Vigar Aynarr

My heart is wild, but gentle, my mind sharp, but honest. My soul vicous, but filled with light.

Concept: Friend of Beasts
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Intersex Male Presentation
Age: 400
Birthday: 10/17
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Bronze
Marital Status: Single

Description: Vigar has long and somewhat dry hair made into dreadlocks. A deep and vibrant brown color, reminiscent of cool sand in the sun. His skin is rough and much darker brown than his hair. His limbs are long and strong, making him fast and graceful but also full of vigor and strength. He has surprisingly few scars, a few on his chest and some along the arms and legs. The most prominent is a scar along his chest and stomach, one long line indicating a great and wide cut. His face is handsome while not being distracting or dreamy. One would not say his looks are especially good or bad. Overall Vigar is a Thalerith elf through and through, hardy, lithe, tall, strong, and somewhat gruff.

Personality: Vigar is a loner, but only in the sense that his best friends are in the wildest parts of the land! He is somewhat laconic, but those who get to know him know he is a goofball and a softie. He does spend most of his time in the desert wilds, hunting and capturing beasts. He never kills a creature for sport. If at all possible he will capture it and tame it! Only if the beast poses a threat will he end it's life. Of course he also hunts beasts for food and materials as well. Vigar is capable of taming wild and dangerous beasts whilst also befriending tiny lizards and other cute and cuddly creatures. He is gentle and violent as needed. He is a good friend to his good friends and is friendly and open with those who reach out to him. While he does rarely initiate conversation he is hardly rude or abrasive. Vigar doesn't have the head for politics or leadership and thus leaves that to those better suited for it. He may one day reluctantly take such a role, but not yet.

Background: Vigar was always a stand out, not because he was especially skilled, though he was. Instead he was known for having not spoken a word until his first fifty years had passed. As a youngster of 80 years Vigar went out hunting. Unfortunately his group was ambushed by a pack of direwolves! Vigar panicked and ended up lost in the wilds for fifty years. He survived those fifty years by learning the ways of the beasts. Not exactly raised by beasts, but nonetheless he made his way by befriending what beasts he could and slaying those he could not. All else failing he would run and hide like the little beasts.

For fifty years he lived this way until he found a kin mate who had been injured and was bleeding to death. He fixed their wounds and with their help after helping them recuperate they made their way back to the Thalerith clan. For another ten years he spoke not a word. His second first word was "Thanks." Vigar is now known as a Beastmaster, highly skilled in handling, taming, hunting, tracking, and trapping beasts.

As a bit of an elder he is still a formidable hunter and warrior, though he prefers to avoid large scale conflict and political fighting. When time came to cross over to the new lands he said a prayer for the beasts of Nasheri, one which took him all day and night. Vigar has a bond with Estril, he is admiring of her dedication to such a grim task. He feels a desire to aid in the process of culling those who are beyond the reach of light for he too has a desire to see wrongs righted and justice served.

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