Brother Aganor Filinnar

Tradition and history should be guardian of what we once were, not the shackles to determine what we shall become.

Concept: Progressive Diplomat
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 231
Birthday: 6/21
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Married

Description: An elf of average height and build, with dusky brownish grey skin. Hair of a stark white is kept short but not militarily so, with a ruffled look that shifts in any errant breeze. The white hair sits over eyes of a steely grey with flecks of blue in them, a gaze that seems to look right through people with a shrewd intelligence. The hints of age have barely begun to touch upon the elf, though there is a wisdom in his eyes that suggests years beyond his youthful looks.

Personality: Pleasant, but always careful, Aganor is not one to easily trust others. One reason he is often successful as a negotiator is that he's expecting potential disaster to spring without warning and often. He worries, but he rarely shows it, letting a smile at the right moment, or silence when is required he listens serve as a setup for diffusing whatever difficult situation has been brought up to his attention. Once he's made a decision, he is very certain of it and only the most convincing arguments will manage to change his mind.

Background: Elerina Sedriel, the middle child of Flame Speaker Selin Sedriel was considering giving up on having children when Brundir finally blessed her with the charge of a soul. The birth of Aganor Sedriel was a difficult one, and left Elerina weakened, but alive thanks to the gift of immortality that all Ithir races enjoyed. Aganor grew up knowing the love of his mother and father both during his youth. His father was born Thalos Ingith, and was joined with Elerina in a love marriage. Somehow Elerina's brother, Jarlanen convinced House Ingith to let Thalos take on the Sedriel name and join the Thalerith, which he did proudly. He was a hunter, and while not born Thalerith, insisted that it was important for him to do his part for the kinship, to honor the family of his spouse. He was strong of body, so the Thalerith accepted him as one of their hunters, after he proved himself. Aganor took after Elerina, and didn't inherit the vitality or strength of his father, so he often spent his time studying with his uncle, Jarlanen. It was during a hunt that Aganor's father saw his end at the jaws of the large krilkar.

The loss of Thalos took a heavy toll on Elerina and a a few years after Aganor reached adulthood, she decided to undergo the Ritual of Returning and ask Glanor to guide her back to the Wheel. The loss was painful for Aganor, but not unexpected, and without both his parents he found himself drawn closer to his uncle, who had also become his mentor. It was his uncle's wish that Aganor would become a Flame Seer and help protect the oral tradition of the Thalerith, however Aganor decided to join the priesthood of Acharon instead, drawn to its teachings about potential and what can be achieved through change.

Most people found his marriage to Sylindra Filinnar to be a little unexpected. She had many suitors at the time, and he had never shown overt interest in her. Still, he was her choice, and she was his choice and he made no attempt to try and challenge her for dominance. Their marriage is a successful one, and once she became the Warlord, he made sure to negotiate and placate where needed to help stabilize the transition to her rule. Their marriage was blessed with two children, twins, with his daughter Lyandra taking more after him, and his son Joran after his mother. His continuous devotion to Acharon unchanged, he works as a diplomat for his wife whenever he's not serving his god.

Relationship Summary

  • Aleandra - In her own stoic way, Aleandra has been a teacher. Sure, she probably thinks I'm a weakling, but I've learned from her that listening is as important as knowing what to say. Sometimes much can be accomplished by keeping one's mouth shut, or limiting ourselves to just the right word. She is certainly an expert at this.
  • Belstrom - The High Priest of my order is an inspiring story. Once a rogue, now an agent of change. Sometimes, I feel he puts too much of the weight from others on his shoulders. He is an example of how to serve the gods, and I can only hope I do them as much honor as he does some day.
  • Zymandi - She is as fierce as Kalagos about protecting Sylindra in her own way. She might not be the strongest warrior, but her cunning and ability to see beyond what's obvious serves her well. She's trustworthy, and I'm glad Sylindra allowed her to become one of her Blade Sworn.

  • Family:
  • Sylindra - My wife and our Warlord. I've come to trust Sylindra's instincts as much as I trust mine. I provide the voice that she sometimes can't find herself, and I calm her when her storm is about to rage. I trust her leadership, I trust her vision and I will do what I can to help her accomplish it.
  • Joran - There's so much of his mother in my son. Acharon certainly blessed him with her strength. Sometimes, however, I find it difficult to understand him, and I think he feels the same about me. Our lives are following different roads and I can only hope they lead to the same destination.
  • Lyandra - Seeing Lyandra grow up into an intelligent and compassionate young woman makes me smile. She is a blessing to our house, and I feel her ability to look beyond kinships, to see the good in others will be instrumental in helping the Thalerith survive this new world.
  • Jarlanen - My uncle is very particular, it's true. But he is a good man that helped shape me when my parents were gone. He is intelligent although perhaps too traditional at times. He is a source of knowledge, but I feel he could do so much more if he not only stored it and protected it, but applied it to the issues our people face today. I know he wishes I had followed a path closer to his own, but the one I now walk will do, for now.
  • Kalagos - Strong and honorable, my cousin's temper will be his downfall. He's like a brother to Sylindra and to myself, really, the younger brother that could be getting in so much trouble if he had not been given a purpose. I will always be grateful to Sylindra for doing just that for him.
  • Ayalith - In many ways, Ayalith reminds me of myself. I often felt out of place when both my parents gone and found someone to help guide me through that time. She's so full of life, so open to new experiences in a way few Thalerith are. She might not feel like she fits in at times, but in a way she's piece of that future that we need to reach for.

  • Friend:
  • Zenandra - As a fellow priest of another god, I find her fascinating to talk to. She is refreshing, and a change from your typical brooding Thalerith while still being one of us. Even when I'm sure she doesn't half the time, she always makes me feel like she understands me.
  • Rivaron - For all his seriousness, Rivaron has the right heart. Now, if only that heart, that dedication to his duty kept him closer to home, I think he and Sylindra both would be much happier. I don't judge him for his choice, but I do think he could do much good here, at his sister's side.

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