PRP: Valley of Mists

Rumors crop up about a valley shrouded in mist, where the rains leave the ground moist, saturated and fertile. It seems an idyllic haven for those seeking to expand their lands. Yet, in the forests surrounding this fertile valley, a darker rumor stirs, of a ancient blight upon the trees and the animals, which causes any it comes in contact with to become ill and crazed. Here, the animals are more feral than usual, it is said, though the reports are old and it's hard to say if this is still the case. The vale itself, for some reason, seems untouched, though few have been able to investigate due to the mists shrouding the forests and the valley. Shrouded in mist and mystery, the vale, the Mistvale, beckons.

Those who have ventured near this area report back that from afar, the valley appears to be dotted with little white flowers, yet when it rains, the flowers seem to disappear, or at times, the fog banks are so low and heavy that it's impossible to navigate. Somtimes, the mists are so thick, you cannot even look down and see your own feet. A closer look might be in order, but how to get there, when there is a chance that the land might be blighted, or that you cannot even see where you are going?

Story Emits

Rumors abound about a valley shrouded in mist, where the rains leave the ground moist, saturated and fertile. An idyllic place, it would seem, to build a settlement. Yet, a Faenor scouting party who went exploring the vale has been brought back to Thelos for treatment, because they all seem to have fallen into a state of deep, dreamless sleep from which they cannot be awakened.

Early the next morning, a party made up of different Kinships sets out to discover the cause of this strange phenomenon. Elder Alethia Reid grants permission for a few scholars, mages and a few Faenor investigators to enter into the Mistvale, located near Silvermist in the western Volandis mountain range. Among those who leave Thelos on this journey are Initiate Zaltar Aynarr of Thalerith, Archmage Nagestos Naevon of the Galithryn Acadeum and Forwen Nerea of the Aeran Kinship, in addition to Lord Heir Relios Aenorr, Lord Thorin Aenorr and Lady Ideh Morinen of the Healer's Guild. It seems a race against time as they seek to find an explanation, and a cure for those who have fallen to the strange sleep.