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Past Actions

Action by Sylindra for Army of Sand

(Public Action, OOC Date: Oct. 30, 2019, 11:36 p.m.)

The Warlord gathers together a small team of Celestial-fluent Thalerith to accompany and assist her as envoys to the negotiations with the Watchers of Sands. Their mission: to establish themselves as equals to the ancient beings and ally them with the Thalerith. She has also organized a separate action to provide support for the delegation. Members of this team should provide whatever they can in terms of skills, time, and resources towards this endeavour, and work closely with the efforts of the rest of our kinship to ensure a successful diplomatic mission. The 2nd Expeditionary Force will be accompanying us to provide protection in the event negotiations fail, but they will be deployed in an unambiguously defensive formation.

Diplomacy isn't exactly what Azariah is skilled in, but she can speak the language, and is willing to translate. In her own overly blunt way, without flowery language most diplomats would have. She's curious enough about the Watchers and their powers that she'll be observant during the entire thing. Either way, she's there to translate.

Is invited along to help Sylindra if she requires it. He can speak Celestial and he was with the first exploration party that met with the Sage. He is hopeing this will help make it easier to open the negoiation talks with Sylindra

Aganor will be offering spiritual support to the mission, attempting to garner the blessings of the Gods for this mission and asking for Acharon's council. He will also be willing to act as a primary Diplomat on the mission, with the goal of working together with the Watchers to pave the way for a future alliance to both sides benifit and in protection of the lands.

Lyandra has joined with her mother, the Warlord and the team who has been charged with meeting with the Watchers of the Sand. She brings with her her knowledge of their language, her skill at diplomacy, and her skills as a mage. Though she is prepared to protect and defend the party if it becomes necessary, her first priority will be finding a way to create a diplomatic alliance between the Thalerith and the Watchers.

Selandriel meets with Sylindra and shares her experiences with meeting with the Water Watcher and the Sirens. She also speaks the language and so shares her own opinion about how things went and their own experiences with the Aeran encounter. A stable elvenkind is the goal of all in this new home.

Though Selandriel and Claria could not make it, both diplomats have spent a great deal of time with the envoy headed into the Sand Watcher's territory. Selandriel's advice is to approach them in their own language, Celestial. She shares with Sylindra how opening themselves up to a mutually beneficial alliance with the whole of the Aeran Kinship made the discussion easier. Claria on the other hand gives advice about being coy, outsmarting them and out maneuvering. Generally this advice is thanked and more or less ignored.

But, the day has come and the envoy is ready to set out. First Blade Sworn Kalagos has the Thalerith military a distance away, ready but not aggressively so. Sylindra leads Aganor, Zaltar, Lyandra and Azariah up to the meeting spot to introduce themselves to the General. Thus far, the General has yet to show themselves, remaining a mystery. As the group gets closer to the agreed on location, the winds begin to pick up. And a voice calls out in celestial, neither female nor male. "Who passes through the Realm of Sand?"

The figure eventually shows themself, never truly taking shape in a whirl of sand and wind, and a pair of diamond eyes staring back. The envoy brought gifts of water in a vessel that depicts the story of Moya Falls, the underground oasis first discovered in the scorching expanse. They spoke of their purpose and reason for being in Aarandor, and the watcher seemed willing to listen to their cause. When they asked if the Thalerith would be willing to die for this cause, the Sage watcher stepped forward and asked for Lyandra's hand. Rumors of this day say that she willingly offered her life. But the watchers would not take it, instead, they gifted her with the ability to summon her own sand elementals, asking her to teach her people so that they might better be protected.

In the end, the negotiations came down to an oath, spoken by Sylindra herself, before the envoy of witnesses and the Watchers. "The Warlord of the Thalerith swears, before all the Gods, to defend the Realm of Sands as part of my own." Accepting these words, the Watcher's departed with the acceptance of the alliance and an agreement that the responsibility of the stewardship of the Realm of Sand would be shared between them.

Action by Sylindra

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 22, 2019, 5:36 p.m.)

Sylindra Filinnar is most certain that it's time to expand the realm of Thalerith beyond the caverns they have dwelled in for the last five decades. It is a good home, worthy of Rithor's favored children but there is need to find new horizons. To seek out new challenges and potential sites to establish settlements. Her scouts have been chomping at the bit and were too eager to get out there and survey the route, not fully but at least the first leg of the journey. This allowed them to avoid finding and running into, hopefully, a dead end. With the quartermaster being briefed on what to expect, the funds and resources have been pulled from the vault of Nasherat to pay for this endeavor and a call has been sent out by heralds to seek explorers, skilled craftsman, restoration specialists, surveyors, mapmakers, and all manner of personnel essential for the task at hand as they delve into the deep dark. Roads will be made to connect the cities beneath the surface when the time comes but for now, they all hope to find more suitable caverns to live and exist within!

Melindra will be assisting her mother and the Thalerith in this first major foray into scouting deeper into the tunnels of Nasherat. Putting her knowledge and skills to use in moving the expedition forward, by helping to keep people in line, and on task. As well as provide protection for the groupe against anything that is a possible threat to them.

Merek will assist with the exploration as a mampmaker, in the hopes to detail what he can. He also will be offering his magic in the form of keeping people comfortable, whether it be from flame or light, to assist in the work also.

When the Warlord calls, Rivek answers, and can be seen among scouts, forging ahead, and helping to eliminate any dangers that might harm the skilled workman to come behind.

Moyanet is a hunter and a tracker, which also means she's a natural scout. She'll scout ahead of the main group, surveying what she can to report back and warn of dangers that lie ahead, or more hopefully, something good or useful to bring to the group, or a place to settle even. She'll have her bow and will be wearing the simple leathers she usually wears, ready for anything.

Vigar coordinates with the scouts to provide insight and guidance as well as leading a small group of scouts himself.

And of course, as Sylindra wills, so shall Aganor cause to be. He will be accompanying the expedition, ostensibly in case of contact with unknown groups. Mostly, he's along to keep the expedition working together and to limit any infighting. Of course, he also hopes to draw the blessings of Achanor upon the expedition.

Belstrom offers his help with preparations for the expedition, making sure restoration kits are distributed to the scouting parties and arranging to be there himself to help with healing.

Zymandi Devrien will take another team of scouts from her own family and venture ahead to look for water, resources or ruins in the caverns.

Athulua rides with the exploration expedition with her semi-faithful mount, Gul'ron. While doing her best to keep him from eating everything smaller than himself, she stays largely with the main host, leaving the scouting to others.

She brings her martial skill with magic to bear in defense of the group, seeking to smite down all hostile entities that threaten the success of their expedition or the Warlord. Whether by bolt of flame or with a well-placed spear of lightning, she helps to ensure that they will survive whatever it is that they find.

Sylindra is a mastermind at getting others to work together towards a common goal. She has always had a talent for pulling people together. However, on this occasion, something in her confidence is shaken and the fear in her commands is palpable. It sets the whole expedition on edge, but they venture forward regardless of the fear they hear in their Warlord's voice.

She sends out a few scouting parties in to the tunnels to the north east of Khelgar. Vigar is the first to lead a group down a set of winding dark tunnels. He gets several miles in and suddenly, the earth below him gives out into a steep un-passable trench. He almost slips in himself, but one of his fellow scouts manages to grab his hand before he goes over the side in to the abyss. But with this path being blocked, he turns back to report his findings to Sylindra.

Zymandi's scouting team goes next. They take a little higher path that Vigar did. This party makes it a little further, but eventually then wind up outside of the tunnel. The unbearable heat of the sun shines down on them, but they manage to get a good look out in the distance back where they believe the city of Nasherat to be. Forming overtop of the city is a large sandstorm. The storm whips and kicks up sand in their direction and they are forced back under ground. Reporting to Sylindra that the path is not clear.

Moyanet's team goes last. Luckily for her, the path that she chooses allows her to travel deep into the tunnels for days. It winds this way and that, the rock formations seem to create a perfect roadway, large enough to bring building supplies through. And when she gets to the end of the path she finds something the Thalerith have been needing desperately. An oasis. The flow of water echos with in the cave and Moyanet spots a beautiful underground waterfall that pools in to a remarkable fresh water lagoon. This precious resource is reported back to Sylindra and the full expedition can finally begin.

Merek joins along, walking near Sylindra as the party ventures down the good path for a few days. He makes note of every twist and turn but there are just too many. His maps are illegible and utterly useless. They will have to rely on the scouts and whatever path markers they make along the way for the journey back to Nasherat.

Aganor and Belstrom also stay near Sylindra as they make the journey deeper into the cave system. Every few hours Aganor stops to pray while Belstrom accompanies him. They both feel filled with potential as they make it further and further down the path. Aganor advises Sylindra to make a secondary settlement in this place while Belstrom preeches of its benefit to the Thalerith as a whole.

Athula takes point on leading the main party through the caverns, riding her semi-faithful mount, Gul'ron. Rivek and Melandria keep to the outskirts of the party, watching for potential threats. Fortunately for the whole group, if there was anything in these tunnels to attack, they certainly don't dare to make an attempt at it now. The builders and workers feel much safer knowing the warriors of the Thalerith are protecting them.

Assessing the area, Sylindra notes that this oasis would make a wonderful second settlement for the Thalerith. More so, the clean water supply will be a huge boon to to them financially. With the choices set before her now, the rest wait for her orders.

((You found an underground oasis! You have been given 1500 econ in the Thalerith coffers as a result. We will need to know what you want to call this oasis. Please submit another @action if you intend to build here))