A Silver Strike

While out on an expedition, House Palinnar came face to face with a silver golem. In the attack, Marquis Hatharal was mortally wounded. What happenes to him now is in the hands of the gods.

Story Emits

Word makes its way back to Thelos and Torendaar before the members of House Palinnar arrive themselves. The rumor is that while out on an expedition, the House came in contact with a fearsome Silver Golem a ways south of the Stone Watchers wall. Though they all fought valiantly, Marquis Hatharal Palinnar has been mortally wounded. He has been laid in the Thelos Hospital to ease his pain the the final few days of his life.
The vigil over Marquis Hatharal Palinnar settled in at the Eternal Grace Hospital notes a change in his condition. A shower of colored sparkling lights washes over him, originating from something tucked tightly into his hand. As the color fades, it is obvious that his wounds have healed and that there is color in his cheeks once more.

The young Marquis lives.