Seeking the Forgemaster

The elves have managed to secure Lord Brundir's aid in their quest to regain their immortality. The next step in their journey awaits them...

Story Emits

In the distance, somewhere southwest of Thelos, elves of all kinships hear the sound of a hammer against metal.
It's early in the evening by the time word spreads that those chosen to parley with Torth have returned. Lord Gureylain Tenlindil, Lady Saga Brixtien, Sister Celenia Laenorin, Head Scholar Diagones Egilion and Lord Heir Garett Ingith are in this group, and they arrive to the City of Shrines carrying a spherical object made of smooth marble.

The group enters the Shrine of Torth with the sphere and the moment they step in, the untapped precious mineral veins threading across the walls briefly glow. On its own, the sphere leaves the hands of those holding it, floating towards the altar and then behind it. A pedestal made of the same wooden textured stone as the altar grows from the floor to hold the sphere, locking it in place.

A blinding golden flash emits from the sphere, as lines of power snake from it, down the pedestal and to the ground. Those lines rush to the center of Thelos, before disappearing. A beam of light shoots up from the shrine high up into the sky, visible from all cities and settlements in the continent.

The beam remains for a few moments, before it slowly dissipates.