High Lord Cayn Aenorr

Only through a unified front can we hope to survive.

Concept: Tempered Elder High Lord
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Aenorr
Gender: Male
Age: 875
Birthday: 10/04
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Faenor high lord
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Pure Silver
Eye Color: Crystalline White
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: single

Description: Tall and statuesque, though slightly diminished and weary in his long life. Cayn is the epitome of aging with grace in the eyes of elf-kind. Very few signs of his age, save for the wise way he carries himself, manifest in his face and features. His hair is braided back more often than not, allowing his pale crystalline eyes to take the focus. His gaze is piercing but not without kindness. Though his smiles are rare, they are genuinely felt when they appear.

Personality: Calm and cautious, Cayn is known for his level headed approach. Listening, learning, evaluating and then speaking only when his words will have impact. Not easy to anger, by any means, but when his ire is stoked it is met with swift vengence, followed most often by a calm contemplative evaluation of the situation. He is always introspective, but warm.

Background: Cayn was born the eldest son of Landoth the Bold, High Lord of House Aenorr. And like any Faenor Heir, he was groomed to his position from the time he was born. Lessons in language, politics, war, diplomacy, everything a future High Lord might need to know. But truly, it was history that caught his eye of all his studies. He made every excuse he could to travel to the Duindar Great Library and read all about the heroes and foes of the past. He had a special interest in the Scorched Earth War. And indeed, special interest in a Duindairian Mage of House Laenorin named Sheelah.

After some debate and pushing from both sides, the two were finally married. Brundir was kind to them and brought two children in to their lives. Their small family grew and prospered along with the rest of the Faenor. When his father passed on the title of High Lord to Cayn, he stepped up in to the role he was born for with ease.

Estril's Feast was a breaking point for Cayn's easy going spirit. The discovery that one of his own sons was a Harbinger was a heartbreaking truth to face. Even harder still was condemning him to be reaped from existence. That sort of void never truly closes, the wound still fresh in his heart after 400 years. When it came time to make another tough decision in his life, the decision to stay among the dying in Lorandor or leave to find immortality once more in Aarandor, Cayn hesitated. Weighing both fates. Staying behind to fight alongside the peoples of Lorandor would surely mean his death. But it would be an honorable death. Though leaving all behind and starting anew would mean a chance at survival. It pained him, but Cayn finally cast his vote to leave, setting the Faenor in line with Ithriel Elexia's plan. That decision cost him his wife and many members of his family on the journey across the sea. But, it did assure him the continuation of House Aenorr. And for that, he is grateful.

Relationship Summary

  • Emyrion - You are more wise than your years should allow. Giving up the past so we can continue to have a future was a bold but necessary move. I appreciate your voice on the council of five.
  • Gariss - My old friend. We are a generation steeped in tradition and thrust in to an ever changing future. I know why you wanted to stay and I don't fault you for it.
  • Lythene - Your moral guidence has been a boon to us all. I appreciate your insight no matter how much we may dissagree on the nuances.
  • Ellyn - There was never a more fiery spirit on this council of five. You have much to learn but I have no doubt you will learn it swiftly.

  • Deceased:
  • Sheelah - My beloved wife. I never would have imagined my decision to travel to these lands would exact such a terrible toll. I will not allow your sacrifice to be for naught.
  • Rikir - A father should not have to condemn his own son.
  • Cayla - My sister. I pray that you find your way to these lands in the next turning of the Wheel.
  • Carys - I will not forget you, little sister.

  • Child:
  • Relios - My heir and my pride. Relios is the best of us and I don't fault him for his passionate view of things. He may think me foolish but I think him ambitious. And I know in my absence he will do what needs to be done. For the time being I hope we work out or differences for the betterment of our people. United always.

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