PRP: Distress near Dawnbreak

The road between Torendaar and Dawnbreak has become a little less safe in the past couple of weeks. News of banditry has trickled into the capital city, and reports that the residents of Dawnbreak are lacking in key supplies. Taking these reports in, Torendaar readies a small caravan to depart the city to deliver these needed supplies to Dawnbreak but this time making sure that it's under guard.

Story Emits

A group of Lorandi set out from Torendaar escorting some needed supplies to the settlement of Dawnbreak. Among this group were Marchioness Seren Rylanth, Marchioness Yvette Monstald, Prince Aurri Serannar, Lord Escanor Serannar and Lord Priest Gureylain Tenlindil. The elves fought back an ambush of bandits and helped to successfully deliver the needed supplies to Dawnbreak. Lord Escanor made sure to set an example for any who would dare commit banditry near the area by impaling 4 of the archers on spikes of earth.