Tales of Ithir

This is a catch all episode for Season One that will hold any one off emits that happen through out the game

Story Emits

Word beings to spread that the Khelgar Castle's reconstruction is complete! Under the direction of High Lord Ellyn Reid the castle is stronger and more beautiful than ever. She was supported by High Lord Emyrtion, Lady Heir Talrin, Lord Heir Relios, Inweth and Lithien as well.

What is perhaps more surprising is that despite the strain on their alliance, The Lorandi Kinship has also offered their assistance by way of silver and resources. Under the direction of King Arminel other Lorandi kin have helped inclusing High Priest Rawlin, Lady Ember and Lord Leofric.

The ancient stones of the Cascade Tea House crumbled into rubble, trapping innocent tea-drinkers under heavy rock and timber. Bystanders rushed to the scene to assist in saving the wounded and bringing out the bodies of the less fortunate. Sylindra and Theleria proved their leadership qualities by directing the efforts, while the Healer's Guild of Thelos, represented by Eiliriel, Elendril, Rawlin, and Freyvidr, expertly dealt with the injuries. Magic was slung by Elstrin, Lyandra, and Seren, with attempts by Escanor and Nyrena that failed. Nalaea reached deep down into her own magics and was able to lift large pieces of rubble no one else could. With the rocks safely out of the way, Hatharal, Elizaldian, Hyacinth, Gureylain, Kythaela, Joran, and Escanor all ran into the ruins to excavate and evacuate those still living. While there were few lives lost, it would have been more tragic had they all not been there.
It appears the stones simply aged and the changing seasons weathered away the mortar. The Tea House is already under repair and expects to be opened shortly without any delays.

It is late in the afternoon when the scene is discovered. On a trail decently far to the west from Isalspire, a patrol of Amethyst Order spellblades finds the body of their own Watcher Rekke Naevon. The gory details are spared in the official report sent back to the Senate, stating only that his corpse was found in the forest with unusual arrows protruding from the corpse.

Rekke is survived by his siblings Jarma and Kieto and his parents Lasse and Viivi Naevon. He is remembered as a fearless brawler, optimistic and positive to a fault.

It had been some time since Estelle Naevon was heard from. An optimistic yet curious woman, she would often head out into the forest for weeks on end to conduct her research. Which is why none in her family thought anything more of it when she went missing for longer than usual.

Sadly, a patrol sent out to the west of Isalspire found her corpse among the wilds of the forest. It looked as though she had tried to defend herself, but to no avail. She was far too young to have suffered such a fate. But She will be remembered among her family as intelligent and thoughtful.

It is mid-morning by the time the scene is discovered by one of the attendants at the Black Bear Inn stables. The horses there are starteld and on edge. Several splaters of blood line the walls and a large pool is left in the middle of the stables. A trail of blood has been made leading back to one of the stables where the body of Lord Scalanis Monstald has been found. A few pools of water are around the stable as well though there was no rain the night before.

Who committed this killing, in the Holy City of all places, is anyones guess. The pools of water left behind give the Blood Templars something to scratch their heads over. Rumors begin to spread rather quickly around the city of this being politically motivated. Though others insist it was a crime of passion. Whatever the truth of the matter is, no witnesses have come foreard and no one seems to have seen anything related to what happened.

Marchioness Alliah Rylanth is certainly known for wandering off into the woods for days at a time, always to come back with an interesting tale or supplies for her beloved family. No one thought anything of her extended absence because of it. That is, until Foresight, her beloved Great Horned Owl, was found outside of the Rylanth Estates. The owl was perched up high, still holding the bloody leather owl gauntlet Alliah with known to wear often.

By the time her family found the owl and began to worry, grim news came from a Lorandi patrol to the north of Golden Hallow. Her corpse has been found seemingly trampled to death. Carefully and respectfully, her remains have been returned to her family so they may begin their mourning process.

Given that she has no siblings and no heirs, the duty of Marchioness have fallen to Alliah's aunt, Marchioness Seren Rylanth.

Slowly, and with great effort, the Ice Garden inspired by Princess Leda Serennar begins to take shape. From flagstones to ice limned growth and transluscent ice-created scultings of greenery, Niamh, Eirianwen, and Aileana bring to life the vision requested by Emyrion. Those first of the Faenor to set eyes on it are moved by the twining of life and ice into such a creation, even if the only outward sign is a nod of approval. It's a /very/ moving nod of approval. But it is the centerpiece of the design that causes breath to catch. Made entirely of ice, the sculpted Gardenia flower that has been named 'Leda's Gift' is wrought with lifelike representation. Each petal, leaf, and even the stem are shaded with layers of frost and patches of crystal clarity to evoke the flower it represents. One can almost catch a whiff of scent, if they lean close enough to it.
It was a warm summer day when Marquis Valatir set out on business to the Golden Hallow settlement. He brought with him a duo of Lorandi soldiers for the journey to assist in establishing a safe trade route for the Kinship. His path kept him clear of the northern spot where Marchioness Alliah Rylanth was recently found. The worry over an attack was slim, though they remained alert regardless.

After not hearing from him for several days, a patrol was sent north to see if the Marquis was in need of assistance. When they returned to Golden Hallow, it was with the body of Marquis Valatir and his military escorts in tow. The report to General Helene mentioned hoof prints in the hills near where his body was found, though unlike Alliah, Valatir's life was seemingly ended by the swing of a blade.

Baskets have been placed in Torth's Shrine full of beautiful blue and indigo larkspur flowers. They are bundled for the faithful to take while they pray and are serving in memory of the late Marquis Valatir who so favored the color in his gifts to Torth.
When one crosses through the portals in to Thelos, they can almost feel the winds of change in the air. The energy of the city is heightened with activity, buzzing with energy and hope. Politicians, diplomats and religious leaders alike are bustling about, preparing.

The Election for a new High Council of Thelos has begun.

In the wee hours of the morning, the investigative group that journeyed out of Torendaar to look into the murders of Marchioness Alliah Rylanth and Marquis Valatir Palinnar returned a bit worse for wear. Marquis Rawlin was taken immediately to Thelos for treatment of his greivous wounds at the hospital. Rumor also has it that Marquis Hatharal returned to his estate with a pile of? goat skins?
Word beings to spread that there is military movement at the border between the Aeran and Duindar Kinships. Orders are being shouted at Nylenth's Crossing and the sound of marching feet echoes down the river.

The extended military presence is being sent back home to Lorawin and the security at the border is lowered. The ease of tension between the two kinships is beginning to be felt in ripples down the Northern Syreian Split.