PRP: Red Lotus Awakens

There is something strange going on in Nasherat. Rumors of the Red Lotus awakening have residents of the Scorching Expanse trembling.

Story Emits

Thalerith from all walks of life, possessing of different insights were brought to examine some evidence pertaining to a rash of disappearances in Nasherat. A renowned beastmaster from House Aynarr and Portal Walker for the Thalerith found some interesting information which confirmed a krilkar of unprecedented size had been involved. Brundir's High Priestess, Ayalith Sedriel lent her religious perspective and Blade Sworn Marril offered mystic insights. With combined powers of inquiry thrown at the mounting evidence it was only a matter of time in which they gained some solid leads.

An attack came suddenly in which, apparently, a krilkar of immense size slew it's way into the room and began to devour the evidence. Strange but not the worst thing that happened considering that Nadaron Aynarr took grievous injuries but survived a savage mauling. No doubt thanks to the Restoration magics of the High Priestess and the quick thinking of the Blade Sworn. Nasherat mourns the loss of it's most eccentric mortician who was a legendary practitioner of Prestidigitation and Restoration magics. Alas. This is life in the Scorching Expanse.

A patrol sent down to the Deep Markets of Nasherat found themselves stumbling upon a gruesome conspiracy indeed. Several witnesses report the warranted intervention of the patrolmen after complaints of horrid and offensive smell were brought to the attention of the authorities. Rivek Devrien, Merek Sedriel, Narthic Sedriel, the Iron Fist of Thalerith, Vigar Aynarr, Mistress of the Hunt Zenandra Aynarr, Aganor Filinnar and his daughter Lyandra, and the Blade Sworn Zymandi Devrien were all seen as entering the building rented by a tenant of the name Mokir.

He was well known as a nice young man whose family sold most of the city's meat. Apparently the health inspection was conducted and the place has been shut down when a super pack of ravenous desert wolves attacked for no apparent reason. Some people blame the strange music that was playing around this time, but no solid answers have been given as of yet. Investigators are still sifting over what they've found and apparent witnesses state that the youngest child of the Warlord tore to pieces the Alpha of the pack though.

Major damage was done to a residential Nasherat building, leaving the tennants exposed to the harsh desert environment. The residents of that building are demanding swift action to be taken against the careless mage responsible. Rebuilding has already begun, but who will pay for it?

Tragically, the body of Lyra Devrien, the landlady of the destroyed building, was found near by. While residents mourn over her death, they look to the Warlord to see justice paid for her murder.

Suffice to say many folks hail the patrol as one of the most underrated covert battles in the history of Arandor. Remarkably, sightings of an immense krilkar and a robed figure riding the beast were also reportedly brought to the attention of the Warlord. Strange days out there in the desert.

When the disappearances in Nasherat were lain at the feet of one Mokir Aynarr, his kin had no choice but to bring him to justice. In a time honored tradition, the Blood Hunt was called and Rithor's own High Priestess, Zenandra Aynarr blessed the hunt and invoked the principles of Thaleesa Reid, who believed that sometimes the tool was a hunt used to punish evil. So it was decided that Vigar, Nadaron and Athulua would engage in their first Blood Hunt alongside Blade Sworn Marril sent by the Warlord to support the cause and helped with tracking the Cannibal of Nasherat and his Beast. Sorgath Filinnar, a priest of Rithor was requested by the Mistress of the Hunt herself as they would need the very best to tend to this monumental task.

With exemplary tracking, masterful coordination and determination to bring the monster's spree to a halt they succeeded in bringing down their mark. Mokir the Cannibal met his end by the hands of Zenandra herself in single combat while the Beast was felled through the combined efforts of everyone else. The Fearless, Athulua, landed the killing blow and was professed Champion of the hunt for claiming the kill but nobody would argue that all of the Aynarr, Marill Devrien and Sorgath Filinnar were heroes of Nasherat.

Only if this were the end. On the following day, another body is found in the lands of Isalspire with a red lotus blossom in it's mouth. A message perhaps, that something much more insidious and widespread is at play.