Blade Sworn Kalagos Sedriel

For a body to survive, one must be strong. For a family to survive, their bond must be strong. For a people to survive, their honor must be strong.

Concept: Honorable Blade Sworn
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Sedriel
Gender: Male
Age: 145
Birthday: 3/15
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Sandy Gold
Skintone: Sun-Bronzed
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tall, but not a giant, this Thalerith's skin has been touched many a time by the hot desert suns, given its bronze hue. His eyes are a sandy gold in color, set deep under a naturally brooding brow. Broad shoulders frame a well muscled form, and the calluses on his hands indicate their frequent use. His fire kissed nature is shown by the copper hair on his head, shorn to the scalp on the sides and back, but a long braid hangs down his back, or perhaps rests over his shoulder. His jaw is square, with the tiniest hint of a cleft to his chin.

Personality: Kalagos makes no attempt to hide the fire in his heart, it's there, for everyone to see and tempered only by his unyielding dedication to living an honorable life, and his deep loyalty to those that have earned it. The man is vigilant to a fault, expecting something to be hidden within every shadow. As impulsive as he is, once he's made up his mind, it's hard to get him to abandon his beliefs. He admires strength, but with that strength comes a responsibility to protect the ones that are unable to protect themselves. Those that earn his friendship finds themselves with one of the most steadfast of allies.

Background: Many in the kinship have wondered if the union between Jarlanen Sedriel and Tavirah Aynarr was a political one, or a love one. The couple never spoke of it, and as different from each other as they were, they seem very united when it came to their relationship. Jarlanen's calmed demeanor seemed ever at odds with the fiery temperament of Tavirah, and it was certainly the latter that Kalagos inherited his own temperament from. Kalagos was a difficult child, and that didn't get any better when his mother passed away during the Mortal Strife. He was barely seventy when she returned to the Wheel. He fully expected his father to try and force schooling into him, but to his surprise Jarlanen did the opposite and gave him his space. The fact that Jarlanen seemed more concerned with mentoring Aganor was quite helpful. The reality was that he had very little in common with his father, so he looked for inspiration in others.

He found himself drawn at first to his uncle Karagoth, who like him, mourned the loss of Tavirah. He couldn't help but admire Karagoth's passion and strength, and his uncle saw in him someone he could shape into a true warrior. He fought at his uncle's side for a few years, learning from him and realizing he didn't like a lot of what he saw. His uncle seemed to have no regard for his soldiers, his warriors, always caring about winning first.Things came to a head during a training exercise. One of the trainees failed to perform to his uncle expectations, and this lead to a beating. However, the beating was excessive, and as Karagoth was about to land a blow that could have killed the young elf, Kalagos stepped in, taking the blow himself. Karagoth was furious, and argued that the young elf needed to learn that in the battlefield, the enemy shows no quarter. Kalagos snapped back that there are things a Thalerith should never lower himself too.

Boiling with anger, Karagoth was about to turn his fury onto Kalagos, but was stopped by Sylindra. She had witnessed the exchange beween Kalagos and his uncle, and decided to interfere. To Kalagos' surprise, his uncle backed down. Kalagos immediately knew this woman had a true warrior's heart and was someone he could gladly follow into any battle, against any enemy. And so he did, fighting at her side during the Eradication War. Sylindra took him under her wing, and helped forge the fighter in him into something different, something better. She became the older sister he didn't have, and when she took the on the mantle of Warlord and asked him to become one of her Blade Sworn, he didn't have to think about it, he immediately said yes. The steel of his soul is not fully tempered, he knows this, but he will walk the road to become a true warrior with honor, or die trying to.

Marriage: In 53PA, Azariah Devrien was married to Kalagos Sedriel and joined his family. -- At the end of 53PA the marriage was disolved in a divorce and Azariah rejoined House Devrien.

Relationship Summary

  • Ayalith - I don't know what to make of my little cousin. I suppose it's not her fault that she didn't spend as much time with our people, but still, she is a little strange. She is family, however, and I will protect her as such. She is far too happy, all the time, and it can be a little disturbing.
  • Aganor - I'm grateful to my cousin in a way. With my father keeping his attention mostly on him, it gave me the freedom to follow my own path. He is like a brother to me, albeit a very weak one. But what he lacks in strength he makes up in smarts, and that can be just as valuable an asset to the kinship.

  • Parent:
  • Jarlanen - Father and I are very... different. He is our kinships historian, it's an important role, but I was born to protect others. I was born to be a warrior, to fight. My father gazes into the fires, I am fire. I respect him, but I do not know if I love him.

  • Rival:
  • Karagoth - Once I thought of Karagoth as a hero to our people. He is a remarkable warrior and strong leader, however his lack of honor is something I can't tolerate. He claims he does this in the service of the Thalerith, but I have looked into his eyes. I know better. He is an ally of Sylindra, and our General, and I respect that. But personal respect must be earned, and that, he hasn't done, yet.

  • Ally:
  • Sylindra - I was lost and she showed me the way. She has become my teacher, my mentor, my Warlord and my sister. I swore my blade to her, because I could never see me challenging her. She is what the Thalerith needs, and I have no doubt that with her, we will prosper in our new home. I've fought at her side, and I will continue to do so for as long as she will have me.
  • Joran - He reminds me of myself when I was younger. And like I did, he seems to have taken to Karagoth as a mentor. Joran has the potential to be a true warrior, like his mother and I hope I can help peel him away from the influence of the general. Sylindra is our present, Joran could be our future. But, only time and Rithor will tell.

  • Friend:
  • Zymandi - Zymandi is a devious little thing. She is as strong as anyone in her own way. If I've learned anything while serving Sylindra is that not every fight is fought out in the open, with the clash of metal. Our duty is a difficult one, and having someone to share my concerns and worries with helps deal with the challenges of our lives.
  • Alakir - I don't even know how Alakir and I ended up friends. He... well, let's say honor is not his strongest suit. Yet, there is something to him, a code perhaps he seems to follow. Or maybe I'm just seeing things and enjoy his company for the sake of it. I'm not above giving him a good smacking in the training pits if he steps out of line, but he makes for good drinking company.

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