The New Leaf

A new beginning for the elves of Isalspire.

Story Emits

A loud booming sound thunders through Isalspire... originated within the Senate Chambers.

Confusion and panic spreads like wildfire. The guards and members of the Amethyst Order are immediately dispatched to investigate, and while they try to contain the rumors of what they find at their arrival, such a task can be an impossible one to engage in.

The rumors spread... rumors of an attack on the First Citizen and the Senate, of the serious injuries suffered by at least one Senator, Senator Teroleus Naevon. Some of the rumors claim the First Citizen is injured, others say she's dead.

What is not a rumor, however, is what's left for all citizens of Isalspire to see. Those able to get close enough to the Senate Chambers, would be hard pressed to miss symbol of a sword within a red leaf, painted on the building's doors.