Lady Ember Palinnar

Well behaved people seldom make history.

Concept: Spirited Adventurer
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Palinnar
Gender: Female
Age: 121
Birthday: 08/06
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Evocationist
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Knight of the Blessed Order of Solaris

Description: Ember carries herself with an air of expectant energy, always on the brink of motion even when she is standing still. When left free, her red hued hair would extend just past her waist, but is usually kept back from her face in a waterfall braid and secured loosely in the back so it doesn't quite blow wild. She is on the smaller side of elven kind, but it is rarely noticed since her presence just seems to fill every room she enters.

Personality: Always sure of herself, even if she hasn't looked before she leaps. Ember bounds in to life with an enthusiasm for all things. Eager to help and solve problems, eager to learn and grow. Whatever slice of cynicism she might have over all the bad that has happened around her, she maintains a bright expression and willingness to keep pressing on.

Background: Ember grew up in the March of House Palinnar, which was settled quite far along the outskirts of the Toren Valley. Some of the more centrally located Lorandi may have referred to them as provincial, but Ember always knew better. She felt privileged to live on the precipice of adventure, on the edge of excitement. Being so far from the center of politics and the hustle and bustle of city life, Ember was allowed to grow up with a great sense of wonder. At a very young age she started to dabble in the Evocationist arts.

Her mother, Camilla Palinnar who was the sister of the Marchioness Tegan Palinnar, took special care in teaching Ember about the Lifewell. She helped to guide the young evocationist in her interests, teaching her that every elf has a breaking point, where pulling on the lines of the Lifewell can backfire. Balance is key in all things, her mother used to say. And Ember would nod and agree and experiment anyways, edging just to the line of too far before backing off again. This lead to several incidents of unintentional fires, usually away from the main estate? usually. Though she was a spirited and defiant child, Ember has since grown in to a rather resourceful, kind and enthusiastic woman. The fiery spirit that graced her in her youth has never dimmed.

Relationship Summary

  • Thorin - The sterotype of the Faenor being stuffy prigs isn't always true. It's true nine times out of ten so that makes Thorin the tenth kind. He's got a sense of humor good enough to deal with my nearly setting his hair on fire.
  • Alexandria - Alex was the portal walker that the Duindar sent. Her mother's the First Speaker which is pretty important by their ranking. She and I bonded over a love of adventure even if I may have talked her ear off a little.
  • Yvette - Her dedication to our people and the Order is without question and she has made me feel welcome within the order. She's not very open about herself but I think it might just take some time. I think she worries I'll burn everyting around us down
  • Escanor - After the death of my mother Escanor stepped in to help guide and teach me. He's been my mentor since then helping me hone my skills with the Lifewell. And being that moral compass when I need ne. He's also one of the very few who seems to be able to deal with my temper and a look or word from him can usually help me rein it in. Usually. He is very dear to me.
  • Nadaron - He's very different from all the Thalerith I've seen. He's very... joyful. Which is fine! It's great! He seems like he knows how to enjoy life. He helped keep our spirits high when we first walked through the portals. I don't see him as often as I used to but he helped change my opinion of the Thalerith.

  • Family:
  • Hatharal - Imagine having this brand new land with plenty to explore and then being shackled down with responsibilities. That is my cousin the Marquis. I'm much happier being able to go where I please and much freer than he is. I'll just have to be sure to tell him of my adventures.
  • Elendril - One might think the term 'fierce healer' is an oxymoron, but I'm here to tell you it isn't. Elendril embodies the term. The handful of years between us has never really made a difference as I'm as fiercely protective of her as she is of me. I'm quite certain that together we can do just about anything.

  • Name Summary
    Escanor I remember teaching her magecraft after her mother's passing. Since then, this firecracker has only grown more. I will continue to teach her waht I know, for I have come to care for her deeply. She has great things ahead of her, even if her temper sometimes holds her back.