Blade Sworn Athulua Aynarr

The hunt, the kill, the spilling of blood... It is savage pleasure and we are born to it.

Concept: Mystic Savage
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Female
Age: 179
Birthday: 02/29
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Mystic
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Priestess of Rithor

Description: Athulua is a primal savage through and through, and it shows from the fierce smile she flashes, to the snarl those lips easily twist into. Blue eyes are almost always unusually intense in their gaze, as if concentrating on things only she can see. Long dark hair flows around her, almost always unrestrained and wild, as she moves with the grace and purpose of a single-minded hunter. Elaborate scars adorn her shoulders and back, proof of her many hunts and glories.

Personality: Athulua is a woman of mysticism and blood magic, an Aynarr that connects to the primal world and worships in the Hunt of great beasts and facing her fears in clashing with them. She is charismatic, in her own wild and off-putting way, but more interested in what lies beyond the mundane arts of survival than material success and wealth. Also a little crazy.

Background: Athulua grew up amongst the Thalerith of the Aynarr clan, being taught their ways and developing a natural affinity with the brutal side of nature. She would feel as in tune with the storms as she would with the beasts of the land, learning hardship and struggle from an early age. Her time was spent hunting, for survival and glory both, developing a deep spirituality with the fighting and taming of beasts. This slowly drew her into the world of mysticism, magic, and her relationship worshipping Rithor.

Athulua would face her first great tragedy when, during the migration to Aarandor, when all her family and bestial companions left her abruptly. Her parents were lost to the sea, but her feral friends were taken by what seemed to be fate. Lost and saddened, Athulua could barely withstand the grief of being alone and without anything to fight back against, but Zenandra found her, and took Athulua under her wing. She was taken into the priesthood of Rithor, and taught about bravery she didn't know yet, the will to resist even the darkest circumstances. When they finally arrived at Aarandor, Athulua was already sworn to live by the standards of Rithor and its High Priestess.

Now, there are new lands to conquer, new hunts to partake in, and leaving behind the tragedies and the ghosts of her loved ones.

Name Summary
Zenandra Rithor has a special place at his side for survivors and hunters, and Athulua is both, our Fearless. She will help spearheading the faith in Nasherat and beyond the Scorching Expanse, the first youth to do so.