High Priest Belstrom Devrien

Embrace your infinite potential. Your only limits are those you set upon yourself.

Concept: Reformed Scoundrel
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Male
Age: 325
Birthday: 12/21
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: russet
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: bronze
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: A tall, sturdy figure, Belstrom navigates the sandstone-rough world of the Thalerith with the grace of a spy, and the posture of a priest. His hair, eyes and skin are all tones of the same amber-to-reddish brown, a million shades of earth that has survived the battering of sand and storm for generations.

(Belstrom looks a bit tired, and smells strangely sweet, of rosewater and ivy.)

Personality: Belstrom has retained some of that old roguish charm he developed before becoming a priest, although both age and the epiphany that led him to become a priest have made him a bit more reserved than he once was. While he's not one to hold back his thoughts, he tends to deliver them with great care, choosing his words carefully and rarely raising his voice. He has a knack for understanding how others feel, and often tries to tailor his response in an appropriate manner. He's not always successful, of course, but doesn't shy away from apologizing if required. His old life in the streets of Nasheri made him a good listener, and his life as a priest has taught him how to entice others to listen.

Background: Belstrom was born to Lapis Devrien, the head of House Devrien at the time. Lapis hoped that Belstrom would take over as head of house, so most of her attention was on him rather than his sister Deanna. Lapis had served as a scout in her youth, but she abandoned that path when she took over the house. Lapis became a mistress of deals within the Thalerith, trading in information. She was known for her wit, and her understanding of other elves. Belstrom was a good student, absorbing everything that his mother had to teach. As a young adult he gathered a few of his cousins and would often stalk the roads leading to Nasheri, gathering information from merchants and even relieving them of valuable goods in the way of tolls. In his mind, it was only fair that strangers would have a little tax to pay to wander around his beloved Nasheri. Of course the authorities weren't aware of his... civic, work and that suited Belstrom just fine.

Belstrom had just turned two hundred when his life changed forever. It was during such a day of collecting the so called tolls for passage that he and his gang ran into a group led by a priest of Acharon named Akel. The group was on a pilgrimage, visiting all the Kinships and now they were here in Nasheri. When Belstrom's men demanded payment for passage, the priest kindly refused with a smile on his face. Akel seemed intent on continuing on his way, although those he led hesitated. Belstrom stopped Akel again, and once more demanded the group's money. Once again, the priest refused, leaving Belstrom completely baffled. When Belstrom demanded an explanation from Akel, the priest simply told him that he could see his potential, and his path led somewhere else. With that Akel aimed to continue, and losing their patience, Belstrom's men moved in to attack, one of them swinging a sword at Akel. Without a thought, Belstrom stopped the blow by placing himself in front of Akel, his man's sword digging into his shoulder. He yelled at his men to leave, and confused and afraid of Belstrom. they did. Belstrom fell to one knee, in pain, only to see Akel extend a hand to him. With a smile Akel asked him to come along, for there was much that needed to be done.

Inspired by Akel, Belstrom abandoned his previous life and became a priest of Acharon. Akel, who was the high priest of the order, eventually named Belstrom his elder and later on his successor. The journey to Aarandor took a toll on Akel, who decided it was time to rest and underwent the Ritual of Returning, rejoining the Wheel. Belstrom took over the mantle of High Priest and has functioned as such since his arrival to Aarandor.

Relationship Summary

  • Alakir - He is so like Deanna, when Deanna was much younger. Yet, young as he is, there is much for him to learn from his mother. I'm glad he is there for her, but I hope he does not let her limit his potential.
  • Azariah - Two followers of Acharon, and with our tangled relationships with others, it's amazing we get along as well as we have. I'm proud of you, little monster.
  • Dunlain - My cousin, and my oldest friend. We have our differences, but we'd both do anything for the family.
  • Rivek - Quiet, protective and violent. Not in that order.
  • Melindra - I'm so glad you joined our family, Tiny Fearless.
  • Deanna - My beloved sister, and honored kinlessa. It's hard to believe you and I were the ones who made it here, and you're in charge of the whole shebang. Or hebang, depending on your mood. Thank you for doing for the family what I could not.
  • Zymandi - Sly, subtle and brave. You're what Devrien means to much of our kin. Never change.

  • Friend:
  • Thorin - One of the best friends I've ever had, and married to another of my closest friends. I can count on him for anything, especially a bad joke when things look grim.
  • Lyandra - Bright, almost blazing with the light of our lord, Acharon. She's one to watch.
  • Aganor - Aganor will make a good Elder some day, and even a good High Priest if he focuses more on his faith and less on the politics of the kinship. I believe Sylindra benefits from his counsel, but I wouldn't mind to see him step a little away from his shadow, enough that he can cast his own.
  • Diagones - The Head Scholar of the Ishtari is one of my closest friends. That she turned to Acharon like I did, partway through her life, only makes me trust her more.
  • Alethia - My love, my heroine, my intended. The talks are still in motion, but I'm sure I'll win the ritual of dominance.

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