Warlord Sylindra Filinnar

The right plan executed tomorrow is better than wrong plan executed today.

Concept: Cunning Warrior
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Female
Age: 225
Birthday: 06/28
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Ebon
Eye Color: Chartreuse
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Warlord of the Thalerith, Kinlessa of House Filinnar

Description: There is confidence in the way Sylindra carries herself. The golden green eyes are narrow, and the fine dark eyebrows that frame them often tilt down in an expression that is serious, but not quite a frown. Her raven ebony hair is long and when it flows freely, goes down to her mid-back. While her facial features could be described as harsh, there is elegance and beauty in them, the kind that is left purposely unembellished. Her skin is a smooth olive tone, and her trim frame shows the muscle definition of a seasoned warrior.

Personality: Sylindra is known for being stubborn, and while she is as passionate as most Thalerith are, she is methodical in how she approaches problems, often considering several angles and outcomes before committing to a decision. This doesn't mean she's slow witted, on the contrary, but she'd rather be right than act too fast and be wrong. She is patient, but when provoked her anger easily bubbles to the surface. She prefers actions to words, but when she speaks is usually with intent and meaning, rather than to try and appease.

Background: It was the perfect night for a hunt, and while Thelindra was close to giving birth at any moment, Aleandra couldn't waste a night like this, and her daughter would not be left behind. And whenever Thelindra went hunting, her husband Norgath followed. So the three of them left for a night hunt with clear skies and a full large moon tinted yellow up in the sky. They rode off into the desert on their battle cats, until they found their prey a herd of sand rhinos. It was a fierce battle, as sand rhinos aren't known for their meek demeanors, Norgath was injured, but not fatally. However, once the battle was over, a crisis of another kind developed. Thelindra went into labor, Aleandra wasted no time in sending Norgath back to Nashari to get a priestess of Brundir, and injured as he was, Norgath rode as swift as the wind. While they waited for the priest, Aleandra helped her daughter deliver the child at a camp they had built inside a cavern. It was like that, in the middle of the desert and her mother covered in the blood of a savage sand rhino that Sylindra entered the world.

Most of her youth was spent training, and most of her training was supervised by her grandmother, but provided by her parents. Norgath taught her how to hold a weapon and use it, and would often spar with her and sometimes her two uncles would join in. Her mother was responsible for teaching her how to survive, and whenever they traveled outside of Nasheri and its desert, Thelindra made sure to teach young Sylindra about those lands, and how to survive in them. The rest of the time she usually spent with Aleandra, or bullying her younger brother, out love of course. Aleandra filled in the blanks between the lessons given to her by her parents.

While many men courted Sylindra, she ended up marrying Aganor Sedriel. It was an odd choice, considering the difference in their temperament, but whenever asked about it, Sylindra would simply shrug in response. Their marriage was blessed with two children, twins, who were born right before the Mortal Strife, which thankfully had little effect on her family. Her parents would live to then die during the Eradication War, right before the Third Migration. They sacrificed themselves to ensure that the Thalerith would live on, they were named heroes by her uncle Gorgath, the Warlord at the time. Losing them was a painful blow, but in her struggle she found strength, and in her strength she found life. After they had established themselves in Nasherat, and encouraged by her grandmother, she challenged her uncle for leadership and won after he yielded. Her marriage to Aganor helped her secure her position, and her husband worked to smooth out relationships with any potential challengers. So far she has proved to be an adept leader, whether that continues or not, only time will tell.

Relationship Summary

  • Deanna - Deanna is a friend, most of the time. Her House is one of shadows, while I prefer to face my enemies head on. Still, she is important to our people, and so is her house. She ensures the Devrien do not get out of line, and has proved reasonable when dealing with her. Our relationship can be confusing to most, but she and I do understand each other and that's what matters.

  • Spouse:
  • Aganor - Even to this day, many remain confused about why I chose Aganor as my husband. I've never cared about what others think about it, to be honest and that's not likely to change. Aganor is there for me, he supports me and I support him. The rest of it is for us to know and others not to care about. He is the calm to my storm, the eyes I need when mine are too blinded with rage for me to see. He understands me in ways that many others do not.

  • Family:
  • Aleandra - Grandmother, mother, teacher, mentor. Aleandra is all these things to me. As far as I can remember, my grandmother has always been there to support me and encourage me. When my mother died, Aleandra became my mother figure and role model to follow. She will never replace my mother, but well, she's a second mother really. I deeply care about the old woman, and while we might not always agree, she will always have my ear.
  • Joran - My son. That says it all. He is a warrior, and I couldn't be more proud of him. While I might not agree with all the time he spends with Karagoth, there are few warriors that measure up in skill to my general. He often reminds me of the importance of our traditions, that we must never forget what it means to be Thalerith. He is my son, and I don't always agree with him, but I learn much from him regardless.
  • Lyandra - Lyandra is her father's daughter. I love her, but we rarely see eye to eye on things. I worry sometimes that the distance between us might grow too large, but I only have to remember how I feel about Aganor to know that will never be the case. She is hopeful, sees a future that many believe is not possible, and for that I value her counsel. She's not her father yet, however, and has much to learn.
  • Karagoth - My cousin has the temper of a sand tiger in heat. But his skill for war and his loyalty to his people make up for it. Many have come to me, worried that they see a challenge in Korgath but I know better. He may challenge me some day, but only I fail our people first. And if that day comes? Let him challenge me and defeat me, for I will deserve it. He certainly needs some managing, but, what the value he brings to the kinship far makes up for it.
  • Zenandra - My grand aunt had too many things going on in her life to spend too much time with me. Still, she has my respect as the High Priestess of Rithor and my grandmother's sister.

  • Ally:
  • Kalagos - Kalagos is one of my Blade Sworn. I helped train him. He's become like a little brother to me, even though sometimes he can be just a tad irritating. Still, he is respectful and seems to believe in what I'm trying to accomplish in the kinship. I can appreciate loyalty and the way he's become protective of my family.
  • Jarlanen - You can never be sure where you stand with Jarlanen Sedriel. He's a desert viper, which makes it very convenient that he is on the side of our people. Jarlanen can keeps his secrets, as long as he continues to serve the interest of the Thalerith. He's wise, and has seen a lot of things during his lifetime, so I find listening to him to be just as wise, and I take his counsel seriously.
  • Zymandi - The girl was bold when she asked me to become my Blade Sworn, and took my rejection rather well. She made me curious, so I reconsidered and accepted her into the ranks sworn to protect the Warlord. She is not Kalagos, her way is not to face threats head on. But threats do come from the shadows, and that, she knows very well.

  • Name Summary
    Aegon She challenged me after I one the Duels at the Grand Tournament of 53. I, predictably, lost. Got to get me a spear.
    Arminel Not the sort to deal in doubt or pity, nor swerve for fact or jest. Few command as widespread a reputation as she, nor exude as palpable an aura of authority. Her Kin speak of her with awe, and others with fear or incomprehension. To balance that duality is a skill that does not come naturally, nor without a ruthless dedication to her cause.
    Dalarin The Warlord is as boistrous and decisive as ever. I respect her no-nonsense demeanor. I am, however, going to continue standing very, very far away from her bitey pet.
    Eiliriel She's quite impressive, particularly when she's riding on the back of her giant murder lizard -- which wears a sweater when it's cold!
    Ellyn It is easy to understand why she is the Warlord of the Thalerith. I see strength and cunning in her words and thoughts. She would make a formidable ally even in the hardest and most lean of times and one I could easily spend time with making quips or discussing military tactics.
    Garett The Warlord of Thalerith. It does not seem that her manners improve in person
    Hyacinth I was so grateful when she sat in that empty chair. My father's lucky to have friends such as her.
    Kaelyn The Thelarith Warlord seems to care for her people and holds on making negotations for them too quickly. She can not be faulted for such things.
    Mistral Warlord of the Thaerith. An interesting individual, whom somewhat reminds me of my dear Niamh. I look forward to meeting with her again in the future, not only to learn more about her people's culture and herself, but also so that I can get a closer look at her Malice. Quite the fascinating creature that.
    Noelani Warlord. She is impressive. Much more so when I heard she had a port.
    Nyssa She can seem a little intimidating....ok -really- intimidating, but she was far more pleasant to speak to than I had thought. I guess that is on me for judging someone based on appearance and reputation alone. She is sharp and to the point, but there's a kindness to her that I didn't expect, and her words are wise and well considered.
    Pyrravyn A wise leader, one who will surely help us grow. I only hope she tends to her own growth as well.
    Saga The Warlord is as fierce as stories claim! I look forward to hearing tales of the Thalerith under her command.
    Seren It has been a great while since last I spoke to the Warlord. Her view of things has not changed and she spoke with great confidence in regard to military movements and unity among troops. I can appreciate the great depth of knowledge and her view of things.
    Shamash She reminds me of the desert: dealing with her unprepared leaves one bloodied and exhausted. I have been long removed from the politics of my people, but she is fierce, if nothing else.
    Valatir I have never met as rude a person in my life. After multiple meetings, she continued to act as if she'd never met me, she often did not regard that I had spoken or was even in a room, and all that I've seen from her shows her to simply be a cold opportunity with no sense of class. I wouldn't waste my time with her.
    Yvette Animal training through peasant maiming. If that's not the Thalerith for you, I don't know what is!