The Immortal Lands

In the beginning all the peoples of Ithir were ageless, a gift from Loran's Dream when she came into existence. However, the Mortal Strife changed all that. All the races began to age and suffer and wither. Shortly thereafter, the Host arrived, wreathed in bright white flame, to stage an unrelenting attack on the people of Larandor. Determined to fight back against The Host, the peoples of Larandor banded together to form the great alliance. Elves and dwarves, humans and hearthlings, all raising their swords to help bring back the balance and defend their home.

The leader of the elves, Ithiriel Elexia, begged Aereth to save her people from this fate. As the Elves were her favorite people, Aereth summoned a passageway for them to Aarandor. A land where the Elves would regain their immortality, and save their people from the fate of untimely and all too quick death at the hands of The Host.

During this journey, the Ithiriel, the one served as the unifying force for the kinships, perished. Without their Ithiriel, the kinships fell into disarray, and what was supposed to be a new enlightened existence in the Immortal Lands of Aarandor, became anything but. The discovery of the Portals of Thelos gave the five kinships a place to live, each in their own separate kingdoms, joined only by the Holy City of Thelos. So far, the kinships remain at odds, unable to agree on the appointment of a new Ithiriel. Portal Guardians have been set in place to ensure no unwanted guests arrive in a Kinship Kingdom where they should not be.

The first kinship, the Lorandi, set out with an intent to make the most of this opportunity, holding eagerness and warmth in their hearts. Their portal lead them to a vast grasslands where they established the great city of Torendaar.

The second kinship, the Faenor, was a gathering of the most passive of the elves. Cold of heart, and uncaring for either the allies they left behind or the other elves, they chose the portal that lead to a secluded mountain pass, naming it Khelgar.

The third kinship, the Duindar, were a curious group, eager to take this opportunity to improve. They chose the portal that lead them to a great forest and riverlands where they established the city of Isalspire, built high up in the grand trees. Quick to learn and dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge about their new home in Aarandor.

The fourth kinship, the Thalerith, were angry with the decision to leave their allies to die. Disgusted by the other kinships, they set off into the portal that lead to the desert. There they built a city in the caverns, naming it Nasherat. The heat of the mid-day sun was harsh causing them to only venture out of their shelter in the protection of night.

The fifth and final kinship, the Aeran, were distraught and wrought with grief over the atrocities the elves committed by abandoning their alliance with the mortal races. So, they stayed on the point of first landing, naming it Lorawin. There they built a great city in to the stone around an ever-burning Lighthouse. It would be the beacon of hope, a guide for the mortal races to the join them in Aarandor.

A people divided, the elves must establish themselves in this new world. Rebuilding will not be easy. For the very earth they have settled on and laid claim to is an unknown vastness waiting to be discovered. Or perhaps… uncovered.