PRP: Curse of Dark Water

Something stirring in the deep!

Story Emits

Unease settles over Lorawin as they wait for the return of one of their ships. A whaling ship, captained by a member of the Reymar family and called The White Raider, has gone missing. Days have passed since it was scheduled to return home. No other ships have seen it on the horizon, no crew or debris has been washed up, and there hasn't even been any storms to blame it's absence on. The ship seems to have disappeared without a trace. Perhaps a search party should be sent out?

((This is a kick off for a PRP run by Hatharal, please contact him if you want to get involved.))

A group of Aeran sailors traveled northeast, far out to sea, in search of the lost whaling ship named the White Raider. They came home a few days later, looking shaken and haggard. What they saw isn't entirely clear, but there are rumors which spread like wildfire throughout Lorawin about graveyards of sunken ships and a dark, evil force which nearly swallowed their ship whole. Darien Marindur in particular warns other sailors to avoid the northeastern corner of Lorawin territory, if you don't want your ship to be lost to the sea.
Several brave Aerans returned once again from the Northern seas, where the rumors of dark, cursed water first originated weeks before. They came home weary and beaten, but victorious, carrying with them a large chunk of Sorrowstone. While they took it to Aereth's shrine to be blessed, sailors in Lorawin are very superstitious of the stone still, telling tales of how it was--or had been?--cursed. Either way, the seas to the North are once again safe to sail through, thanks to the bravery of Viessa, Vindal, Selandriel, Lucrezia, Nalaea, and Qahir.