PRP: The Countess' Plight

With the Countess' land being rather close to the Forest of Armanor, its no surprise that her land is now facing some hardships, with the Rock Watcher's territory not very far away. Some of the farmland and buildings around her County have been destroyed, and she fears it may be the Watcher's work.

Story Emits

Rumors spread from the West, filling Torendaar with anxious whispers. The new County of House Garmonel, dangerously close to the Forest of Armanor, has been ravaged by earthquakes and landslides. The earth torn open, buildings toppled, people injured. The details of these rumors are hard to piece together, fear and paranoia running rampant. Is the Watcher of Rock attacking? Will the Countess' newly built home be their first victim? One thing is clear: Countess Garmonel needs help. Marquis Hatharal Palinnar has stepped up on her behalf to find those among the Lorandi willing to protect the County.

((This is a kick off for a PRP run by Hatharal, please contact him if you want to get involved))

Now that the literal and proverbial dust is settling around Torendaar, another story emerges from just a week or so before the Army of Rock attacked:

The King's Castle is alive with activity as Marquis Valatir Palinnar, High Priest Rawlin Rylanth, Lady Priestess Seren Rylanth, Marchioness Yvette Monstald, Lady Ember Palinnar, and Lord Gureylain Rylanth all march into the castle, leading half a dozen arrested bandits to deliver to the King. And one corpse, identified as Ailred, the leader of a gang called the Red Crows. A gang of thieves and con-artists who has tormented Torendaar for the past year from the shadows, fueled by their bitterness towards the noble class. In the coming days several more criminals are brought in by the Solaris Order, evidence pointing towards their involvement with the gang.

Rumors spread like wildfire all over Torendaar: Tales of the bandits having used magic to create a fake Watcher attack in the Countess' lands, using the war as a way to prey on her people and steal their silver. The rumors tell of the brave Lorandi who set up an ambush, swiftly bringing them to justice. Within days, the tales have filled up taverns, each retelling more adventurious and daring than the last.