Deputy Headmistress Lyandra Filinnar

Don't be satisfied with stories, unfold your own myth.

Concept: Charming Seeker
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Female
Age: 90
Birthday: 05/01
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Ash White
Eye Color: Gold Flecked Gray
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Slim and lithe, standing at just on six feet, Lyandra carries herself with an almost unconscious grace, shoulders back with the uptick of her chin giving her a slightly haughty expression. Her skin is smooth and clear, a rich olive with just a hint of the burnished golden quality that only the sun in the desert can give. Against the richness of her skin, her ashen white hair seems to glow like a corona and falls, when unbound, down to the small of her back. There is a brightness to her youthful face, dark eyebrows framing wide grey eyes, the irises flecked with gold. A slim nose and full, almost pillowy lips add a touch of sensuality to her countenance.

(Lyandra's hair is caught up in a series of the intricate braids that are the high fashion of her kin. Gems dotting the plaits add a glimmering to her pale head. Her scent is exotic, bringing to mind rare woods, incense, and night-blooming jasmine.)

Personality: Inquisitive, intuitive, empathetic, passionate. All words which could be used to describe Lyandra. She carries herself with grace and poise, though she never allows herself to veer off into aloofness. Warm and kind, is how most people would describe Lyandra once they have had a chance to get to know her. When she sets herself to a task, she gives all of herself into the effort, refusing to countenance failure or defeat. A born diplomat, with a disarming charm, and an uncanny skill with words. Her quick, curious mind often allows her to pick up on nuances in speech and action that might otherwise go unnoticed. Though she is still in the flush of her youth, she holds within herself a confidence and self-determination far beyond the scope of her years. She does not suffer fools gladly, and has a particular dislike of those that treat others unfairly. A skilled evocationist and illusionist, her connection to the lifewell and the magic which flows through her, itself an extension of the magic in the world, rests easy on her skin and adds a sort of nascent glow to her presence. Ever the seeker, Lyandra is never without a question or a theory, as though the world could be revealed to her in an instant, if only she asked the right one.

Background: Being the daughter of Sylindra Filinnar was never easy, even before her mother became Warlord of the Thalerith. Lyandra and her twin brother Joran were born just before the Mortal Strife started ravaging the races of Larandor. Her mother had all these plans for her, but Lyandra was never all that interested in beating people up like her mother seemed to be. Joran seemed more willing to be molded by their mother, and that suited Lyandra fine. Since very young, Lyandra was always closer to her father, Aganor and like him, she was more interested in training her mind than her body. She knew her father was an accomplished negotiator and sought to learn as much as possible from him. Growing up during the Mortal Strife she became familiar with the words of Ithiriel Elexia Marindur, and decided that was the kind of leader she would be one day.

The Third Migration was particularly hard on Lyandra, the loss of Elexia meant that the kinships retreated back to their corners so to speak, she had hoped that Lorawin and then Thelos meant the kinships would stay together, for she firmly believed that would be for the good of all Elven kin. But that was not to happen, and without a unifying leader, soon the Kinships went their separate ways, although at least there is Thelos, which Lyandra often visits.

Her desire to learn about other cultures rather than become a warrior did not diminish, much to the continued chagrin of her mother. Her father, however remained quite proud of her, and Lyandra was pleased with this. Finding aptitude in the control of the Lifewell, she began studying magic and how to better shape it. She loves her people, and is loyal to her Kinship, but she has no desire to be the kind of leader her mother is. She continues her studies, with eyes on a different path, and working towards the goal of one day, helping bring the Elven kin together again.

Relationship Summary

  • Aleandra - My great grandmother is the most intimidating woman I've met. She's serious and focused. But I know she cares deeply about my mother, our family, and the Thalerith. I often wished, as a child, that I was a little more like her. I would like to think that I have grown into some small reflection of who what she is.
  • Rivaron - So many people misunderstand my uncle. So many people judge him, for choosing to serve as a Blood Templar, and in so doing to serve all the kinships and not only our own. Thelos is important to all the kinships. That he spends time there, protecting it should be recognized and celebrated, not viewed with wariness and suspicion. I always enjoy when he visits. Nasharet is a brighter place when he is in it.
  • Sorgath - You are so wise and so strong, Uncle. You helped raise Joran and I as much as mother and father did. You sheltered us from the reality of the terrible times in which we were born. And now you're gone. Off to Thelos, and to the service of Rithor. I know you didn't mean to, but I can't help feeling that you left me behind. How I miss you constant presence, and your ready counsel.

  • Parent:
  • Aganor - I'm often told I have much in common with my father. His way with words, his willingness to understand other cultures. As I grew to adulthood, his was the way I modeled my own life on. Even now, as I go into the world, I look to Papa to know how to be in the world. His kindness, his love, his compassion, and his devotion have been and remain my markers of what it means to be a force for good in the world.
  • Sylindra - She is impressive, a skilled warrior with a quick, insightful mind. Though I support her as Warlord and she has led the Thalerith well, so often these days, I long for the days when she was, to me, only Mother. I fear we do not often see eye to eye, but how could we? We care for such different things.

  • Duindar:
  • Diagones - Few that I have met in my time have the insight, cleverness, and thirst for knowledge that the Head Scholar possesses.
  • Nagestos - The Archmagus is an elf of thoughtfulness and great learning. His time away in Aarandor seem to have changed him, but not so much that he is not the elf I remember. He is still focused, insightful, and wise. The Acadeum is better for having our head returned to us.

  • Lorandi:
  • Escanor - The Lorandi spellblade. I do not know if we have what one might consider a traditional friendship. However, since coming to the Academy, we have enjoyed a companionable working relationship, and we have rather gotten into the habit of testing ourselves against the other. He is always gracious in victory.

  • Sibling:
  • Joran - When our souls left the wheel, the gods decreed that we should be bound to this world together. From before our very first breaths, and to our very last. And so we have been and will be, though the world seeks to drive us apart. Ever has my twin been my sword and shield, and though I bear different gifts, so too am I his defender. Though the paths he walks might range far from my own, he never walks alone.
  • Melindra - Third of our parents' children, I fear that Melindra was born into a world that shone perhaps too brightly with our Mother and Brother's light. Would that I could have helped her understand that her own light was not in competition with theirs, with anyone's. Whatever our disagreements and differences, I hope that she finds what she is looking for in the world.

  • Friend:
  • Thorin - Thorin's boundless curiosity, his relentless thirst for knowledge, and his devotion to magic are a revelation. He possesses such a rare skill in teasing out the smallest nuance and puzzling out the most complex problem, physical or metaphysical. He is absolutely fearless in the face of the risk of reaching for the boundaries of knowledge, and seeks, ever to strive to look beyond them. I never thought I would ever meet someone who saw the world and all of its potential and possibilities in a way so perfectly aligned with my own.
  • Dalarin - A true friend and ally, for all his reserve. He saw the potential in me, despite my dearth of years, when he and the Archmage tested me for entry into the ranks of professorship at the Acadeum. That ogre truly was magnificent. I see the gift of being one of his students for what it is. A gift. There are few more skilled or capable than the Magister.
  • Belstrom - In all of my life, few of my relationships have been as fraught as the one that I share with the High Priest of Acharon. Though I do not always agree with his views and opinions, I respect his devotion to Acharon and his tireless efforts in that regard.
  • Ayalith - Ayalith is pure joy. It radiates from her as a light. We have been friends since childhood and I have always been the better for it. Insightful, spiritual, with a keen mind and that way that is purely Ayalith in seeing to the heart of things, myself included. The world and the calling of the priesthood has seen fit to keep us apart and yet and still, I love her as a sister, and I would do much and more to protect her and see her safe and happy.
  • Nadaron - For all his fierceness as a hunter, he is sweet and friendly. Would that his face were the one that the other kinship elves might see when they come visit us, for surely in him they would see the best of us. I could think of no one better to have been our representative when the Portal Walkers ventured out into the wilds of Aarandor, leading us into this new land.
  • Alakir - An absolute scoundrel, but in the very best way. Those smiles of his are dangerous in the extreme, but I know better. I see through him. He has a good heart, and tells the best stories. I have known him all of my life and I still have no idea how he comes by them.

  • Name Summary
    Aerays I have walked many paths in my pilgrimage but none more treacherous than the child of the warlord. Trust no one.
    Diagones She hides behind her brother, but I doubt that is out of weakness. There is something self-controlled and calm her that makes me wonder what don't I know? It must be a lot and well it should be discovered. One day!
    Rivek She has a way with words and I imagine if she wished, her tongue could be as sharp as any blade. I'm just happy she's willing to go talk to the other Kinships so that folks like me don't have to.
    Sorgath Lyandra makes me so proud. She tells me at times she is not a warrior in anyway that the Thalerith would recognize, but I disagree. I see in her a fierceness and fearlessness and she fights in battlefields and with weapons many of us don't completely grasp. We will sing dirges of her deeds to the full moon one day. Mark my words.
    Zenandra Respectful girl. Wiser than most.