Haqim Aynarr

The eyes of an animal show a wisdom unspoken.

Concept: Spirit of the Beasts
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Man
Age: 743
Birthday: 2/13
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 6'10
Hair Color: Grey-Streaked Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black
Skintone: Umber
Marital Status: Single

Description: The tall elf known as Haqim cuts quite a figure. Scarred from years in the field and working with dangerous creatures, he manages to still have a bright smile with only one extra canine on the left to mark it as a weird smile. The man holds his hair in long dreadlocks up away from his bearded face. He seems to have several piercings across his body and short ears.

Personality: Haqim is the first to duck down to get on the level with an animal. His controlled motions toe the line between calming and insistent when needed. The elder speaks with authority when he chooses to speak at all. There is a distance between him and others that simply seems to not be there with animals.

Background: Haqim was born to a traveling group of Aynarr who were mostly devotees of Gala. With more optimism and drive than potential, they tried to heal the Great Scar in the land. During this unfortunate experiment, it was said to have lost the lives of dozens and drained those who survived, including the young Haqim, of most of their connection to the Lifewell. While many of these others have perished in the years since, Haqim remains as a testament to the limits and damage that unconsidered magic can leave behind.

Acting as a tender to more nomadic herds in the lands of the Thalerith gave Haqim much time to think as he grew. All life was drawn to the water in the oasis and the occasional spring and river, and from this his own connection to Aereth sprang. For a time, he nearly committed himself to the priesthood, but something always came first ultimately.

With time, marriage and children came. His first spouse, his husband Zamir, was an elder who came to choose the wheel after their second child reached adulthood. After a hundred years, Haqim decided to pursue a relationship with a certain Tenlindil who shall not be named. The marriage never became fully realized when said would-be-spouse would not participate in the traditions of the Thalerith to determine their house.

From that point forward, Haqim focused heavily on his animal companions. It's said that he was often lost more among them than among other elves or even the other races. During the crossing, his Sand Tiger Ahmet collapsed into naught but dust in his arms, and it's said that this broke him. Since arriving in Aarandor, his presence has been more a rumor than a fact until recently.

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