PRP: Impure as Snow

Story Emits

Those who climb to the highest peaks of Khelgar notice something strange on the horizon. Far in the distance, to the West, are dark storm clouds. Snow storms aren't abnormal for the Faenor, but these clouds are strange... and black. They fill those who look upon them, even from a distance, with dread. What's more odd is that the clouds linger over the coming days, not fading. Strange rumors start to spread from the south of people who venture too close to the storm going mad.

((This is a kick off for a PRP run by Hatharal, please contact him if you want to get involved))

The Age of Exploration
Southwest of Khelgar...

An ominous black storm continued to linger far in the distance over the past several weeks. It never faded, only continued to grow... Until one afternoon, when a flash of bright white light fills the sky, originating from the storm. Brighter than the sun, momentarily blinding for any who had been looking in that direction. Afterwards the skies are crystal blue, not a cloud in the sky. The storm was gone in an instant, without a trace.

Two days later several Faenor return from the southwest to Khelgar. Victorius, but at great cost. Lord Priest Kenyon Keir dutifully carries the corpse of Turgon Aenorr into the city, to deliver to his family. Freyvidr Ingith follows, one of his hands severed at the wrist, the wound healed over with strange scars. High Lord Ellyn Reid and Initiate Alethia Reid follow solemly to give their respects.