outside of the Thalerith, his mind is open to connection to the world at large and he seeks deeper connection to others who are different than him.

Background: Like all Thalerith, Jaxyn was born in the vast cavern system that makes up the home of those of his kinship. His mother was Sedriel, his father Filinnar. It was decided, when they wed, that there would be a contest of wits, a series of puzzles, both physical and mental, to determine whose surname would be kept. His mother was quick and sharp, as was his father, but in the end, she emerged the victor.

Jaxyn grew up with the teaching of both, though, and both his mind and body grew strong and fast. As he grew, Jaxyn learned the ways of the hunt, as well as how to hone his mind into a sharp weapon, learning to think through all situations and approach them with both physical strength and mental prowess. Like most children, though, Jaxyn made his fair share of mistakes and stupid decisions. As he did so, however, his parents taught him to learn from those mistakes and not make them a second time. While Jaxyn enjoyed the hunt and tests of strength, he was also very interested in the pursuit of knowledge, and even from a young age, sought to learn and absorb everything he could.

Through his teenage years, Jaxyn spent as much time as he could listening to the stories of the Flame Seers, drinking in every bit that he could. He also had a bit of a rebellious streak and involved himself in some physical contests that taught him a valuable lesson about picking your battles wisely. As he grew into a young man, Jaxyn began to realise that there were many things he could learn outside of the confines of his kinship. He observed, once, a magic user who visited the caverns, and the Flame Seers, and a desire to acquire that knowledge as well started to grow in him. He started to wonder if perhaps magic could be used to supplement his physical skill and offer him a better, more complete way to face the hardships and trials that he endured. To that end, after his first hunt, in which he acquired the two teeth he wears around his neck, he decided he would leave his family and venture into the world to gain the opportunity to find and learn from the Mages at the Acadeum, as he had heard stories of the learned men and women there finding new ways to access the Lifewell and use the power contained within. His parents, most especially his mother, have been very supportive of his desire to do so, although they have spoken to him of the danger of the world outside the caverns. He goes out with an open mind and intense desire to learn and see where it takes him, and where he can find his own place in the vast world in which he lives.

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