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Past Actions

Action by Erotas for Army of Trees

(Public Action, OOC Date: June 28, 2019, 8:36 p.m.)

Erotas is headed out (possibly with others if they do so in assists below) in order to make his way towards the last known location of the Archer. Before they go, the man will be divesting himself (and searching any others if they choose to come with him) of all weapons including magic crystals.

When they make their way, the bard will be singing a song in Celestial - one composed to honor the land and those who have come before it. It's something of a plea to lay down arms and be open to alliance if not assimilation or cohabitation. And, should anyone else come along, he is willing to act as a translator for their efforts.

Turgon cannot go and help Erotas, but he can pray. He will go to Garwen's shrine in Thelos and kneel before her altar and ask that she watch over the party. While he already serves in the Argent Knights, he will offer her even more service if she requires it of him and will join her Priesthood as a member of the Faithful. He doesn't have it in him to be a priest or anything like that, but he will defend her priests and her shrine and all of her works for as long as he still draws breath. And so at the end of his prayer he will pledge his sword to always be drawn in the name of good.

She'd go, if she could. It'd probably be a very BAD idea if someone let her, but she'd go.

Instead Azariah is trying out this praying thing, taking the time to plead with Acharon to help sway the hearts of the Watcher, to pray for the words of the diplomatic party to reach fertile grounds....Other such ways of asking for favor blatantly stolen from other kinships.

Kaelyn is giving prayer to her beloved Garwen to guide Erotas on the purest of paths to help him try and convey good will to the Watcher of the Trees. It is his desire to follow the path he considers the right one and Kaelyn is giving him blessings to help with that.

If the Gods will it she will go with him but considering she does not have that high of favor with the duindar she is sending her good will with him.

Having been at this whole priest of Acharon thing a while, Katara is quite able to send along the best sorts of thoughts and prayers. They implore the Lord of Emotion to strike into the hearts and minds of this Watcher and Archer, to make them overcome with the feelings evoked by the messages of peace. They press themselves into it, extolling the virtue of this attempt as something new - never before attempted with these watchers. Maybe now it will see time for real change in the Duindar way of life.

Kiros will be traveling along with the older Egilion. While very nervous, they are quietly determined. Kiros isn't much of a talker, instead letting Erotas take the main focus to do his peace making performance. Kiros, meanwhile, supports him with something that can go past the language barrier: Prestidigitation. Kiros weaves beautiful, detailed illusions--first of spectral elves bowing, showing respect while also pleaing for peace, a sort of illusionary white flag. From that the illusions change to fit Erotas' song. Images of Duindar elves dancing and singing, as if joining along with the song. Elves giving prayer to the gods, of tending to the forest. It shows snapshots of the best of the Duindar--their faith, their art, their love of nature, and need to preserve it. Hopefully it will pair well with Erotas' song, and help inspire the Archer to consider diplomacy.

Elizaldian will be helping to fund the expedition, as well as sending a series of treaty documents along with the party. He will be hopeful for their success, while staying in Isalspire, and helping the efforts from the Senatorial Chambers.

In Thelos, among the other various shrines, a different sort of prayer is taking place. Turgon Aenorr is knelt in prayer at the top of the Dias of Garwen, praying to the Goddess of all that is Good. Lady Priestess Kaelyn Serannar kneels beside him and offers her own prayers for kindness to be taken into consideration by those who would seek negotiations in the forest. Their words carry out hope to the forest north of Isalspire.

At the top of the waterfall that cascades down the western side of Thelos, Dame Azariah of the Knights of the Barbed Star prays to Acharon. Her words are filled with hope that the God of Potential will bless chance to strike with perfect timing. Priest Katara Geminiel sits at the base of the very same waterfall, just by chance, and offers their own prayers for Acharon to see that passion for peace is embraced. Both of their words carry out ambition to the forest north of Isalspire.

And out in the forest north of Isalspire itself, two travelers wander among the trees in the direction they think they might find the watcher of the woods. Erotas and Kiros Egilion have prepared a few songs in celestial that talk of peace. They carry on them no weapons and indulge only in the magic of illusion to go along with their songs. Their journey takes them nearly two days away from Isalspire itself, but eventually, they find their intended audience.

The figure of a woman appears in the treetops and very quickly crouches down, revealing a bow in her hand. She draws it back slowly as she speaks in the celestial tongue. "That is a very lovely song coming from a people who must certainly be deaf. I know I made no mistakes in very clearly telling you to stay away from these woods, intruders." A moment after she speaks, two arrows go flying into the trees to either side of Erotas and Kiros. The trees creek and uncoil their roots, quickly snatching up both Erotas and Kiros, keeping them held tight. "Let's put you back where you belong." Says the Archer as she points them towards Isalspire.