Talise Alcaldia

Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

Concept: Wandering Soul
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Female
Age: 632
Birthday: 8/23
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray-Blue
Skintone: Light Olive
Marital Status: Widowed

Description: On the taller side, Talise, stands just a bit above the average female elf. With a lithe wiry frame, possessing more of a swimmer, or gymnasts form. While in her early 600s, she shows no signs of aging yet. Not even in her dark black, wavy locks, that fall and curl lightly just below her shoulders. Her gray-blue eyes, the color of a foggy oceanianic morning, a spirited curiosity just lurking beneath their surface; as if looking for something new to find and discover at any moment. Though their brightness has been dulled a touch since arriving in Arandor, that spark still resides deep within them. Her left eye is covered with an eyepatch, a nasty looking scar protrudes from the top and bottom of it. The scar goes from above her eyebrow down across her eye, and into her lower cheek. Her once tanned olive skin, is now lighter then it once was.

Personality: Free spirited, was often a term that was applied to Talise, even from an early age. Full of a zest for life and whatever it had in store for her. Possessing a wanderers soul, she never felt at ease if she was in one place for too long. Quick with a smile, one that often bordered on deviousness. Her curiosity was one of her greatest drives. Wanting to know what was just beyond the horizon, the next hill, the next wave. Even though she was always a wandering soul, she knew where home was, and loved her family and friends. True and loyal to them, always.

Background: Ever a child of the sea, Talise took to it at a young age, she wanted everything to do with it. From sailing it, to exploring it, to knowing all it held, the dangers and the bounties that awaited within it and upon it. Even without her racial gift, she still excelled at swimming, possessed of a dolphin's swiftness.

Once she made adulthood there was no real stopping her, filled with the yearning to move, to be free, to explore what the world had to offer. She left home to do just that, never staying in one place for very long. The young elven woman was boundless in her wandering. Energetic, and athletic, she swam, ran, climbed, everything and anything that she could. Even enjoying friendly competitions in such.

While working with Elexia, her cousin, Talise meets Nieven, and while the two were opposites, they fell in love. The two married, and they both put their support behind the Ithiriel, working with Volith, all of them believing in Elexia's vision. Estril's feast was surprising and devastating to Talise. It did not sway her belief in Elexia, though, no it only made her work harder to support her.

Nieven and Talise where blessed with two souls to care for by Brundir, the couple loved and cherished their children. Finding joy in watching them grow and raising them together. The family thankfully survived the Mortal Strife, and the host, in the The Eradication War. During the war with the host Talise suffered a grievous wound, that was not able to be healed properly. Resulting in leaving her with a rather nasty scar scoring her face down over her left eye. It was during the The Third Migration, that Talise lost her beloved, Nieven.

Since the arrival to the Arandor, between the loss of her beloved Nieven, and Elexia, Talise retreated from her family and friends. The bright light of her free spirited soul was dimmed significantly, and for the past fifty years, she has drifted from her purpose and her family. And now, as the energy and push to explore the new land, she is starting to come out of hiding.

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