Seeking the Starkeeper

"Look for me in Aarandor, and you might just get this back," Brundir winks.

The Starkeeper has issued a challenge to the people of Aarandor after their choice to give up their Immortality to appease the God of Oaths. What they do with that challenge is yet to be seen.

Story Emits

It is a particularly starry night, devoid of clouds claiming the skies. The Great Tree shines, just a tad less brightly than before, but shine it does. The other constellations remain as they have been, dim, hard to see and find. On the Great Tree, one star shines just a little brighter. The moment is so brief, but is there, for all looking at the sky to see.

Another star shines and then another. A final one shines. All in all, four stars have that bright moment, before they shine as they were before. Six stars then shine brightly, one after the other, so quickly and a little hard to see.

And then, the sky remains as is, full of stars filling it to the brim. Clouds slowly roll back into view, moving slowly through the open skies, but their direction is clear, they are moving beyond Thelos and to the south west.

It takes some time for the Champions of Brundir to return. They are out in the wilds for nearly a week before word starts to circulate about their return. All ten of them come back together, Moyanet Aynarr, Mihris Alcaldia, Rigoth Morinen, Hatharal Palinnar, Ember Palinnar, Archarnor Naevon, Nadaron Aynarr, Kenyon Keir, Selandriel Mariner and Alexandria Laenorin.Some are perhaps a little worse for the wear, some show sign of injuries, but overall they appear hopeful. With them, a small figure skips along, giggling and giving the champions a hard time as they come back in to the city proper. Myrna of the Wheel has accompanied them on their journey back and has made it known that while she needs a few weeks to recover from her strenuous Champion Testing, she is indeed here to help prepare them properly to continue their quest.

The week that follows their arrival back to the city is riddled with stories of strange lands and monstrous creatures. There is the healing of burn wounds and talk of a distant house in a field just beyond their reach. And though there is still more work to do, it is clear that Brundir has smiled on their journey, tested their strength and commitment and found them worthy of this path. The next steps will surely be an adventure indeed.

Word quickly spreads through Thelos, and from there to the portals to the kinships, that the Champions of Brundir have returned. The details of what happened during the meeting with Brundir are not yet part of the rumor mill, but the fact that the Champions all made a line straight to the Shrine of Brundir is...

The Champions step into the shrine and in their hands are two halves of a sphere. Kinlessa Selandriel Marindur, Lord Priest Kenyon Kier, Novice Danai Egilion, Alexandria Laenorin and Nadaron Aynarr hold one half. Lord Heir Rigoth Morinen, Dame Mihris Alcaldia, Marquis Hatharal Palinnar, Lady Ember Palinnar and Moyanet Aynarr hold the other.

Both groups hold their halves of the sphere up.

Suddenly, the ground inside Brundir's shrine morphs as if made of molten metal. Some of the ground rises, reshaping itself into a pedestal. The two halves of the sphere crackle with energy as they levitate off the hands of the champions. They suddenly slam together with great force, filling the shrine with a flash of pure raw energy.

The sphere floats above the pedestal for a few moments, before settling on it. A perfect fit.

A beam of light shoots from the shrine up and straight through to the heavens. People of all kinships would claim the beam visible from their lands... and just as the beam touches the skies, a line of energy snakes out of the shrine over the ground, rushing towards the very center of the Holy City and disappearing into the ground.

Warm to the touch, this energy line becomes a permanent fixture of the Holy City of Shrines, connecting the Shrine of Brundir with whatever lies within the city's depths.