Flame Seer Aerays Filinnar

Give a man a fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.

Concept: Flame Seer Stargazer
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 256
Birthday: 9/14
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Fortune teller
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Argent Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Waning Lustrous Blue
Skintone: Tarnish Ashen Alabaster
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: A lanky and slim elf of ashen alabaster skin, tarnished by long pilgrims under the sun. His platinum blond hair argents from silver to white and falls back behind his ear and onto his shoulders. It leaves his lustrous eyes waning from blue to white as he grows blinder, visible. His disastrously scarred and burned face often sports a disfigured smirk, the side of his lip all cut up, making him look weird when he is enjoying himself.

Personality: A maladjusted individual who seems to always be visibly upset, mumbling to himself, and has a hard time keeping a conversation going without seeming disingenuous in being part of it. Unable to look someone in the eyes when talking to them Aerays speaks quickly in order to get out of his social obligations and still say he did them.

When Gorgath took the title of Warlord, he knew he needed a wife that would satisfy the balance of the Thalerith. So he looked to the family of Sedriel, known for their great connection to the Gods and guidance through the flame seers. There he found the beautiful, but defiant flame seer named Valkah who had chosen Brundir as her patron. While Gorgath was not known for being a romantic, he developed affection for her. The two were granted a new soul to care for, naming him Aerays.

Aerays grew up in the spotlight. The son of a Warlord certainly has expectations placed on his shoulders. Would he grow up to be as strong as his Father? Or would he take after his mother's mischievous and determined nature? He gave both a fair shake, but blades never drew him in the way the fire did. He chose to join his mother in service to the Gods and became an initiate of Brundir and rather active in the Thalerith religious circles. This decision cost him the attention of his father, who had hoped to have a warrior as a son. He spent hours studying the Gods, looking into the flames and hoping to find answers to all of his burning questions. Sadly, they never answered back.

Then the Host came. And with their brutal attack on the people of Larandor, Valkah was killed. Her death pushed Gorgath further away from Aerays. The death of his mother lead Aerays fall into a deep depression. And when the decision to come to Aarandor was made, he reluctantly agreed to come along. Settling now in this new land was difficult for him, especially after his father was defeated by Sylindra and removed from his rank as Warlord, but he found solace in helping to build the new Flame Chantry in the city of Nasherat. Reclusive and alone, he returned to his meditations and hours of staring at the flames, hoping to find answers.

No one knows quite how it happened, but Aerays emerged from the Flame Chantry one day with his eyes scarred and burned, causing him partial blindness. He can see vaguely the shapes and shadows in front of him, allowing him still to gaze at the stars at night and see the flicker of the flames. It is a condition he has learned to live with and even adapt to in some ways. He has learned the meaning of the Thalerith's saying 'In struggle, strength. In strength, life.' and adapted it close to his heart as he finds his path moving forward.

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