Eiliriel Alcaldia

Healing the heart is a delicate art.

Concept: Empathetic Explorer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Female
Age: 104
Birthday: 5/12
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Healer
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Silvery Gray
Skintone: Bisque
Marital Status: Single

Description: Studious silver-gray eyes framed by lush lashes consider the world with clear intelligence. Her long mahogany hair falls in long cascades around her angular face, locks tucked absently behind her angled ears to get them out of her way. Her brows are straight and serious with only a slight arch, but her lips are full and shapely.

Personality: Eiliriel is charming and gentle, with a manner about her that bespeaks empathy and warmth. Her smiles are generous and good-natured, and she practically sparkles when she's excited about something. She has an excellent bedside manner, with a lust for life that is only matched by her need to find new things and see new places. Every so often, generally out of the blue, she cracks a dry joke or breaks out a bit of sassy attitude, quite unexpectedly.

Background: Since she was a child, Eiliriel has always been drawn to the healing arts. She's loved the sea, mind you, and all of the adventures that it brings, but she knows that sailors often get injured, and she enjoys being the one to patch them up. She was always the gentle and sweet one in a pack of rowdy roughhousing siblings, but never without a spark of mischief in her eyes.

Eiliriel read everything she could as a child, and when she wasn't studying medicine, she was often off in the library, learning new and interesting things. Though more sedate than her siblings, she was nonetheless never one to turn down an adventure. She sailed to tiny islands and explored their wonders, and she happily patched up her companions when the unexpected occurs.

Relationship Summary

  • Darinel - My cousin and head of house is wise and kind.

  • Lorandi:
  • Gureylain - This priest of Brundir is a patient and earnest man.

  • Parent:
  • Alabrax - My father is my rock, a stable island in rough seas.

  • Friend:
  • Elendril - A good friend to have; sweet and compassionate and enthusiastic.
  • Joran - Clever and funny plus he likes to research interesting things.
  • Rythadrien - The Chief is an amazing man, and I am quite lucky to count him among my friends.

  • Thalerith:
  • Sylindra - The Warlord of Thalerith often has interesting things to say and insight to share.

  • Name Summary
    Medeia Shy. Quiet. But observant. Intelligent for this exact reason. Sometimes its best to be the quiet one in the room - you hear more. Rather pretty too.
    Sylindra A scholarly girl, somewhat shy, but opens up when discussing subjects of interest.