Marchioness Alliah Rylanth

When the owl sings, the night is silent.

Concept: Forest Friend
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Female
Age: 212
Birthday: 1/1
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Hunter
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Pale brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Skintone: Beige
Marital Status: single

Description: Elegant and tall, but not overly so. Alliah is a very well mannered, well postured woman. Her eyes narrow as she thinks deeply and her lips are prone to subtle smiles. Her cheeks are warm and high set, like an elegant statue. She carries herself with a sense of quiet dignity that follows through in every motion she makes and every word she speaks. A center of calm and collectedness. Long brown hair is often braided and pulled out of her face.

Personality: Alliah is not an overly warm person, generally speaking. Reserved, quiet and elegant. She has experienced much loss, and it weighs heavy on her. But when she opens up, a hint of a mischievous nature can be witnessed. For the sake of her March, she does her best to remain the calm collected leader. But among friends, she has a sense of adventure and wonder wide enough to fit the vastness of the unmapped wilderness.

Background: Alliah grew up the daughter of the Marquis of Rylanth in their holding just to the north of the Valley of Toren. Their lands edged right along a thick forest and Alliah spent a lot of time exploring them. Always drawn to the wilds, she took up hunting to better understand her surroundings. Every moment spent among the trees was a blissful one for her growing up.

Both her mother and father were soldiers, trained in both martial and magical combat. Her father, Marquis Gabriel, spent a fair amount of time teaching her to bend the lifewell to her command. While he encouraged her to take up Abjuration, she insisted on Evocation. She always imagines his encouragement was simply to keep her safe. But, she had other designs on the life she would lead.

Those designs on life came crashing down when the Host arrived. Both her mother and father took up their arms and joined the Royal Lorandi army to fight back against the Host.When they died, she was devastated. Unready to take up the mantle of Marchioness for her people, she went into the woods to pray to whatever deity would listen to her. When she eventually emerged, she was ready to lead her people and follow Ithiriel Elexia across the great ocean.

Obituary: Marchioness Alliah Rylanth is certainly known for wandering off into the woods for days at a time, always to come back with an interesting tale or supplies for her beloved family. No one thought anything of her extended absence because of it. That is, until Foresight, her beloved Great Horned Owl, was found outside of the Rylanth Estates. The owl was perched up high, still holding the bloody leather owl gauntlet Alliah with known to wear often.

By the time her family found the owl and began to worry, grim news came from a Lorandi patrol to the north of Golden Hallow. Her corpse has been found seemingly trampled to death. Carefully and respectfully, her remains have been returned to her family so they may begin their mourning process.

Relationship Summary

  • Galeren - I lost my parents to inherit my title early. His father abandoned him to his. His faith in Torth is a rock to help us build our people's new lives in this strange and dangerous land.

  • Family:
  • Averadus - My beloved uncle is entrusted with the spiritual well being of all the Lorandi. His guilt at leaving our human friends behind eats at him sometimes but he pretends not to let it bother him. Loran would want it otherwise.

  • Duindar:
  • Alexandria - The Portal Walker of the Duindar. She's said to be an avid huntress and loves her forests as much as she does adventuring. We have yet to meet but I have heard tell of her and think we might have much in common.

  • Friend:
  • Leda - Princess Leda and I were only a few decades apart but we found a bond in our love of Gala's natural beauty, taking rides together and enjoying the gardens of home. We used to spend more time together but have grown apart since the Host took our home from us.

  • Thalerith:
  • Aleandra - They call her the Sand Tigress, the old woman well into her 800s who was an avid hunter in her day. I can only imagine the kinds of stories she would tell; if she would ever talk to someone outside her Kin.

  • Ally:
  • Hatharal - Hatharal and I are in similar predicaments; neither of us thought we would become Marquis- or at least not so soon in our lives. We can count on one another in this unexpected twist in our fates.

  • Name Summary