PRP: The Traveling Menagerie

Missing things and strange occurances!

Story Emits

All across Aarandor, whispers of things going missing have begun to be heard. "I could've sworn I had that brooch just last weekend..." "Has anyone seen where I put my pen?" "My spectacles... I know I had them on the nightstand. I simply had to have, but they're gone." Elves begin to check carefully to see if they're missing any of the small items they carry, and in general, the mystery is talked about over supper tables, and while looking for what happened to grandmother's spectacles.
"I had it! Right here in my pocket! It can't have gone missing, did I set it aside somewhere? But no, it was right here..." From pens and pocketwatches to pearls and purses, small things keep disappearing in each kinship, and a few reports of things of familial importance. Sometimes the items go missing from the house, and sometimes from pockets themselves. The occurrence is regular enough that more elves begin to take note. Thefts are reported to house guards and templars as what was a mere annoyance begins to become a matter of actual concern.
As summer wears on, things keep going missing, small things, medium things, things of no import whatsoever - scraps of old paper, a potted flower - and things of great import - letter openers, family heirlooms, special rocks. The whispers become concerned citizens seeking the missing items, looking in nooks and crannies, questioning those in the house who may have seen where these items went. Families work on their own and contact the Templars for assistance. They ask their neighbors, and the shopkeepers in the market. The big questions on everyone's lips - why me? Where /is/ it?