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Action by Rawlin

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 30, 2019, 11:01 p.m.)

Hatharal is dying. It is a very sad situation for Rawlin as the High Priest greatly respects the young Marquis and all that he has done for the Lorandi and elvenkind over the years. And so Rawlin will be asking Loran to intercede on Hatharal's behalf and give the Marquis a second chance of life.

The first thing he will do is lay ground on a brand new settlement for the Priesthood of Loran. This settlement will be called Dawnbreak and will be on the land Rylanth claimed in their last expedition, thanks to the permission Elder Seren has given Rawlin. As ground is broken on construction on Dawnbreak, Rawlin will pray to Loran:

Lady Loran,

Before me lies the site of a settlement constructed by the Priesthood of Loran thanks to the hard work and contributions of many within the Priesthood and those who follow your teachings. Marquis Hatharal Palinnar is one of those elves. He has contributed much and never asked for anything in return. He is always willing to lend a hand to elves who need it, and he is a constant source of inspiration to those around him. From his work on helping Palinnar grow into the house it is today to his work on the Conservatory in Thelos to help future generations learn about the land of Aarandor and the plants and wildlife that inhabit it, the Marquis is constantly working to better the lives of others.

This is the type of elf that we need, and so I ask you to please step forward and bless him with a second chance. I know he will make the best of it. I know he will continue to work hard and do many things in your name. I will see to that, and so will Seren.

Look at the beginnings of the first settlement built by elves that is dedicated to one of our Gods. Others are working hard to set up their own, but Dawnbreak is the first, and I hope that fact can help move you to smile upon Marquis Hatharal. If there is more you would ask of me, please let me know and I will do it.

Your servant, Rawlin

Seren leads Rawlin to the reflecting pond and leads him in prayer over the pedestal. It is she that tries to be their conduit and show him how reaching Loran shall be done - if only in hopes of making their message direct to Loran. So that prayers will be heard or they may speak directly.

Dreamer, Lady, Keeper of Time,

One of your flock has fallen doing that which you have wished of us - explore and grow. Terrors and foes never imagined nearly took his life and yet still he clings on the very edge. Young, full of verve and hope, full of promise and potential he is one of the souls in this world that has never been stagnant and always strived for more. To lose him would be to lose a great deal for he was certainly gifted his soul to serve you.

    He serves not only you but his house. They love and respect him and he needs to pass his devotion to you and your core beliefs to his daughter. Please, my lady, the Marquis Hatharal Palinnar is more than worth saving. He is your will made real in this world.

    As an Elder of your Faith, as one who strives to ever know you better and strive to share your light, I bid and beg of you to give him strength to live, to release the hold death has on him. Together in this new city to your faith, I will aid my husband in teaching those who seek you what is to be true and faithful. Let Hatharal be that symbol as well, let him be a sign of your Faith in us and our continual work towards growth and change. It would not only save a life dear to me and to so many others but bolster the faith.

    Thank you, Lady Loran, for all that you have given us. Your every seeking devoted, Seren.

Though Marquis Hatharal has recovered from his near brush with death, the boundless generosity and devotion of the Priesthood of Loran, on his behalf, has not yet seen its end. Their prayers were countless and their members stood vigil at the Hospital, and all the while plans were being made to erect a settlement in Loran's honor with the purpose of showing devotion to The Dreamer in hope that it would encourage her to spare Hatharal's life. Her mercy was granted and so the Priesthood carries out their promise. Lord High Priest Rawlin with the help of Lady Elder Seren, have completed the construction of a wooden keep out in the forest near Erynraine and have named it Dawnbreak. This is the first settlement built by a Priesthood in Aarandor.

Action by Ellyn

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 29, 2019, 7:46 a.m.)

Ellyn will be gathering both resources and support in order to repair the structural damage within the Feanor's home city of Khelgar that had resulted from their conflict with the Army of Ice. She seeks builders and engineers within the kinship and any assistance that might be graciously provided any others who might wish to contribute. The remaining funds and resources needed for this endeavor will be added from the Conclave funds and her own at the end to ensure that everything is allocated properly.

Donates money and resources she and her Order of Knights can gather to help with this endeavor, also uses her natural leadership skills to lead hy example to help this project be sucessful.

In order to undo the damages done to Khlegar after the conflict wit the Army of Ice, House Morinen contributes additional silver and pulls some of its social weight to find architects, engineers and builders to repair Faenor's strongholdings. Emyrion petitions elves to join the cause not only for the pay, or for the pride in doing one's duty for their Kinship, but with a reminder that the Great Creator smiles upon strong protectors and builders. This is not simply a job, but a blessed endeavor by its very nature, made holy through the intent to shelter elvenkind and prevent further loss of life in the future.

On behalf of the Lorandi, Arminel has arranged for a sizable shipment of resources to be provided to their Kin in the Faenor. The Serannar has made preparations to send the Faenor all manner of building supplies, timber, stone, rope, tools, wagons, and of course, Lorandi grain to help support the rebuilding and restoration efforts. In addition, he will be offering the services of a small company of Lorandi architects and engineers, selected to both deliver the shipment of aid and assist in the rebuilding of the great city of ice.

Rawlin will contribute a number of economic resources to the project as well as use the pulpit to preach for others to contribute what they can to assist. Elves helping elves, kumbaya, that sort of thing.

Another Lorandi who likes to help the other kinships whenever she is able! Being from Palinnar, she is able to draft some sturdy workhorses to assist with the movement of materials. And in addition to the basics that are similar to what any other of her kinship might send, she adds some celebratory bottles of wine and cider so that when the rebuilding is complete there is something nice to clebrate with!

In support of the Lorandi efforts spearheaded by Arminel, Leofric is offering economic resources and prayer to help the rebuilding efforts.

Everyone morning and evening, Relios gazed up at the atrocity that had breached their icy walls. The damage and pain that wrought into the minds of all the citizens of Khelgar that gazed upon its blemish. His stomach churned and his heart ached when his icy blue hues set upon the Keep. It was more than the physical damages that occurred, it was the meaning behind the blood splatters and rubble. They had been breached and this eyesore was a constant reminder of the losses and fragile state of their kingship. It was deplorable. So he had to fix it. He pulled what resources he could muster from his own, and from that of the Aenorr house. Gathering materials of all that would be needed along with pulling any links he could to wrap around engineers and architects to include in the repairs. Silver to help the matter along. As well as his own self. Yes, even Lord Heir Relios would do dirty work in order to repair the Keep. Grit and ice he would move with his own hands. Along with his expert knowledge of the life well, he would use his skills in evocation to create the beautiful ice-work that Khelgar was known for. Nothing was to be spared.

In addition to supplying what economic assistance she can muster from her personal savings, Inweth's efforts are spent in study and calculation. She makes careful examination of the damage done to the walls, scribing notes of which areas seem to have been hit the hardest and which methods of attack proved the most devastating to the walls' design. She pays special attention to what areas proved to be blind spots during the battle, and pieces together ways to use the information to Khelgar's advantage.

Luthien has a great idea to help repair the wall! She's going to put money of her own towards it, but she thinks it would be super fun to have a WOLF PARADE! As one of the best wolf trainers in all of Faenor, Luthien works with others wolves regularly. She talks to friends, family members, neighbors, and gets the snow wolves going with some cheerful hats to march proudly through the streets while she leads them, holding a hat for elves who enjoy wolf parades to throw money in! She hopes that her Wolf Parade will help make sure there's plenty of funds for the repairing of the wall!

High Lord Ellyn Reid has been hard at work gathering together resources and delegating our tasks to see that the Keep in Khelgar is repaired after it had been badly damaged in the war against the Ice Watchers. She enlists the help of Lady Heir Talrin Kier who is very quick to drum up resources in the community. Her influence with the Argent Knights surely bodes well for her intentions in keeping the city safe. High Lord Emyrion Morinen has also been pulling his weight socially, contracting the best architects and engineers to do the job, all the while reaching deep into his pockets to donate to the cause from House Morinen's coffers.

Lord Heir Relios Aenorr takes this matter very seriously and joins the builders for some hands on evocation help. He works with them to help create and fortify the most elegant, yet structurally sound ice spires and buttresses. Inweth Aenorr helps him by giving guidance in the form of structural insight. Her choices seem almost blessed in their accuracy and improvement of the structure. It is surely better than it had started when they are finished with it.

Elder Luthien Reid ends up doing something to help that really only Luthien -could- do. A spectacle! A celebration! A parade of Wolves! The event draws in a crowd and with them a few silvers and other favors begin to turn up to help with the reconstruction of the city's castle walls.

Not all the help has come from within the city of Khelgar. The once very close alliance between the Faenor and Lorandi is in full effect despite their land disagreements at the present time. King Arminel Serannar himself has gathered resources and delegated a supply expedition carrying stone, ropes and other important building materials up to the Khelgar city limits. High Priest Rawlin Rylanth peaches about kindness and rebuilding our lives both figuratively and literally. And of course he practices watch he preaches, donating to the cause. Lady Ember Palinnar has done her best to gather up materials and send them along as well. Unfortunately her supplies are lost along the way and never make it. Lord Priest Leofric Tenlindil has also made an impact on the construction in Khelgar with his donations.

All in all the effort goes very well and in the end the castle is not only rebuild, but built stronger and more protected.

Action by Zedmir for Army of Rock

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 28, 2019, 12:32 a.m.)

King Arminel has declared that the primary Lorandi response to the appearance of the Stone Watcher will be diplomatic in nature. He has entrusted this task to a team of ambassadors who are ready to give their all to find a peaceful solution that best serves the needs of the Lorandi people.

The diplomatic team's priorities include the following:
1. Negotiate a peaceful solution to the crisis. They would very much like to avoid the diplomatic failure and resulting large-scale loss of life suffered by the Faenor and Duindar.
2. Secure an audience with both the Stone Watcher and its General.
3. Clarify what the Stone Watcher's eternal purpose is.
4. Explain why the Lorandi see Torendaar as their home, and that they are ready to do everything in their power to explore, settle, and protect it as its stewards.
5. Demonstrate to the Watcher the variety of reasons why working alongside the Lorandi would be the best way to achieve both of their goals.
6. Negotiate a treaty that brings the Stone Watcher into the Lorandi monarchy as a vassal of King Arminel.

The group of elves knows they have an incredibly difficult task in front of them. And yet, they also know have everything they need to succeed: the blessing of their gods, the support of their king, and the love of their friends and family. Standing side-by-side, these elves are ready to face this crisis together, come what may.


Zedmir throws himself into the preparation for this critical task by forming the diplomats selected for this mission into a legitimate team that complement one another. He practices his Celestial with them, making sure that they can fully communicate a breadth of ideas and responses. The young Nalduine warns his friends that the discussion could take hours, stressing the importance of patience and persistence to win the day. It almost goes without saying that he will bring along enough sustenance to see them through the ordeal, with enough for the Watcher as well should the opportunity present itself. He checks on the team every day, doing his best to lift their spirits and strengthen their bond leading up to their journey. He loves them with everything he has, and believes they are ready to do the impossible.

During the actual negotiations, Zedmir intends to help lead the discussion along a slow and steady course to win the trust of the Watcher, highlighting various members of the team when they would have the most impact. He believes that convincing the Watcher to join the Lorandi as a vassal will take precise timing and will only work after laying out their substantial amount of collected evidence first. Lorandi lives are on the line, and Zedmir is ready to do what is necessary to save them.

Kaelyn, as likely expected of her, is going to join in on the attempts to peacefully end things with the Rock Army. Since her king wants the Rock Army as a vassal she will try to do that. She is hoping hte guidance of her Goddess will have things peacefully conclude things.

Caelia will be going on this missions. While charming, she is not a trained diplomat and so she is not going to try and handle the diplomacy arc of this. Instead Caelia is going to try a different way of hopefully increasing the effects. Caelia will bring potted some of the most beautiful flowers and plants that she can find and will offer them as gifts. She is not sure how rock army feel about plants and she will search for some hardy plants that can grow around stones too, putting in pots that include stones o different sort. A flower blooming up admist lovely stones in a pot for example. Her goal is to offer the gifts to help them be warmed up to the idea of neogations from others. She also will offer her services in help growing plants in their area and land if they want such. She will follow the lead of the others on this mission and if they seem to respond not well to her gifts, she will quickly back down. She will follow any instructions from Seren. One of her goals is not to mess things up!

Since Rawlin will be busy seeing to preparations in Thelos should shit hit the fan and some Lorandi need to come through the gate to receive treatment by the Thelos Healer's Guild and the Eternal Grace Hospital, he is going to pray to the Gods for the success of the mission.

Arminel will accompany his sister and the chosen Lorandi diplomats, coming to the appointed place with the intent of entering into diplomatic discussions with the Watcher and the Army of Stone. His approach is straightforward, and while the King plans to rely heavily on the diplomatic skill of the Lorandi nobles accompanying the mission, he will make his position plain to both the Watcher and his own Kinship.

There will be no oaths sworn to the Watcher and its army, not while Lorandi blood is on hands of stone.

The Lorandi are committed to safeguarding, preserving, and caretaking the land that they have arrived in. They are willing to prove their resolve to the Stone Army, and are committed to understanding the will of the Watcher, and finding a way to peacefully reconcile the Lorandi's desire for settlement and the Watcher's own intentions. He will ask, if possible, for a way by which the Lorandi can prove their commitment to this ideal.

Above all, Arminel wishes to avoid further Lorandi blood from being spilled, if at all possible. While he plans to organize the Kinship's military to ready themselves for conflict, the hope is that they will serve as either a show of resolve or a show of force, demonstrating to thte Watcher the Lorandi's ability to maintain themselves in their new home, and the fierceness by which they will keep it.

Seren is amongst those that will be reaching out in hopes of securing a peaceful ending to the confrontation with the Watchers. She has the hopes of how things will work out directed by the King and is going to offer the knowledge of her first encounter with them and what worked or gave him consideration. She is going to outline the exact reason the Lorandi are here and the elves in general so that they may recount their crossing and the reason they have come. She will show them the host and what was plaguing Larandor. She will speak to the good intentions of their people and what they lost and what they hope to find. A home. She also refers to @clue 342 about what could have been for them had they remained.

She is fluent in Celestial and will offer her ability to speak it to the rest of the diplomatic team.

Telassin will join the diplomatic team, but, since not a diplomat himself, will defer to his king and the Lady Seren to know if and when he should make his contribution during the negotiations. For the mission Telassin has prepared a brief delivery, one not aimed to appeal to the Rock Army's sense of compassion, but one that hopes to outline a common ground between their people. He will talk about the grand buildings erected by his House, the high towers that watch over the land and the battlements that weather elements and enemies alike and which are just as hardy and lasting as the material they were cared from. He will talk about his own work as a steward and the responsible use of resources, of how the Lorandi live with the land and the animals and plants. He will talk about how this way of prudent governing was all made possible by the Houses working together and how they have grown stronger under the rule of a strong king.

Telassin learned Celestial for the mission, but if Seren so chooses will let her translate for him-making sure everything is put as diplomatically as possible.

With determination in their hearts and substantial financial backing and bargaining chips, the group of Lorandi Diplomats sets out to meet the Rock Watchers at the edge of their home near the Forest of Armanor. Their goals are clear: Negotiate a peaceful solution to this conflict, seek understanding on what the Watcher's purpose is, make their case for why they wish to make this their home and negotiate a treaty that ends with the Watchers of Stone as vassals of the Lorandi Monarchy under King Arminel. All diplomats have learned the language these watchers seem to speak, Celestrial. And before their departure, High Priest Rawlin has sat and prayed with them and for them, calling on the Gods to watch over the diplomats and guide their words and actions in these negotiations. Needless to say, the group feels rather certain that their approach is both reasonable and just and that their prayers are being heard.

On the journey to meet with the watchers, King Arminel makes his stance clear. There will be no Oaths sworn to the Rock Watchers by any Lorandi Kin. Of course he intends to be personable and charming as he always is, but the directive from the King is quite clear. Oaths will not be on the negotiation table. The rest seem to agree with their King and stride forth.

Eventually they arrive at the edge of the Watcher territory. It looks like a vast forest of jagged rocks, both beautiful and wild. Inhospitable, and intriguing. And, as expected, their arrival summons up a great rumbling from the earth as the watcher they had met previously arrives with his elemental companions beside him. For a being twice as tall as an elf and skin like marble, the watcher looks rather dignified.

"So, you seek council with the General. I warn you now, he is not used to such guests. Tread lightly."

And with that, the Watcher Sage, Summoner of Earth, leads the diplomatic envoy deeper into the forest of rock.

The group finds themselves in an open rock field, with a mighty circle of very purposefully placed stones. They seem natural and somehow completely designed and planned at the same time. In the center of the great stone circle is a throne of rock. The figure that sits on the throne is a huge, rounded figure, made of what looks like boulders and marble and living moss in the vague shape of a very large man.

The moment the Sage walks in to the circle itself it begins to rumble and this very dignified marble watcher loses his footing and falls to one knee. Which causes the large rounded General to burst out in a rumble of laughter. Annoyed the Sage presents the Lorandi guests. "They have come a very long way to seek your council." His voice is annoyed, no doubt having been subject to thousands of years of such antics.

"Please. Come and join me little elves. Tell me your stories." The General's voice is booming but jovial, clearly amused by them.

Lady Caelia Rylanth is the first to come forward with a gift in hand. She, very graciously and gently, steps forward with several potted plants in offering to the General. Large beautiful flowers with lush greenery, clearly she has a talent for horticulture. The General laughs a deep booming laugh when he sees them, having never considered capturing plants like that before! But the gift is well received.

Lord Telassin Nalduine takes a pragmatic and practical approach. He spends a great deal of time discussing structure with the Watchers, and how the rocks are used, both naturally and by them, to form barricades and and structures, strong walls and roadways. The General and Sage alike seem to enjoy this mutual love of a strong foundation and it sets the negotiations off on a good foot.

Lady Priestess Seren Rylanth takes her turn to talk about the journey they took to arrive in Aarandor and their intent in these lands, to build a home and regain strength. The Sage sort of rolls his amber colored eyes at the tale, mumbling about how none of that is -their- problem at all, but the General seems much more open and sympathetic to their plight. "You have suffered much in your journey, little elves. Perhaps the need for suffering is at an end." He says with a bassy rumble.

Lord Zedmir Nalduine steps in again after a few have spoken their points and really lays out the whole plan for the watchers in this negotiation. King Arminel stands at his side as Zedmir explains their proposition. A peaceful agreement wherein the Watchers of Rock serve as Vassals to the one true King Arminel. As Vassals of the King they will be invited to all that Lorandi Kinship has to offer. Their protection, their aide when asked for. So long as the Watchers give service to the Lorandi Crown. Zedmir speaks wonderful Celestial and outlines the terms gracefully and with impeccable tact.

At this proposition, the old General laughs again. "Little elves, your shiny crowns mean nothing to us. Our purpose is divine. Your King, charming though he may be, is not above the Gods or their reason for appointing us this domain to watch over." He makes a gesture for them to try again at their terms.

Lady Priestess Kaelyn Serannar steps in at that moment, bold but respectful. She gives another more theological approach to the proposition of the Army of Rock becoming a Vassal of the Lorandi Crown. They clearly serve a divine purpose, and so do the Lorandi. It is the good and right thing to do. Sparing precious lives, working in harmony. This is, of course, the best option for everyone involved.

A little taken aback by the bold nature of theses elves, the Rock General finally stands from his throne to speak most directly at Arminel, a glance given to Zedmir as well as he recognizes the elf's role in bringing the negotiations together.

"I can not give up my hold on the Realm of Rock and give its dominion to an elf. It would be against my purpose." The General says, sweeping a hand over where one imagine a heart might be, signifying the depth and truth of his words. "We seem to be at an impasse. You will not give an oath to us, and we will not give one to you. If you can take these lands from us, then we do not deserve to be guarding them." Just then the ground beneath the envoy begins to shake and a formation of rock forms up from the ground into the shape of a mighty club. "Run back and tell your warriors, we shall be settling this the old way."

Action by Rawlin for Army of Rock

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 21, 2019, 4:28 p.m.)

The Lorandi have found the Rock Watcher and have begun to mobilize to defend Torendaar as well as attempt diplomatic actions in the hopes of resolving the crisis peacefully. Without knowing how it's going to end, High Priest Rawlin is seeking to gather support from the elves of other kinships in whatever form and fashion he is able to do. This can come in the form of working with the new Healer's Guild to provide a triage center in Thelos for wounded Lorandi who need less extensive healing as their wounds are not immediately life-threatening, to holding various prayer vigils with the different Gods to ask for blessings upon the Lorandi people.

In a time of need for the Lorandi, and recognizing that the kinships must work together, Lyandra Filinnar has heard their plea for assistance and offers what aid she can to the kinship. Of her own resources, she offers You give 75 economic resources and 220 social resources, gifted to High Priest Rawlin to be used in whatever way he sees fit to assist his people. She also offers what aid she can in the teaching of such magics as she knows, including evocation, prestidigitation, and abjuration. As well, she offers herself as a counselor on diplomatic tools and agendas. Though she lacks the ability to assist the Lorandi more directly, she hopes that what aid she can give will benefit them in this time of crisis.

Celenia Laenorin, one of the newest members of the Thelos Healers Guild, sets up a triage center as close as she can to the Lorandi portals. She spends out of her own pocket to do so, using economic resources to buy cots and bandages. Her restoration skills aren't the best, but they are pretty good, and she hopes her triage skills are up to snuff.

Helps by offering her natural ablities of teaching and training her Order of Knights and what she remember from facing the Ice Army and Feanor's warcher to help offer aide in preparing for the Army of Rock

Although Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia is an outsider to the Lorandi people, she has a vested interest in seeing all of the Kinships succeed within Aarandor, for it was, in part, her family who helped to encourage everyone to come to Aarandor, and her sister, Elleth, who was responsible for finding all the ships which the Kin used to take the voyage across the sea. To that end, she gladly helps the Lorandi people where she can, directing the banks to allow them the use of 200 of every kind of resource: economic, social, and military, to be used as needed to see to the health and safety of their people. It is her hope that by extending this branch of aid that they can become better acquainted as a people, and that they have every bit of success with their Watcher situation as possible, for the Aeran will soon be in such a position themselves.

Rumors of rumbling to the west of Torendaar grow more and more real as time goes on. The Lorandi have encountered the Watchers of Rock and are forming up their defenses and diplomatic efforts. They have been communicative and open about the foe they face. And with the spirit of cross-kinship collaboration, High Priest Rawlin Rylanth has taken it upon himself to reach out to the other kinships and gather as much information and support from them as he can. His efforts have been nothing short of successful.

Lyandra Filinnar, Daughter of the Warlord, has come forward to help drum up resources for the Lorandi in hope that it will help them better prepare for their encounter. In doing so, she has successfully opened a door of diplomacy between the Desert Elves and their Golden counterparts in Torendaar. Lady Heir Talrin Keir has also offered her advice to the Lorandi. Though the Watchers of Ice seem very different from the Watchers of Rock, her advice is taken with appreciation and respect for the knowledge she gained in the fight the Faenor faced.

Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia went above and beyond when reaching out to the Lorandi. As the Aeran Kinship presently faces a similar foe, she took the time to help trade information as well as donate supporting resources to the Lorandi's efforts. No doubt her political outreach has gone a long way in strengthening the bond between Aeran and Lorandi.

Sister Celenia Larnorin has dedicated the Thelos Healers Guild in aide to the Lorandi during their time of conflict. She has personally assured the Lorandi that a triage center will be set up at the portal that leads to Torendaar for them to ferry through wounded and dying soldiers, should their encounter come to blows. Thelos Healers Guild is ready to help!

And with such detailed preparations and information shared across kinship lines, no doubt the Lorandi have gained an advantage in the negotiations to come.

Action by Rollant

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 31, 2019, 2:23 p.m.)

For the Lorandi, the time of exploration has come and while various Houses make their plans in various directions, House Tenlindil has no different. Meeting with her vassals, it has been decided that Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald will combine their efforts and venture to the south east, to see what the lands might hold for future opportunities and to see what resources may be gathered while they are exploring.

Rollant is personally overseeing the expedition and including numerous Tenlindil Scouts, Hounds and those with martial and magical capabilities, to ensure that the expedition remains safe and to maximize the chance for success. Details are being sorted, supplies are being arranged and contingiences put in place should they encounter something unfortuate.

Of course when it was decided that south was going to be the direction that the combined forces of Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald were going in Oriana was front and center for the journey. Protection of those going on the journey were of primary importance for her, and she has made sure that she remained vigilant for anything they might encounter.

While this is most definitely Duke Rollant's expedition to lead, Helene intends to do all that she can to ensure that her grandfather has the best possible support by way of skilled scouts, hounds, and a cadre of capable Lorandi soldiers. The young General will naturally be a part of the expedition itself, traveling along with them to ensure that everyone is well-minded and kept as safe as possible while still being allowed to explore and make discoveries without feeling like they're on a leash.

Galeren and the Nalduine will put forth resources for planning and supporting the expedition. Particularly assisting in logistics and planning and general problemsolving for the planned expedition of their liege.

Once again, High Priest Rawlin is being asked to come along on a mission of exploration and adventure. His previous adventure did not go quite the way that he'd hoped in terms of his own personal involvement, and so he will pray to the Gods for their blessings, as well ask Lady Loran for any inspiring dreams that she may deem necessary for those who travel. In addition to his prayers, he will once again try and act as a healer for the group and hope his skills aren't necessary, but hopes that they turn out better this time around.

Zedmir's provisions have become a Lorandi staple during expeditions, and he makes sure to continue the streak. No Lorandi elf or beast will go hungry on this adventure.

The Tenlindils and their vassals have the full support of the Kinship, and Arminel means to ensure that the brave adventurers want for nothing as they prepare to venture into the unknown. He has arranged for mounts, wagons, food, and all manner of supplies to be staged from the castle for the explorers. The King will speak on the explorers' behalf, helping to rally more support and volunteers to their cause.

There's few things Saga loves more than exploring, so of course she lept at the cchanceto join the Tenlindel families on their southward journey. Saga will do what she does best, providing martial protection and help with any wild animals that might appear.

To support the vassals of Serannar Kaelyn is joining Rollant's goals to explore to the Southeast. Though she is not a combatant she is going along to offer as much guidance as she can from her Goddess as well as being readily available to help solve things that might come up in a diplomatic manner.

It is a wonder that King Arminel has time to be so involved with all that goes on in the Lorandi Kinship. Not an expedition departs without his say. Less so, it seems, as an authority figure but as a genuine guide and supporting enthusiast for his people. The Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald expedition to the south-east is no different. The King sends his support in both physical form with supplies and extra guards but also in the rallying words he speaks before their departure. It has almost become a tradition at this point that any Lorandi expedition sent out beyond the reach of Torendaar is sent with a care package from Zedmir as well. Truly, the inspired cook helps to keep everyone's spirits up on their journey.

High Priest Rawlin is among those headed out. He takes a moment to pray to Loran for guidance, evoking a spirit of progress and adventure. When he is finished he gives the nod to Duke Rollant and the party sets out. The Duke himself is no stranger to adventure. Two days east on the journey and Rollant hold his hand up, commanding the group to stop. His hounds Sean on edge so He dismounts from his horse and looks around the area with narrowed eyes, assessing whatever sense of danger it was they detected ahead.

Just then, a low rumbling roar shakes the nearby rocks. That sound, familiar but distant, is unmistakably feline. Lady Kaelyn notices the guards and mages go instantly on edge but she calms them and asks them to put down their weapons, to find peace in this potential conflict. Begrudgingly they look to Rollant for confirmation, and as he nods they lower their weapons. When all is calm again, Kaelyn gives Saga a nod. She knows what to do.

Another rumbling roar shakes through the ground before the beast appears. His head is lowered, crouching and low to the ground, defensive. But his full brilliant mane is unmistakable. A plains lion! The first of the large cat species to be found in Aarandor. Saga makes her approach. The two move slowly around each other until Saga seems to take the upper hand and coax the lion in to submission. She calls back for some fresh meat from the supply and quickly makes friends. Soon more lions come out of the brush, eager to partake of the free meal and investigate these strange elven creatures.

Rollant makes the call and the adventuring party begins to make camp here in this lions valley. As Saga spends her time with the lions, Marquis Galeren spends his time with the Duke talking logistics. He had already been a great deal of help in planning out the success of this expedition, supplies and resources accounted for. The Marquis decided that this valley would certainly make a good settlement, and with natural predators who seem receptive to friendship, it might even make a good stronghold. General Helene even seems to be in agreement about the defensibility of the location.

The next morning, Helene takes the lead on the journey back. Her eyes keep a close watch on the horizon as the adventures and their new companions begin the two days journey north-west. At dusk on the first day she sees a herd of strange four legged creatures in the distance. They don't seem immediately hostile, but certainly they are observing just as they are being observed. Lady Oriana doesn't hesitate, cracking a bolt of lightning near the creatures. They quickly fled out of sight, headed just north of the path they were on now.

The group made it back without a scratch, a new valley to call their own and some lion companions! The large cats seem perfectly content for life around Torendaar as well as in their native yet-to-be-named valley.

((Congratulations! You found a settlemet area in a plains type valley. I'll need a name for the valley before we update the map and do a game emit on this expedition. You alos found Lions! I'll be updating the animal list on the website shortly and this is your reminder to +request for a half-priced lion companion if you so choose))

Action by Kaelyn

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 16, 2019, 8:06 a.m.)

Kaelyn, in the interest of serving her goddess and helping the people of Lorandi has decided to go on a spiritual journey. Her goal for this is to seek redemption for those who wish it, find herself more clearly, connect to her Goddess more, and serve her people in the best way she can for her Goddess.

At the behest of Arminel, Kaelyn is also making this journey into an exploration as well. Directly towards the south she is venturing, taking the time to explore as much as she can with the aid of any and all who wish to join her. Any issue she runs into, be it animal or another elf, she will do her best to peacefully solve it. Terrain difficulties will be traversed as carefully as possible.

Arminel has given his direction and blessing for House Serannar's first expedition into the lands surrounding Torendaar. He is grateful for the bravery and willingness of the Serannars and their friends in undertaking this expedition, and has arranged for the required supplies and resources to be provided to the exploration party in support of their journey. Armsmen, woodsman, cooks, tinkerers, and healers have been contracted to come along, in addition to a substantial amount of exploring supplies necessary for journeying out into the unknown.

Aurri is surprising excited to help with some exploration towards the south, as well as some spiritual journey. He certainly provides the magical firepower for any potential dangers on the journey ahead.

Lady Kaelyn has asked Rawlin to come along in part to offer some spiritual guidance, but to also use his skills with restoration magic in case there is any trouble. Happy to be of service to others of the kinship, he has agreed to come along and he is looking forward to both the spiritual nature of the journey as well as the chance to see a piece of Aarandor that has not been seen by elven eyes.

Druthean will be supporting this action by personally taking part and offering his sword to protect or battle if needed.

The south certainly holds an interest for the Duke of Tenlindil and now that he's been afforded the opportunity to explore, he's taking full advantage of it. Rollant will attend and participate in spiritual journey, while providing his sword should the need arise. Tenlindil Scouts, with their trademark hounds, will also accompany to aid in exploring the surrounding areas.

While Primrose is hardly the sturdiest of women, she cannot turn down a chance to see the world around her and be the first to lay her eyes on new sights. As such, she is going to keep close to the main group, all while taking as many notes as possible, to record the paths, the things that are seen, unfamiliar plants and animals. Anything at all that might be of note, she is going to take meticulous journals of the trip to be collected and publisheda at a later time. Perhaps not adventurous but an eager explorer.

When work makes its way around to Oriana that there is a spiritual journey and an exploration happening she very promptly volunteered to participate. Of course peaceful interactions are a key, but she is offering up her skills as a mage should the need arise. Otherwise she has decided that embracing the spiritual aspects is key.

King Arminel is not just a good sovereign for the Lorandi people, but he is a generous family member as well. Knowing he could not take time away from the political hub of the Lorandi territory to go on this adventure, he made sure he could open his pockets well enough to fund the expedition. And fund he did! The Serannar family is well fed and well supplied as they head to the thus-unknown southern reaches of the Lorandi territory.

Lady Kaelyn made sure to set this expedition off on the right foot. Prayers to Garwen were given and a request to help lead the adventure south under Her guidance were spoken. All on this made the first day or two of the journey absolutely delightful. Long sweeping grain fields gave way to their wagons and horses easily, making a nearly straight line path from Torendaar south. It was not until the second day that the terrain began to be an issues. Feeling a sense of confidence and self assuredness in her decisions that they were headed in the right direction, Kaelyn instructed the party to press on as sweeping fields gave way to rocky hills.

When the party took the night to camp they set Druthean, Rollant and Aurri to patrol the first watch. The first few hours were quiet and the adventuring party were able to sleep peacefully. The trip of protectors took to banter and relaxing themselves after a time, but their guard would not be let down for long. A growl in the distance was the first sound that brought them to alert, but it took no time at all for the pack of hill wolves to ascend on the encampment.

Lord Druthean took the first swing and managed to strike one of the hill wolves away, but two more swarmed and bit at him. Prince Aurri wasted no time at all summoning a blast of fire pointed away from the encampment. The blast struck two of the aggressive wolves and helpt to light the area around them as a large tree caught on fire. Dangerous, embers swirling through the air, but at least the encampment was made aware of the attack and began to take a defensive stance.

Duke Rollant called for his men to act as a shield around those who were just here to worship and document the adventure. His command and formation calling was quick and the group managed to fight off the rest of the hill wolves successfully. When the chaos subsided, the final estimates were ten struck down and twenty fleeing. Needless to say the pass from the Torendaar Valley in to the Southern Hills is not a very safe road to be on. The hill wolves seemed unafraid of the Lorandi adventurers, perhaps they had never seen such a thing before. One can only hope that this first encounter will help future travelers protect themselves through the pass.

When the sun rose and morning light shone on the group, High Priest Rawlin did what he could to alleviate any injuries. But, he was unsuccessful in his attempts, some of the scratches were just too deep to mend together with restoration magics on the road. No doubt he will be able to fix them when they get back and he has his proper supplies.

Venturing forth through the hills, the group finally ended at a summit where they could look down on a new, lush, green valley. Lady Oriana and Lady Kaelyn took a moment to pray while Lady Primrose took a moment to sketch and write down the details of the journey in her notebook. After the prayers were said, Lady Kaelyn was struck with a sudden burst of inspiration. "This rich soil and sunny hills will be the most prolific vineyard we have ever seen."

Everything about this land looks prime to settle in, with rich vineyards and healthy farm lands to expand the wealth of House Serannar.

((Congratulations! You found prime land for vineyards. 1500 econ will be put in to the Serannar bank. What I need from you all before we emit this success is a name for the valley. Let me know when you decide!))

Action by Freyvidr

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 27, 2019, 3:43 p.m.)

Looking to his failures prior with his studies focused on the flora and soil conditions of Larandor, it now becomes time to work with the more experimental side of things to produce viable hybrids in the lands of Khelgar. While he can pull a bit from the Everbloom Gardens has its own heat sources, he needs to make more viable plant structures. He's reached out to interested parties and the priesthoods of Gala and Torth to bless and assist his efforts to the best he's able. Now the only hope is to see if these new attempts bear (literal) fruit.

Leda has made quite a study of agriculture in Torendaar. Along with some seeds from wheat Leda's found did better in cooler or more rainy years, she's also sent along bags of soil from Torendaar for Freyvidr to experiment with and detailed notes on the cultivating of crops in Torendaar over the last fifty years.

Cordelia immediately offers her assistance with this endeavor. She offers up a prayer to Gala for guidance and assistance but also pushes for a more hands on approach. She would ask for samples of plants, brought in pots or baskets with their roots still in soil, and if so given these items, would study each in turn whilst taking copious notes and reporting her findings.

Zedmir is happy to assist any endeavor that helps put food on the table. Taking the lessons from his culinary creations, the young chef attempts to infuse seeds with Restoration magics. He also leverages his position as the Lorandi Minister of Productivity to promote this enterprise as an example of what can be accomplished when elves across the kinships work together toward a common goal.

Hatharal is going to take some time wandering the wilderness around Torendaar and Thelos, looking over the native plants. He'll look for ones that look particularly rare or strange, carefully digging them up to offer to Freyvidr for his experiments.

While he can't go to Khelgar and doesn't have a green thumb, what Valatir does have is a silver tongue and the Midas touch. When shipping over a host of plants, soil, and fertilizers from other places, the trader works his magic to cut deals with others to make a continued supply that will hopefully sustain them for some time.

During gatherings of Loran's faithful, Rawlin will speak very favorably about the Faenor known as Freyvidr and the task that he has set upon himself to help benefit his family and kinship. He asks those that might be able to lend some support do so while saying that Loran favors such efforts, or if they can do nothing themselves, speak to those they know who may and tell them of Freyvidr's task.

Freyvid assembles a crack team of agriculturalists and researchers to try to improve upon the crops that grow in the rocky and snowy terrain of Khelgar.

High Priest Rawlin applauds the efforts as a new venture which Loran will no doubt approve of, and gathers support from her followers for the project. Princess Leda shares her notes but unfortunately the research from Torendaar doesn't seem to apply in this case; their golden plains and rich soils are too different a climate to be of use. Initiate Cordelia invokes Gala's blessing on her work as she studies the winter-sturdy plants of Khelgar and their soil. She finds some shared traits among the plants which seems valuable in generating hybrids. The famed chef Zedmir works with his Restoration magic from a standpoint of 'what crops yield sturdy foodstuffs' and seems to show some headway. His magic gives him a bit more insight on how they survive in the rough environments and what traits they share. Knowing that Thelos and Khelgar share a similar environment in the mountains, Hatharal wanders with purpose and finds plants which might thrive in the rockier soil with a little bit of work and care. Their work seems to be paying off as hybrid plants start to take root in the Khelgar soil samples. But Valatir... Valatir helps coordinate import of the seeds they generate. But they're not ordinary seeds. The ones he comes in contact with seem to have a bit of a shimmer to them, as if edged in gold.

The end result of all their hard work is a hearty crop which will grow in the mostly snowy fields of Khelgar regardless of the chill. The ripe heads of whear bear a slight gleam when the sun strikes them, almost supernatural in origin.

Action by Rawlin for The Doomsayer's Throne

(Public Action, OOC Date: March 26, 2019, 12:44 p.m.)

(OOC Note: I'm going to give brief summaries of a couple of prayers in the hopes of keeping this action brief!).

As the Lorandi are offering to give up their immortality in exchange for Baridon's forgiveness, and while Seren has mentioned to Rawlin the vision of Loran she had about finding Baridon to be idle and this idleness to be a problem... Rawlin has decided that he is going to support the rest of his kinship. So the first thing Rawlin is doing is a 1-2 punch of two different prayers, one to Baridon and one to Loran.

The first to Baridon will be conducted before Baridon's shrine in Thelos and Rawlin will ask for forgiveness for abandoning the other races and forsaking that oath, but he will also ask Baridon to seek out Loran's forgiveness for having been idle for so long before making his wishes known.

After that, he will return to Loran's shrine and heading to the top of the spire at a time when it is most empty and offer her a prayer that will ask her for her forgiveness for going against her wishes and agreeing to Baridon's demand, as well as for her to forgive Baridon for being idle. In addition, he will outline his plans for her priesthood. Knowing that there will be much work to be done in the weeks, months and years ahead of elves who are no longer immortal, now will be a better opportunity than any before to spread Loran's message about making the best use of one's time.

One thing to note about that prayer, Rawlin is going to tell Loran that he has heard other elves mention the idea of earning immortality back, and he's going to tell her that such a thing isn't impacting his decision. It may or may not be possible, he doesn't know and he doesn't think making this decision based purely on that is the wisest of courses, but he has seen an opportunity here. If elves think they can work to get it back, perhaps they will work hard to do so, and in doing so many elves will be living up to Loran's wishes to not remain idle.

After the prayer has been said, he will gather up the Priests and Initiates of the Priesthood and instruct them to go about Thelos (and for some of the Lorandi amongst them to go to Torendaar, and others of other kinships to go where they will) to preach the word of Loran, and to be examples for other elves in remaining steadfast in the face of this decision and to spend each day doing tasks to show people that as long as one keeps busy, they can always look ahead. The Blessing of Dreams will be offered to all who seek it, as Rawlin sees no reason not to offer what comfort he may to any elf.

As for himself, Rawlin will spend his time preaching Loran's teachings in gatherings around Thelos and Torendaar, but also to speak on what it means to build a community. No longer immortal, all elves will need to step up to help their families and their kinships, that coming together and working with one another will help build a better future for themselves and their descendants.

The priesthood of Garwen, led by their High Priest Boros Ingith, starts to hand out pamphlets about a Faenor legend known as the Lean Times- where Rithor took their wolf bond as punishment for a transgression. Since everyone knows the Faenor can still bond with their wolves, this means it's likely that the surrender immortality can also be regained somehow. It's reassuring to many. The Faenor people appreciate hearing about the story and wonder more about the legend and how much truth there may be behind it.

Action by Saga

(Public Action, OOC Date: March 21, 2019, 9:38 a.m.)

King Armenial recently organized an Expedition to the forests west of Torendaar, and a great deal was discovered-- including an unexplored path in the very same cave that the Scepter of Armanor was found.

With the King's blessing and the support of General Helene, Saga is organizing a second trip to explore the cave and find out what's down that pebble-strewn path.

King Arminel will be supporting those going on the expedition by providing resources and logistical support from the kingdom. He has arranged for a small accompaniment of Lorandi armsmen to join the group, as well as mounts, wagons, and supplies for the trip. He will remain in the city while the expedition travels west, but will be supporting them however possible prior to, and during, their adventure.

General Helene's support for the second expedition will not only include her personal escort of the expedition, but also some additional support in the form of trained Tenlindil hunters and their hounds so that the party is properly protected. She will act as something of a guide to the newcomers so that maybe none of them will take any tumbles.

Starling will be traveling with the group once more to visit the cave. Her healing is always on hand to help of course. But this time she is going with the hope to learn something of interest to her recording of what has been happening within the lands. As all but the King had seemed to want to take the other path.. it had a reason to be there and she would like to see why it brings.

The Duchess is coming along to boost morale, and will be using the opportunity to take stock of the available natural resources in Torendaar.

Amara is coming along mostly for the adventure. She will, of course, provide any help she can along the way, including simply keeping everyone's spirits up.

While Zedmir is unable to embark on the adventure himself, he does everything he can to set his friends up for success. The expedition teams receives food and drink expertly packed and tailored to the tastes of each individual, along with hand-written notes to uplift their spirits.

Valatir takes point in a more defensive action, weaving illusions as they go to keep back any trouble they may come across. More appealing targets come for natural predators, dead ends show up for followers, and noises are covered with more distracting natural cacophony.

Kaelyn is going along on this expedition. She is going to help with diplomatic aspects in hopes of keeping things as peaceful as possible.

Galeren will call upon the blessings of Torth for the expedition to offer good luck and good fortune. Admonishing the strength of hard work and careful planning reaping bountiful rewards

Princess Leda will be accompanying the exploration team in a similar capacity to High Priest Rawlin. In addition to offering her services in restorative healing, the princess will try to take note of land along for future projects in agriculture.

Hatharal will be traveling with the expedition this time. He'll take point in investigating the cave, moving up front and looking around for any clues, runes, artifacts, or other strange things that can be found out through some investigation.

Different to the former expedition, Aurri is gonna actively tag along this time, providing his extensive evocational arts in aid against any dangers, which might lurk along the path. Also, he will take a more scientific approach to any discoveries they might find.

Given the results of the previous expedition, High Priest Rawlin will tag along with this new expedition (providing that others permit him too, mostly offering up his skill with restorative magics should anything go wrong). Rawlin is really interested to see what sorts of items might be found that might have some more history of this place or of the gods. Probably not another artifact, but the opportunity to study the divine is always fun.

Druthean will be supporting this expedition by personally taking part and offering his sword to protect the group and battle if needed.

With House Tenlindil already offering support in terms of hunters and hounds, Duke Rollant is going to come along, simply to advise should it be required and to take stock of the surroundings.

Though the Lorandi expedition heading west found a great deal of information and recovered a lost relic, there was still undiscovered territory and secrets left to uncover in the marked cave deep in the Forest of Armanor. Under Lady Saga's guidance, an adventuring party has formed! King Arminel gave his blessing whole heartedly, backing the expedition with supplies by way of arms and extra soldiers to protect them. Lord Zedmir spent a good amount of time packing each soldier and adventures favorite meals for the expedition. The Chef Entrepreneur even went so far as to add in personalized notes, hoping to remind each of them of their strengths and worth to the mission and bolster them. Extra care was put in to Princess Leda's pack, giving her the confidence boost she needs to be the best leader she can be. Marquis Galeren Nalduine sends the party off with a blessing from Torth, bestowing good luck over them. Weather or not is effective or not is undetermined, but the people appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

The party sets off to the west with Lady Saga Brixtien at the helm! Last time, the journey took two days ride to arrive to the location. This time, it took five. Lady Saga, for all her enthusiasm and charisma, seems to have lost her way and supplies start to run a little thin by the time they reach the edge of the Forest of Armanor. Having to climb up on foot without the horses to reach it proves especially painful for her as she breaks a wrist in an untimely fall. Her injury forces her to relinquish command before they step into the caves themselves, but Duke Rollant is there to both lead and offer guidance as they press forth. The party seems comfortable following him in to the moss-covered cave entrance baring the faint stone carvings of two figures, one elven and one human holding up the keystone to the entrance.

The cave becomes dark rather quickly, but Valatir casts a spell over a few rocks he picks up from the ground and they start to illuminate, providing guide lights along the dark path in to the sace. The walls don't look like anything special. Mossy towards the entrance but more bleak the further in you go. The passage twists and turns, becoming narrow in some spots but then opening back up to a small room with two paths. The passageway to the right is no longer passable, fallen rubble has closes its way and the structural integrity seems far too unsounds to begin moving rocks away at this point. But, the path to the left is still wide open with bits of rock and dust seeming to trail inside of it.

The pause given at the start of the trail is broken by General Helene as she stops the debate and courageously charges through. As the group steps through, Valatir summons up an illusion behind them, making the entrance appear to be sealed off so that anyone who might have been following them could not trace their steps. Not long down the cave path, the sound of heavy snoring can be heard. Curious, Marquis Hatharal begins to investigate. He takes point, slowly heading closer and closer towards the sound until the light of his illuminated stone shows the source. A very large, very angry cave bear begins to emerge. So large, his body blocks off the stunnel passage, leaving the party in close quarters with gnashing teeth and swiping claws!

Lore Druthean Serannar is the first to spring to action! His sword swings fearlessly at the cave bear, landing a shot that immobilizes its left claw. Prince Aurri stands back at the ready and flings fireballs over Druthean's shoulder, landing a few square hits at the fierce opponent, singeing his fur and causing him to stumble back in a rage of pan. General Helene, Duke Rollant and Lady Saga, despite her broken wrist, step in to finish off the beast. When it lets out its last earth shaking growl and slumps over, the threat is ended.

Whether or not that cave bear was placed there to guard the cave beyond, or if he just happened to curl up in the winter, is unknown. But what lays just past him is a very strange and interesting sight. Rocks pile up in unique formations, creating almost purposeful architecture with the natural stones. Certainly not elven in nature, nor any other familiar immortal race, the source of this strange ruin deep within the cave is unknown. Curious, High Priest Rawlin begins to investigate the area, reaching out in to the lifewell to determine the make and intent of this place. The lines of mana seem to swirl here intently, like this was all part of some divine design in some way or another. He determines that it was not, however, made by the Gods themselves.

Starling begins to do the same, searching the area for clues and interesting bits of information throughout the area. Within the ruined architecture, she makes out what looks to be a rock-formed face and hands in the walls. She places her hand on to its hand and says "I wonder if these were the Watchers?" And when nothing of any particular consequence happens, she takes her hand back and muses over the possibility. Lady Kaelyn overhears the comment and decides to leave a note, just in case. Weather or not these watchers can read elvish is beyond her, but sometimes it is the gesture that matters. The note entalis well wishes and a willingness to parlay should they so desire.

Lady Amara seems absolutely delighted at the possibility of meeting a new sentient being. Sadly, none seem to be home, but the evidence that there might possible be something, someone one, here in Aarandor for her to entertain and investigate has her thrilled. Her enthusiasm is infectious. But, after determining that no one is indeed home, and the cave seems to end here, the group decides it is time to head back.

Luckily the return trip only takes two days. Princess Leda and Duchess Celestia have been along for the ride this whole time, taking notes of what sorts of natural resources seem to make up the greater Torendaar area. Unfortunately, both very clever and insightful women end up with the same list by the end of the trip. Wheat, rocks, trees, moss and dust. Not all that exciting or informative at all.

The group arrives home safely, with more information on the inhabitants of the caves and what to call them and only a few scratches and broken bones as reminders of their adventure. Valatir decides to take the oppertunity to draw a picture of what he saw while it is fresh in his mind. The image begins circulating between those who were in attendance.