PRP:Lost in the Flood

The Duindar have lost so much in the early floods.

Story Emits

The weather in Isalspire has been especially dreary and wet the past few days--and for several more to come. Rain falls more and more, making the rivers swell. While it might make some of the Duindar anxious to see the water rising, their infrastructure does it's job. Dams and aquaducts help to divert water, keeping the city safe. However, the rising water has temporarily caused the rivers to change, carving out new paths through the forests further down stream from Isalspire. The changing landscape has temporarily revealed muddy riverbeds, where there was quickly flowing water days before. Rumors spread through the city that scouts have found things half-buried in the mud. Pieces of buildings, rusted weapons and tools, and even the occasional scattered elven bone.
the age of exploration
The Age of Exploration