PRP: The Scurry of Little Feet

Story Emits

The Grotto in Thelos is a comfortable public place for those visiting to find a moment of peace and relaxation. The Spring rains and melting snow from the mountains have served to flood the grotto a bit but not only that there are echoes of chittering coming from small nooks and crannies over several days. They sounds get louder, grow more numerous and until finally rats begin to spill over into the usually peaceful place - quickly taking up residence but slowly starting to surface into the streets to get away from the rising waters that are pushing them from their usual place of rest.
The Shrine of Aereth finds itself the host of rodents with four feet. The squeaks and rushing of little feet are not helping those who seek her shrine to pray. They are certainly not the most waterborn creatures and they are chewing into the offersings being left. The poor priests and priestesses of the shrine trying to shoo them out into the street where many more are skirting building. Thelos is slowly but surely being invaded.
The Shrine of Aereth was recently infested by homeless rats, driven from their nesting places due to the rise of water. A group of those happening by stepped in to help the Faithful of Aereth. Melindra Filinnar, Lady Saga Brixtien, Lord Gureylain Rylanth, Lady Priestess Seren Rylanth, Sister Celenia Laenorin, and Blade Sworn Zymandi Devrien all played a part in driving the rats out and killing many others. The beasts owned by several of the group aided in the catching and herding of the creatures out of the shrine. Their deeds made sure the Shrine is once again free of pests - for now.
Torth's Shrine had a great deal of offerings come in from early crop harvests to honor the God of Plenty. Unfortunately such gifts were invaded by rats pushed from their nesting areas. Brave souls all who were there at the time. Do to concerted efforts by all and valiant saves by a few to help their fellow elves, many if not all of the rats were driven out and the source of their entry was fixed. BUT WOE! Torth's Shrine is in a bit of disarray as things are definitely in need of a good clean and a few things repaired.

The efforts of Lord Commander Rivaron Filinnar, Sir Delsaran Keir, Dunlain Devrien, Lord Gureylain Rylanth, Marquis Hatharal Palinnar, Marquis Valatir Palinnar, Zaltar Aynarr, Erotas Egilion, Turgon Aenorr, and Senior Curator Nyrena Geminiel shall be remembered!

The buildings in Thelos occasionally have a few squeaks here and there, hinting that the rats have not entirely left. Some may have found new homes rather than return to their original nesting spots. One such place was the Grand Library of Thelos.

For weeks the Head Scholar has been hunting their little squeaks. That came to a head recently as a few library patrons were on hand to watch as they were sent running about after a few were found around the shelves. They were fewer in number than at the Shrine of Torth but it is said after the small episode the smell of burned fur is going to linger in the library for a while. Those who were there may have more information on what occurred. It is rumored some of those people may include but not be limited to Lord High Priest Rawlin, Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia, Head Scholar Diagones Egilion, Prince Aurri Serannar, High Lord Ellyn Reid, Lady Vella Reid, Zaltar Aynarr, Intiiate Nalaea Reymar, and Kythaela Laenorin.