Ashling Aenorr

If we act like prey, they'll act like predators.

Concept: Inquisitive Huntress
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Aenorr
Gender: Female
Age: 85
Birthday: 04/04
Patron: Baridon
Vocation: Hunter
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: slate grey
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: pale, freckled skin
Marital Status: Single

Description: This woman has a bearing of grave and unthinking grace displayed in the outlay of her face and figure. At the left edge of her neck, the beginning of a scar snakes a silvery-pink path downwards before its sight is snuffed by her garments. Though much of her figure is left obscured by her clothing, from what can be deduced by its visible portions, it is remarkably slim, and if her hands and neck are any indication, with defined muscle tone. Her slate grey hair falls just beyond her shoulders and is commonly pulled into a braid. Dark eyebrows form the frames of almond shaped blue eyes and a finely-sculpted nose and proud cheekbones give texture and depth to the planes of her face.

Personality: Reserved, Ashling is just not used to being around people. Likely to commit social blunders, it's rarely with intent, but simply born from her up largely solitary upbringing. Decorum and manners were hardly a requirement when interacting with her wildlife friends. Still, she's ever curious, observant and eager to learn, it's this that draws her to gatherings of people, even if she might otherwise prefer to stay hidden in the woods.

Background: Ashling had a largely solitary upbringing, having been raised by an elderly man she thought of as her Grandfather, who she knew as simply Kari. And under his tutelage her education consisted not of politics or diplomacy, but of survival and marksmanship and how to thrive off the land.

Able to move with a quiet ease through the forests, and capable of surviving on their own, they wanted for very little. Between the pair of them, they were easily able to gather and hunt what they needed, and the excess her Grandfather sold at the markets. And while Ashling rarely made the trip into town, she did present when she came of age, for the blessing of Rigarth.

Two winters past, Kari finally succumbed to an infection he had been fighting for a number of months, leaving Ashling on her own. And while initially putting it off as long as she was able to, finally in need of supplies, and with an old map and an old notebook in hand, she made her way to the city of Khelgar with some furs and other trinkets to sell and a curiosity to learn more about the world around her and her heritage.

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