Lord Guildmaster Zedmir Nalduine

Laughter is loudest where food is finest.

Concept: Chef Entrepreneur
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Nalduine
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Birthday: 3/20
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Chef
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Onyx Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skintone: Bronze
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Zedmir is brimming with the energy of youth and possibility. He is blessed with an athletic build that has been maintained through constant activity more than any specific physical training. His hands are heavily calloused, hinting that he is serious about his trade. Zed is clean-shaven and keeps his dark hair short and out of his face. His aura is of one who truly enjoys the company of others.

(The guildmaster is cleaned up for the royal wedding)

Personality: Zedmir is outgoing, confident, and personable. He greets his fellow elves with a warm smile and an offer to try his latest culinary creation. His laugh is infectious and rarely stays hidden for long. An even temperament helps Zed be a good friend and an even better listener.

Background: Zedmir made the voyage to Aarandor as a child, and as such has few personal memories of Landor. This has helped him be more focused on the present or future than many of elfkind. When his brother, Galeren, took on the mantle of Marquis far earlier than anyone expected, Zedmir lost his constant companion to responsibility. The evening meal was soon the only opportunity for them to share quality time together, and Zedmir made sure to make the most of it. He was too young to help his brother run the family lands, but he could make sure their day ended with a good laugh and a better meal.

These moments fundamentally shaped Zedmir's understanding of the world. The act of breaking bread provides a chance for elves, regardless of rank, to shed their worries and differences for a brief moment and focus on their blessings around the table instead. This drove Zedmir to spend most of his time in the kitchen, learning to make breads and pies and anything else that might bring people out of their meeting halls and into the dining hall, together and talking once more.

Zedmir already felt food had the power to heal both body and soul, so he took the next step and experimented with infusing his culinary creations with actual restoration magic. The Lorandi healers were often happy to accept a basket of treats in exchange for a lesson about the lifewell. If the recent rumors coming out of Lorandi are to be believed, Zedmir's training has paid off and has created a dining experience that lives up their decadent preferences - a kolache where the taste is unique to the individual. Zedmir has expressed interest in establishing franchises to share his creation with each of the kinships. If there are other immortals who are truly interested in getting the kinships to work together, Zedmir knows that sharing a meal is a great place to start.

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