The Age of Exploration

As the elves begin to itch for adventure and discover more about the new surroundings they have found themselves in for over five decades, the time has finally come. The Age of Exploration is upon us.

Story Emits

Some may have suspected it would be House Marindur who would be the first to set sail and push for discovery, they are a legendary house of explorers after all! But still others were surprised to hear that the naval house of the Aeran Kinship set sail south-east of Lorawin. They passed the mouth of what looks to be a river, naming it the Villance River Delta. Several large cliffs were spotted and two potentially inhabitable harbors. There are some rumors about what was found out at sea, but no clear information seems to be circulating about that. What is established though is that House Marindur has named one of the harbor's Elexia's Repose. While no construction has begun yet, it looks like a very good spot to begin a settlement!
The Thalerith wasted no time pulling together their resources for a kinship-wide exploration effort. Under Sylindra's rule several scouting parties were sent in to the depths of the cavern mazes found under the Scorching Expanse. One, under the command of Moyanet Aynarr, came back with a promising lead. When they followed the path the Thalerith discovered an underground oasis a few days journey from Nasherat. Water falling from the ceiling of the cave creates a beautiful cascade that was later named Moya Falls. The Thalerith's quest for finding a sustainable water source has been complete, earning them a rather hefty raise in economic resource production. Such a valuable resource will surely be reinvested in Thalerith efforts to come.
Whispers turn to rumors and rumors turn to tales and in no time at all, the Heroic Seven are being praised from Isalspire to Thelos and back. House Naevon set out to explore the northern reach of the Syreian split, and the story goes that they wound up face to face with a hoard of tree-beasts! Tree-like carnivorous beast-things! Surrounded on all sides! But the Heroic Seven (Elstrin, Claria, Diagones, Tharnor, Archarnor, Sarian and Sciath) defeated them without losing a single soul from their adventuring party. Victorious they sailed back in to Isalspire. Elstrin's new ship design became the envy of Isalspire over night and the celebrity status of the Heroic Seven soared.

Truly, House Naevon and their friends have made a mark on Aarandor and and the social waves of their expedition will be remembered for it.

The sea at winter is never a kind thing. One suspects Aereth gets more moody when the days go short. But nonetheless, House Reymar decides to seize the opportunity and sail north. Well known for their expert sailing ability, the challenge of a winter sea is no hindrance to them. They prey to Aereth for a safe journey and somehow, they just know, she is laughing at them. The rain dumps on their vessels, the Reymar Reaver and the Moontouched Marauder, bashing them around at sea. But when the storm parts they discover something they didn't even know they were looking for.

A pod of playful eelhounds was an unexpected gift from the sea. The strange creatures certainly seem eager enough to follow the boat along. And when invited on board the vessels, their amphibious nature was soon apparent. These mythical creatures might indeed make good pets! But alas, no land was found on the journey.

An adventuring party lead by Lady Kaelyn Serannar, funded by King Arminel Serannar, headed south of Torendaar on what was being called a spiritual journey. The group committed to keep a prayerful mind on their adventure and specifically to lean in to Garwen for guidance. The route was easy, tall wheat gave way to their horses and the whole journey seemed to be blessed as they made their way into the steeper southern hills. Unfortunately, the journey would not be so easy the entire way.

A very large pack of Hill Wolves attacked the encampment. Duke Rollant Tenlindil, Prince Aurri Serannar and Lord Druthean Serannar were quick with their blades, defending the encampment gracefully. A few burned trees and new wolf fur coats later, and the adventure was back on course. Lady Oriana Tenlindil and Lady Primrose Monstald kept close watch on the surroundings, documenting and observing the whole journey. High Priest Rawlin was on hand to tend to any wounds, which didn't quite go as planned. But, his presence was calming one nonetheless.

When they got to the highest point in the hilly terrain, Lady Kaelyn took a moment to look over the valley they had found, touch its soil and proclaim, "This rich soil and sunny hills will be the most prolific vineyard we have ever seen. It shall be named The Gilded Vale." And so, a new beautiful site for a settlement was discovered to the south of Torendaar.

The expedition mounts in the early hours of the morning, with the sun rising just over the golden wheat fields that surround Torendaar. King Arminel is awake just in time to send this expedition off in style. Lord Zedmir has packed some healthy and hearty things for the adventurers to eat on their journey. His cooking always has an extra touch of something else that really makes the warmth and comfort of home stick with you on a long journey. Marquis Galeren does his best to keep the adventuring party on track, reminding them to look for good land to settle in.

Lead by Lady Saga Brixtien, the group ventured north into the great grass sea. Lady Oriana, Marchioness Yvette, Lady Ayala and Duke Rollant rounded out the notable members of the adventuring party, all five working in tandem to see the success of the exploration come to fruition. Eventually they came upon a stone building out in the field. A very trapped and rather uninviting stone building that appears as though it used to be a forge many centuries ago. Back in Torendaar rumors begin to fly about what was found there. Something shiny and something painful are about all the details that seem to surface with any certainty. Everyone eventually made it back and more or less unharmed at that. A successful mission all around.

In the very early hours of the night, just as the sun settles in over the horizon, Rivek Devrien, Belstrom Devrien, Zymandi Devrien, Azariah Devrien and Melindra Filinnar begin their journey in to the North-Western reaches of the Scorching Expanse. Bags packed, supplies tucked away, not knowing what awaits them. But the eagerness to discover the unknown is high.

The first leg of the journey was met with vicious, ravenous coyotes. But House Devrien's warriors spared no time ending them. A new skull now mounts Azariah's hip from the encounter. The second leg of the trip found the group surrounded by a strange, salty smelling fog. It didn't take long until they saw it? a long stretch of beach that juts right up against the tall ever waving dunes like an extension of the sandy sea right into the water. This oceanfront desert has never been touched by civilization by the looks of it. Pristine and pure. The clouds part way for a moment and the moon shines brightly on the endless sea.

Abbasah Harbor was discovered and plans for a settlement immediately began. The body of water they encountered has been named The Lorenil Sea after the late sister of the current House Devrien Matriarch, Deanna Devrien. The harbor settlement began construction immediately and has the claim to fame of being the very first family-held settlement in Aarador.

Quietly, a group of explorers gather together to head north of Thelos, along the backside of the mountain the city sits on. They make their descent through the mountains in the cold of winter, which may not have been the best planned time to go exploring, but they are indeed rewarded for their efforts.

Though no mention of what was found in the mountains makes its way to the public sphere, there are reports that Alexandria Laenorin, Thorin Aenor, Ember and Talyn Palinnar and Alethia Reid are seeking the council of the Priesthood of Garwen shortly after their covert operation.

Stories spread through Lorawin about a group of Alcaldia explorers who made their way south of the Aeran capital, across coastal plains and marshes to find the mouth of a river that proves to be suitable for settlement. Darinel Alcaldia, Senior Scholar Mihris Alcaldia and Captain Elleth Alcaldia return with a few scrapes here and there, but looking as healthy as ever. Word spreads that the newly discovered area has been named Bidal Falls, but there is no word about what the group might have found there, if anything.
The Lorandi are quickly becoming known for their cooperative nature when it comes to exploration. That is no different for the Ducal Branch of House Tenlindil and their vassals, House Monstald and House Nalduine. The three houses set out south-east in search of new land to settle in the Torendaar region. Two days ride and they have found themselves a beautiful valley, ripe to be settled. Duke Rollant claimed the land and named it Pride Valley, though no settlements have begun construction.

It is also rumored that Lady Saga had a run in with some large feline beasts and was seen proudly marching back to Torendaar with them in tow. Plains lions, beautiful beasts with thick manes. Though most have kept their attention on the lions, rumors that something else was seen on the horizon to the north are being muttered about between the explorers.

A Faenor search party unveiled this frost-touched valley, situated just past the mountain southwest of Khelgar. At first teeming with an army of conjured, walking ice-creatures, that army has now been routed. The valley sits empty, open for development. Notable features in the area include a subterranean network of ice caves, and preliminary exploration showed tantalizing hints of high-grade metal ores. It is perhaps not the most hospitable of climes due to the cold of its elevation, but that has never before stopped the people of Faenor. A mountain pass and subterranean tunnel both connect this area back to the vicinity of Khelgar proper. This new land has been dubbed Frostmarch by the one who led the search party, Dalarin Ingith, to commemorate the battle, and remember always the first war of the elves' new land.
Golden Hallow was settled in June of 52PA in Pride Valley by House Tenlindil. The settlement itself sits at a strategic overlook, gazing down in to the valley. Banners of golden lions hang from the sides of the keep in recognition of the magnificent beasts that were found here earlier in the year.
House Keir wastes no time after the Ice Watchers have been dealt with to begin heading out and exploring once more. They gather up their supplies, sharpen their swords and begin the trek due north from Khelgar. High Lord Gariss takes the lead, masterfully guiding the family on a two days journey down the mountains. Aegon, Asa, Kenyon, Talrin and Lathia are all with him on the journey. The further north they go, the more the elevation of the peaks seems to lower. Eventually, the snow begins to melt and give way to a mossy field of rolling hills at the base of the jagged snow capped mountains.

While House Keir no doubt set out expecting an unruly and untamed wilderness in front of them, what they got was one of the most gorgeous and beautiful places they had ever witnessed. Snow capped mountains behind them, a beautiful crystal blue lake in front of them, and enough spacious land to eventually build a settlement that will no doubt become a vacation destination to all Faenor.

It was the incredible beauty of this place that inspired its name, Sarin Hills. The late Lady Sarin Keir was once the wife of High Lord Gariss Keir and the mother of both Kenyon and Talrin Keir.

Word makes its way out to the elves of Thelos that the Faenor have once again struck out into the wilderness, in a party drawn from several Houses led by one Dalarin Ingith. Proceeding directly south from the mountain valley of Frostmarch, they discovered undeveloped wilderness, a forested lowland. Luckily, despite the presence of three stalwart warriors, the region was peaceful, bereft of Watchers and monsters alike. One of the base camps they established along the way seems a likely site for further development--according to the study of the soil by one Freyvidr, the place would likely make for fertile cultivation. For now, this potential settlement and the nearby woodland has been dubbed Greenmantle.

Of greater interest is a different discovery, first spotted by Alethia Reid: A vast lake has been discovered in the region. So sweeping are its tranquil waters that it will take another expedition, at the very least, to chart the full sweep of its shores. Named for the birds that broke from its banks upon its discovery, the site has been christened Lake Heledir, or the Lake of Kingfishers.

Rumors begin to spread through Khelgar and then in to Thelos. High Lord Gariss Keir has made the order to start construction on a new settlement north of Khelgar. The Salin Hills, as they were named on the recent expedition north, are being seated with a Keep just as picturesque as their natural surroundings.
Though it has been some time since Elexia's Repose, the site where the Flagship of Ithiriel Elexia Marindur, was found, House Marindur has not forgotten their plans to settle in that historic site. On the contrary, they have been saving and planning something befitting the Ithiril herself this whole time. Rumor has it that stone from the area has been mined and shaped to begin intricate construction on a stone keep.

Kinlessa Selandriel and her new husband Wave Speaker Vindal travel down to help oversee construction. Providing instruction that will place the keep in the most sensible spot. Loralyndra arrives to the site not long after, providing charm and wit for the workers and generally helping to keep morale up as they work through this heavy labor. And of course, Volith Marindur, Widow of the late Ithiriel Elexia, arrived before the keep's first stone was laid in to place and stayed until it was finished. He provides not only the moral support but the physical labor here and there as he can. His gaze drifts to the spot of the ship wreck and his wife's final resting place as the settlement finalizes construction, knowing full well how proud she would have been for their family and for their people.

Deep within the caverns of the Scorching Expanse is an underground oasis. Discovered in 51 PA, Moya Falls is a beautiful underground waterfall. In August of 52 PA, Warlord Sylindra broke grown and established a stone keep that reaches both below desert sands and above ground keeping the precious water source safe. It is being called the Jewel of the Expanse by those who visit the newly founded settlement.
Lord Heir Garett Ingith and Dalarin Ingith make quick work of starting a settlement on the newly discovered lake-front lands called Greenmantle. The wooden keep itself was built in September of 25 PA. Constructed high up on a cliff face that overlooks the settlement lands, it keeps a watchful eye over the waters of Lake Heledir and the surrounding hills.
Under the leadership of Lady Saga Brixtien, House Brixtien makes its move to build a settlement in Diamond Hold. Construction has begun on the keep right in front of the Armory of Torth, positioned to help keep it safe and protected. The plaza that connects the two will be named after Rella Brixtien, former High Priestess of Torth.

Lord Gureylain Rylanth was seen assisting the settlement by scouting and searching out good hunting grounds and water sources. Lord Myrill Brixten was in the party as well, serving as a surveyor and documenter for the expedition with his notebook always on hand. Lady Caelia Rylanth joined as well to help set the area up for crop growing, she takes particular interest in making sure the land is not harmed by the construction. Duke Darchir has stepped out of the estate and joined the expedition as well. His logistical prowess is being put to work very well in making sure funding and supplies go where they need to go. The project comes in a little over budget by the end, but it is established nonetheless.

Under the direction of Marquis Galeren Nalduine, Elder of the Priesthood of Torth, a Shrine of Torth is also being constructed in the newly established Diamond Hold. Several priests from Thelos has joined them on their journey and will stay behind to make sure that all who settle in the area are well aware of Torth and his teachings and generosity in this place in particular.

With the mountain range between Khelgar and Thelos fully mapped and traversed, there has been no shortage of discussion on who will claim the land. After a few months of negotiations between the Faenor Conclave and the Thelos High Council, the decision has been made to allow Faenor to build a settlement in the northern portion of the region in question.

Construction begins not long after the decision is made official. Beautiful white-grey stones are being hewn from the mountain side and brought to the location where a stone keep will be built. The Faenor have called the newly constructed settlement Winter's Gate and it will feature a rather extravagant Faenorian style gate at its entrance.

The expedition south of Greenmantle uncovered a great thick forest that connects the Faenor Lands to the Lorandi Lands. But near the southern border, they have come to an impasse, and no construction has started. Rumors begin to spread about a golden forest with great Oak trees, but the contents of that forest is yet unknown. Dalarin Ingith has taken point on the exploration mission and will no doubt have questions coming his way not only about what was found, but about the potential border of territories.
House Sedriel, under the direction of Flame Speaked Jaralen, set out south east of Nasherat to scout out the area for a settlement. While on their adventure, rumor has it that they ran in to a particularly large Krilkar on their journey. Belstrom tracked it, Karagoth and Kalagos killed it, and the whole family hoisted its skull onto a cart to bring back with them when all was said and done. Not a scrap of meat wasted or a bone gone unused!
House Serannar has begun its build to the south! Rumor has it than an ornate wooden keep is being erected in the Gilded Vale under the direction of Lady Nyssa Serannar. Princess Leda and Lord Leofric have been helping to gather and manage supplies. Lord Escanor has been using his evocation talents to lend a helping hand around the construction. Marchioness Yvette gives wonderful advice about the strategic uses of this important southern settlement. And King Arminel himself joins in the expedition to watch the settlement come together. He was shocked to hear they had named the two hills that mark the entrance into the settlement 'Arminel's Pass' as a commemoration of their admiration of his leadership.
Word spreads throughout Torendaar of a Rylanth led expedition northwest of the Lorandi capital. Led by Lord Gureylain Rylanth, the group sets forth following the trails previously scouted by both Lord Gureylain and his daughter, Lady Elonai Rylanth. Lady Naxalia Rylanth sees the group off, with prayers offered to both Estril and Loran to keep the adventures safe. The rest party consisting of Lady Priestess Seren Rylanth, Lord High Priest Rawlin Rylanth, Lady Caelia Rylanth along with their leader returns to the capital with tales of a land full of majestic ancient forests, open and inviting plains and impressive canyons. The group seems content with their discovery of a land that offers much promise if settled.
Word reaches Thelos that the finalization of the road between Winter's Gate, a settlement held by the Faenor Kinship, and Thelos, the City of Shrines, has been complete. The road begins just beyond the Mountain Peak of Thelos and winds itself through the Volandis Mountains in to Winter's Gate and along to Khelgar itself.
Ships begin leaving Lorawin Harbor headed north, carrying large amounts of stone in their cargo. It doesnt take long for those in the Aeran capital city to realize what is going on.r
Built just south of the Sacred Hart Grove, House Reymar established a coastal stone keep in the autumn of 52 PA. The architecture is both sturdy and practical, giving off the very essence of the word fortress. Surrounding the keep itself is an ancient forest of very large evergreen trees that give off the energy of thousands of years of growth.

Rumors start making their way back to Torendaar of a wild fire to the south and the quick work of Lady Elendril, Lady Nesara and Lady Ember to extinquish the fire and protect their adventuring party. Exciting as that is, the real rummor is that House Palinnar has found the sea! Wasting no time at all, Marquis Hatharal and Lord Talyn began building and designing the Stone Keep, known now as Emerys' Promise, with both elegance and fortification in mind.

With such an incredible find, it is no doubt that House Palinnar had gained a lot of social favor among the Lorandi and their resources to curry social favor grow substantially.

At sunrise, Pyrravyn Sedriel, Zaltar Aynarr and their party make an appearance at Moya Falls. Pyrravyn is hurt and Zaltar has a strange skull strapped to his back. There are two fewer adventures when they arrive to the northern Filinnar settlement, and rumors of the demise of Aynarr soldiers begins to spread. There is talk of a large serpent, necrotic bites and a pair of eyes that mean certain death for those who gaze into them. Whether or not any of it is true is up for debate, but the group has begun to call the place they returned from Basilisk Canyon.
Rumors start to emerge from Isalspire that a new settlement has been built to service the Duindar as a whole. An elegant wooden keep has begun to take shape right at the waterfall convergence of the Syreian Split. The settlement has been aptly named Artificer's Spring and is as defensible as it is beautiful.

Senator Limandria, First Citizen Theleria, Tyrus Egilion, Warden Lunan, Scholar Trevarius and Kiros Egilion all had a direct hand in seeing this building project come to fruition for the glory of the Duindar Kinship and all its people.

Rumors start making their way back from Isalspire to Thelos. A small Naveon-lead adventuring party had traveled up the northern branch of the Syreian Split. There are tales of a horse so strong it pulled Rekke under water and held him there. And another even less believable tale about how Lunan channeled his lightening through a spear impailed in the horses neck to set Rekke free. All in all, the stories make for good drinking fodder and House Naveon has uncovered a plot of land they have named Imys Taesi with th eintent of eventually building a settlement there.
House Egilion set out south of Isalspire with a group of explorers with the expressed goal of finding a place to build. The journey was fairly uneventful until they found a forest that had been burned completely purple in color. Purple moss, tree leaves, even the birds took on an amethyst hue! Upon further inspection they discovered that the forest was made of Purpleheart Trees. Beautiful, rare and very sturdy wood. The very perfect material to sell to those who might be weary of the stability of their dwellings.

Their find helped afford them not only funds for more expeditions, but with what was already on hand, they decided to begin construction on a stone keep. The area had been named Amaranthine Grove and is now home to a Egilion southern settlement. Tyrus, Diagones, Kiros, Danai and Trevarius will surely be congratulated for their prosperius find.

Elder Alethia Reid got together a group of Faenor explores to head south and see what they can uncover. Elder Luthien Reid, Lady Eirianwen Morinen, Lady Ideah Morinen and High Lord Ellyn Reid all set out in the dead of winter to the southern Volandis Mountains. Though it is unclear what specifically they found, there is rumor it involved chicken bones, glassy sheets of ice and a pen. Weird!

Beyond that, they also found the southernmost peak of the mountains in that region and have named it Starfire Peak. The area has a beautiful view of the southern grasslands from on high. Surely it will make a good settlement for a look out some day.

House Nerea set sail in to the west! Qahir, Octalin, Shakian, Telimus, Forwen and Viessa were among those who went on the journey. Choosing the Neri'duin River Delta as their access point came with its own challenges. The weather and some misinformed sailing mishaps set the crew back three days on their schedule. But eventually they made the trip down river. Rumor has it that they came in very close (too close!) contact with a full grown tiger! The group killed the aggressor and adopted its cubs.

Further down the river, they also found a spot perfect for settlement building. Forwen has named it Beleg Miog. Large Cat of Aarandor.

House Nerea were the first to encounter the Water Watchers in the seas just northeast of Lorawin, but what they really set out to do was find land to build a settlement on. Now that the situation with the watchers has calmed, they have been hard at working building a keep on the protected harbor of the large island. Not only did they build a beautiful turreted keep, they have also set the location up as a port of call. There is a Tavern, a Shrine and of course, a lighthouse. Truly Selene Harbor will make an excellent launch point for expeditions to follow.
Though the stories that come back from House Geminiel are a little murky, one thing is for certain. They have absolutely found a very defensible location along the southern Syreian Split. Those who try to find it on their own come back without the foggiest of clues on where specifically the trail is taking them. But all rumors, shrouded in mist or otherwise, point to the fact that House Geiminiel has begun sending stone down river to build themselves a stone keep. The impressive structure has been named Murkhold.
Under the direction of Blade Sworn Kalagos Sedriel, a Stone Keep has been built in Krilkar's Bane. The keep itself reflects its namesake. It's architecture exhibits a quintessential Thalerith style, with rock carvings of giant claws and maws that decorate the entrance of this Stone Keep.
It has taken months of careful saving, maneuvering, and politicking but Darinel finally has enough resources and silver put together to create the much awaited stone keep for Bidal Falls, officially claiming the land. She makes sure the best carpenters, stonemasons, and artists are on hand to make the settlement as best as it can be. This hard work could not have been done with out the ingenuity of her sisters, Mihris and Elleth, in helping to explore the area, or the cooperation of the Aeran Kinship in working out a deal for the final funding needed. Rumor suggests that Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia will be putting together an exploration team for the Aeran Kinship in the coming days, and is looking for one member form each family to participate, as part of the brokered deal for the final funds.
The Kinlessa of House Naevon is known for her affinity for magic and using it to build properly integrated structures in the wilds. She bends her magic once again to help create the border town of Imys Taesi along the northern Syreian Split. Kinlessa Elstrin insists on keeping the structure as natural and low impact on the forest around it as possible. Warden Lunan also makes sure that every step of this process is done with care and dignity for the forest. Before too long the wooden keep has been built up along the rivers edge, marking it as a sancuary in the dark wilds of the northern river.
Word travels through Nasherat of a returning group of explorers, none of them the worse for wear. Warlord Sylindra, Joran, Lyandra, Zymandi, and Kalagos went exploring to the area north of Salin Hills, and word has it the have named the newly discovered area Victory Bluff.

A Stone Fortress is built into rocky escarpment with a keep on top giving it a commanding view of the surrounding terrain, and housing in the caves underneath. Sylindra, Joran, and Lyandra are all said to have contributed to its construction.

House Nerea, lead by Viessa Nerea, set out down the Villance River Delta in search of a connecting route to Isalsipre. Shakian, Qhair and Forwen joined in the expedition. Along the way they find a grove of trees planted in a perfect circle. Inside the circle they find two old chairs, carved with interesting images, sat across from one another. No one quite knows what happened next, but soon the grove was cleaned up and put back in a pristine condition. The group has decided to call the location Aereth's Dream. Though they did not reach their final destination, great success came from their adventure.
Several months ago, a group of House Ingrith explorers ventured out south of Greenmantle and encountered a group of Dryads. They were able to stave off their hostility with promise of alliance and mutually beneficial arrangements.

Upon their return, Lord Heir Garett Ingith, Master of Coin Dalarin Ingith, Lady Heir Talrin Keir and Elder Alethia Reid were welcomed by an entourage of Dryads and their leader, Apricis. The discussions went well enough. A few rocky moments and disagreements, but in the end it was all settled. No construction would take place in the Nivermer Forest, the Faenor would be allowed to build just outside of the forest, and both parties agreed to protect one another. With oaths given to Baridon, their alliance is sealed!

The diplomatic envoy named the future settlement location The Golden Wood in honor of the golden oak trees that make up the Nivermer Forest.

No sooner did the diplomatic envoy make it home as a supply crew began making their way south. The Wooden Keep at The Golden Wood was constructed in record time.

Given its proximity to the Lorandi Settlement owned by House Brixtien, Diamond Hold, a road has been constructed connecting the two. All involved in the construction of the road between the two kinships hope it will be in friendship. Though the historians and scholars begin to fear the worst.

House Rylanth set out north west of Erynraine in search of a proper settlement location. Thanks to some skilled scouting by Elonai and proper surveillance of the wilds from Haedirn, they were able to find not one, but two potential settlement locations. The first is at the mouth of a valley, standing watch over the lush green fields. The whole area seems brimming with life. The second, a bit to the north, marks another potential sea port for the Lorandi and has been named Dreamer's landing. Seren and Rawlin both do their part to ensure the family makes good choices when choosing where they will build and how they will go about treating the land they intend to claim.

Not soon after they arrived back in Torendaar did plans for a stone keep at the valley begin to take flight. The valley keep has been named Dreamer's Repose and in no time at all has been built up in a very natural and non invasive way. The structure of the keep is absolutely beautiful, providing a well protected entry point in to the valley itself.

House Leanorin set off south-west of Isalspire in search of a new land to call their own. The journey itself takes them away from any rivers and streams and sets them deep into the forest. Which all in all suits them just fine. Life in all things, their house moto, truly spreads its wings here in the lush thick forest. On their adventure, they came face to face with a magnificient creature, the Stag Moose. With a little, respectful, convincing, the Moose allowed them to approach and even ride! They have named the area Ad Astaria and not long after its discovery, a stone keep has begun to be built on the site itself. It is said that it will be used as an observatory, boasting beautiful glass-topped towers for easy viewing of the night sky.
Though Marquis Hatharal has recovered from his near brush with death, the boundless generosity and devotion of the Priesthood of Loran, on his behalf, has not yet seen its end. Their prayers were countless and their members stood vigil at the Hospital, and all the while plans were being made to erect a settlement in Loran's honor with the purpose of showing devotion to The Dreamer in hope that it would encourage her to spare Hatharal's life. Her mercy was granted and so the Priesthood carries out their promise. Lord High Priest Rawlin with the help of Lady Elder Seren, have completed the construction of a wooden keep out in the forest near Erynraine and have named it Dawnbreak. This is the first settlement built by a Priesthood in Aarandor.
Very shortly after Daybreak is established, The Priesthood of Acharon is hard at work to establish a wooden keep on the summit that overlooks the Grey Wastes just North East of Thelos. A road is constructed leading through the mountain from Thelos, giving access to all elf-kind to the settlement. The land here is hard and unforgiving, but Katara has channeled their vast talents in restoration to ensure this settlement, though grim, will prosper and be self sustaining. High Priest Belstrom has overseen the construction and named the settlement Anu's Summit. It will be a point of pilgrimage to all who seek the guidance of Acharon the Ancient.
An expedition lead by Prince Aurri headed south of the Gilded Vale a few days past. And what was supposed to be a mission looking for new lands to settle and develop in ended a little more abruptly than the group had imagined. Rumors begin to spread about humming and insect wings, but the truth of what they had discovered remains widely unknown. All that is known is that the land is not yet in their claim.
The Devrien Family set out north of their settlement at Abbasah to see what could be found along the coast. Belstrom and Zymandi Devrien, with the help of Kalagos Sedriel, journeyed up the coast and over vast expanses of grassy sand dunes until they found a beautiful cove and coral reef, which they have named Prism Cove. It is said there was some sort of commotion inside the cove itself, but the nature of this remains a mystery. None of the travelers is worse for the wear, though one of them may have a newfound respect for the mighty crab.
Rivek, Dunlain, Melindra, and Sorgath return from their journey to the area north of Salin Hills looking only slightly the worse for wear. All, however, sport such supremely irritated expressions that it prompts a whispering from amongst those who are brave enough to comment: "Is it just me, or do they have a very murderhobo look about them?"
Lunan and Elstrin set off down the Villance River to the north-east of Imys Taesi in an attempt to fully map the river between the Duindar and the Aeran-Kin territory. Their triumphant return brings news of the river connection at a place now known as the Serpent's Bridge, where Elstrin worked her wood-weaving magic to create a passageway which would not violate their treaty to the Forest Watcher. There may or may not have been a giant snake involved.
House Geminiel set out south east of Murkhold to see what they could find down the river. Very quickly they discovered that the strong murky river turns into a sandy harbor not far pat their settlement! Both branches of the Southern Syreian split pour into the ocean from this location they have aptly named Gemini's Harbor. All well and good to find a defensible harbor with two river inlets, but the even more remarkable discovery is one that has left some Duindar scratching their heads and wanting to see for themselves.

The rumor is that very large, island-like creatures stood up out of the water at the river's mouth. Docile, but massive! The group have taken to calling them Living Islands, and if the rumors are true, they do indeed live up to their name.

After much negotiation between the Faenor, The High Council of Thelos and The Priesthood of Garwen, a settlement is finally being built near the Crystalweave Loom, dedicated to Garwen herself and owned by her Priesthood. The settlement has been named The Calm and given every care to pay homage to their Faenorian benefactors. High Priest Deoca Geminiel has taken point on overseeing negotiations and construction. Lady Elder Kaelyn Seranner had taken over aesthetic and detail management of the settlement's construction. And Alexandria Laenorin dedicated her time and skill to making sure those who came to help build were well protected.
House Monstald might be among the last of the Lorandi houses to set out and explore, but that only means that they got to range out a little further than their peers. Marchioness Yvette led Lord Leofric Tenlindil, Lady Ember Palinnar, Lord Priest Gureylain Tenlindil and Lord Escanor Serannar past Brundir's keep, and into the foothills below Thelos. The group found a gorgeous waterfall that just happened to be a strategic site for their new settlement: Dawn Falls. Lord Sumelek Monstald and Lady Eletha Monstald were instrumental in the funding and construction of the wooden keep.
House Marindur set out along the Vilance River, past Aereth's Dream and much closer to the territory that borders with the Duindar Kinship to begin construction on a new stone keep there.

Built part way into the Villance River, Nylenth's Crossing is a stone keep that boasts an ingenious architectural design. It is one with the river as much as any structure can be. Streams of water pass through elegant arches below the city while the forest seems to grow up around the other side. Strategic and elegant in equal measure.

The timing on this settlement could not be more fortuitous.

One day after the construction of Nylenth's Crossing in Aeren territory began, the Duindar of House Naveon began construction on their second wooden keep, Onona. Choosing the site once known as Serpents Bridge to build, their own plans to keep a watch on the river soon came to fruition.

Elestrin Naevon, the Arcane Architect herself oversaw the construction of the wooden keep at Onona along the northern Syreian Split. Branches and trees have been bent and set in place to grow as a natural, living settlement. It sits right at the very edge of the water, keeping a close eye on the travel that takes place along the river.

The two cities now share a road and river passage opening up the travel between Isalspire and Lorawin.

Several months ago, a group of Faenorian explorers discovered the Nivermer Forest, home of the Dryads of Aarandor. Though the politics around the settlement near their grove have been shaky at best, a secondary purpose came from that chance meeting. The Dryads had a great need for the elves to help them cure their dying Grove Mother. Lady Ideh Morinen brought their plight back to Thelos, to the Healer's Guild. To see their promise to the Dryad's fulfilled.

Under the leadership of Guildmaster Zedmir Nalduine, the guild got together their strongest and most devout healers to cure the Grove Mother of her rot and decay. Apricis, leader of the Dryads, met them at the edge of the forest and lead them deep into the heart of Nivermer Forest. There they devised a plan to help heal the aging Dryad. Their first attempt, using abjuration and restoration failed. It was only when they came together in the light of green healing energy that their efforts worked. Among the healers were Princess Leda Seranar, Lady Nasara Palinnar, Headmaster Thorin Egilion, Lady Ideh Morinen, High Priest Belstrom Devrien, Lord Elder Kenyon Keir with additional support from Lord Freyvidr Nalduine, High Priestess Valeria Laenorin, Sister Celenia Laenorin and Elder Luthien Reid. At the completion of their ritual, Apricis proclaimed she was indebted to them all. Caring little for elven politics she vowed to help each of them in whatever capacity she could.

An adventuring party, lead by Luthien Reid, set out north west of Frostmarch recently. Among those that joined the adventure were Lady Heir Talrin Keir, High Lord Ellyn Reid, High Lord Cayn Aenorr, Elder Alethia Reid, Niamh Morinen and Eloidhe Ingith. On their way through the western mountains, they came across a curious creature. Fierce and beautiful, a Snow Leopard made itself known to the group. Quickly acting, Niamh was able to tame it and befriend the newly discovered large cat and her kittens.

Further on their adventure, they discovered a series of peaks and valleys that filled with a beautiful silver mist at sunset. House Reid claimed the valley nearest to Khelgar for their own, calling it Silvermist. Not long after the exploration, a stone keep began construction in that spot bearing the same name. Its exact location is often difficult to find given the Faenorian construction and the mist that often flood the valley.

Heading south-east from Onona, House Naveon sets out to see what they can see away from the river. Lead by Lunan Naevon, the group supplies up and sets off into the unknown. They travel through dense forests and mark down a few cave systems along the way. Though the majority of the trip was rather uneventful, they find an outcropping of rocks that looks as though it will eventually make a good settlement. Due to the inclement conditions when it was discovered, they decide to call the place Storm Keep.
House Aenorr, lead by Lord Heir Relios Aenorr, set out in to the north eastern Volandis mountains to see what they could see. He was joined by Alistair Aenorr, Inweth Aenorr, Aileana Morinen, Kieran Morinen and Niamh Morinen. A split in the road had them choosing between a precarious but clear mountain top adventure, and a hidden but easily traversed adventure in to the lower valley below. The spirited group chose to take the high road. Unfortunately, they quickly lost their footing and went tumbling down the mountain. Fortunately.. It revealed a rather deep iron cashe!

There is a little confusion about what happened next on their journey. Talk of strange flowers and losing a days worth of travel to wandering aimlessly just doesn't seem like something the Faenor would do. Surely it must be hearsay. Regardless of the truth of the story around how they got there, two things are absolutely factual. Whatever they found on their journey has increased the economic strength of house Aenorr, and although they have not begun construction, the Lord Heir has claimed the land in the name of his late mother, naming it Sheelah's Rest.

House Alcaldia set out into the wilds west of Lorawin in search of a new spot to expand their holdings.The expedition was lead by Eiliriel Alcaldia, with her father Alabrax, sister Phaedra, cousins Darinel and Talise. With some excellent team work and quick thinking, they found themselves swimming inside a crystal blue cenote deep in the forest. The underground rived expanding from the cenote itself branched off in to a system of rather unstable and dangerous caves. But, the danger was worth the trouble. A solid vein of gold was also found in the uniique water source, giving House Alcaldia a great economic boost.

The family quickly decided that this was indeed the spot they want to build on. Not shortly after its discovery, a wooden keep began construction surrounding the pool of water itself. The settlement has been aptly named, Cenote Aureo.

House Tenlindil set out South-East of Golden Hallow in search of better land to build a settlement on. Very quickly they found a coast line below the hills. The water here glimmered and shone with the reflection of the brilliant sun and beautiful ocean side beaches stretched for miles in all directions. But, Lord Escanor noticed an absence of the lifewell here. Finding it suspicious, General Helene sent out a few scouts ahead. Rumor has it that Helene's scouts found a pillaged, oddly very small, village along the coast. Lord Leofric and Lady Oriana helped to uncover who used to dwell here and why they left. And though not all the questions were given answers, they know they had stumbled into a segment of Aarandor history that is truly something special.

Those who were there experienced some strange phenomenon and in light of the beauty of this particular area, they have decided to name this stretch of the beach, Glimmer Point.

Erotas, Kiros and Diagones set off into the woods North East of Amaranthine Grove to see what sort of wonders the Forests around the Syreian Split has in store for them. The occasional bit of wildlife was certainly encountered, birds, ground rodents and the like. The first night was rather uneventful all and all. It was not until nightfall that they were visited by an unexpected guest. Ellinor of the Grove made herself known to them and issued them a set of instructions:

"Build a road between The Realm of The Tree Watcher and the City of Shrines. She wishes to see one of each Kinship and She can not until they have a way to travel here."

With her instructions given, she assured them she would stay in Thelos to help prepare the elves to eventually meet the Mother of Mercy, Gala herself. She also granted them permission to build near the grove that she calls home. And so, upon her departure, House Egilion broke ground on the settlement that would come to be known as Arboline.

Not long after the Sand Watchers and the Thalerith finalized their alliance, a stone keep began to be erected at one of the shorelines nearby. House Aynarr has called it Watcher's Bay to commemorate the ancient elemental guardians of the Realm of Sand.
Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia gathered together a group of adventures from all over the Aeran kinship to help claim some land for the Kinship itself. In her eyes, making the kinship stronger makes them all stronger. Setting out in a northeasterly route. The launch from Selene Harbor and make their way to the north east! Kinlector Odissin Reymar, Chief Rythadrien Nerea, Forwen Nerea and Wynnimir Marindur all joined her on the expedition. The details of their discovery are a little murky, but the Aeran Kinship came back richer and with more discovered islands in their territory. The group decided to call the Kinship land, Ataril's Key.
It has been some time since the encounter with the Rock Watchers near the city of Torendaarl. Their retreat and the rock walls built up around their territory left much to be desired by the Lorandi for their efforts. But with all things, given time, new negotiations may potentially take seed.

The Watchers of the Rock Realm have been notified that an envoy of Lorandi diplomats will soon come to their borders with words of peace. Though they are skeptical of the Lorandi Elves, the watchers decide to let them through. Meeting at the border, a group of elementals escorts Marchioness Seren Rylanth, Lady Elder Kaelyn Serannar, Marquis Rawlin Rylanth and Lord Zedmir Nalduine in to their territory and back to the round amphitheater of rock where the negotiations first took place.

After a very productive negotiation, the Rock Watcher general lowered the walls he had created, sending tremors through the lands once again. When the shaking stopped, the Golden Plains were restored to their natural beautiful state. With an alliance between Rock Watcher and Lorandi agreed upon, the Lorandi returned home to begin plans for a stone keep to be built near that very spot. It took very little time at all for the keep, now known as Maker's Spire to be finished.

Rumors of an adventure south of Elexia's Repose lead by Priestess Nalaea begin to surface after some time. They speak of a lone sailor with an extraordinary ship whose sails look like the iridescent wings of insects. Rumors of a protected harbor also begin to arise and it is in that harbor that the Priesthood of Aereth, under the direction of Wave Whisperer Vindal Marindur, established their first settlement in Aarandor giving the sacred location the name Aereth's Call.

Shortly after the adventurers returned home, a strange elf was seen lounging about in Aereth's shrine going by the name of Doran of the Sea. The Oracle of Aereth has returned to Thelos to assist the elves in their journey to regain immortality.

Several months after its discovery, House Geminiel began construction on a Stone Keep at Gemini's Harbor. As the first seaward harbor settlement of the Duindar, Gemini's Harbor controls the mouth of the Southern Syreian split and gives the kinship a path to the greater ocean. This location is both strategic for the Duindar and adventageous for House Geminiel to say the least.
House Morinen has sat in patient, unhurried wait for five decades to learn more of these lands of Aarandor, and then select where it would next settle beyond their estates in Khelgar. After the discovery of Starfire Peak was made, House Morinen agreed with the Conclave of Five to take to the peak, and upon it, build the Starfire Keep. As stewards of the southern Volandis Mountains, the Keep aims to safeguard this location from unwanted visitors.
While Melindra Devrien was off challenging the Sage of the Realm of Sand, another member of House Devrien, Sir Dunlain, was off at Prism Cove, securing the third settlement for the family. It took a few weeks for anyone to even notice construction had been completed, but the road connecting Abbasah Harbor and Prism Cove stands strong on the western coast of the Scorching Expanse, linking the two Devrien-owned settlements.
Under the leadership of Lord Freyvidr, House Nalduine sets out on an adventure North-East of Golden Hallow to see about finding some land to settle on. What they come across seems to be the aftermath of a battle recently fought. Hoof prints and corpses are left in the wake. Rumor has it that the corpses had scales on them, very strange indeed! Rumors also come out about a chest found in the midst of the scaled corpses encampment. All in all, the mystery of what happened here could only be determined by the clues left behind.

The group of Nalduine adventures, Lord Zedmir, Lord Telassin, Lady Tarathiel, and their friend from House Seranner, Lady Rawen, also found a fertile field some days ride away from the battle site. It would make a perfect settlement. They have decided to call the area, Dragon's Bounty.

A group lead by Melindra Devrien set out south-east of Anu's Summit not long ago. What they were in search of, or why, is unclear. But rumors make their way back to Thelos of a large battle ground, and a haunting wind that whipped through the Grey Wastes. High Priest Belstrom, Blade Sworn Zymandi, Rivek and Nessar all joined her on this journey. The group of adventures named the location 'Valley of the Fearless'.
Not long after the Aeran Kinship discovered the area now known as Ataril's Key, construction for a stone keep began along the far reaches of the eastern-most island in the Whispering Tides. The Trident was quick to act and establish a stronghold for the Kinship there.

An elegant but imposing structure, the stone keep erected at Ataril's Key is the embodiment of the Aeran Kinship in all of its glory. It is intended to be the first line of defense along the path that took the elves to Aarandor and as such, stands as the gatekeeper to the outside world.

News begins to travel to Lorawin of a House Reymar advancement on Storm Keep. The Aeran people as a whole cheer them on in their decisiveness, taking "We Find The Way" to heart. Discussion throughout the kinship of feeling cut off by the Duindar's east-ward expansion only fuels the support for this risky move. In no time at all, a wooden keep is in place under the direction of Lucrezia Reymar and with the support of Kinlector Odissin Reymar. They have renamed the area Reymar's Storm to mark the land definitively as their own.
Under the direction of Lady Tarathiel, House Nalduine begins to stake their claim on the Golden Plains. Dragon's Bounty is a stone keep that stands tall and bold as it overlooks its lush and fertile domain. Its stonework embodies the artistic and workman's talents the Nalduine family is known for with dragon carvings accenting every corner of the keep.
Under the direction of Brother Aganor Filinnar, there has been build a stone keep at Basilsk Canyon that takes the shape of a huge natural rock bridge over the chasm. It uses black stones from the canyon walls to build a dark keep guarding the foreboding location. Imposing gatehouses crowned with tall obsidian spires rise up from the canyon walls to meet each end of the bridge. In honour of the two Filinnar men who died fighting the fearsome Basilisk, one has been named Ringith's Gate and the other Terrion's Gate, that their sacrifice never be forgotten.
It has been some time since House Aenorr ventures out in to the slopes of the Volandis Mountains, but good things come to those who wait. Under high Lord Cayn Aenorr's direction, a stone keep is built deep in to the mountain side of the Volandis Mountains. Sheelah's Rest was built in memory of Sheelah Aenorr, wife of High Lord Cayn Aenorr. The building itself is fortified and surrounded by rich minerals. It overlooks a mystical grove rumored to be enchanted by a disorienting spell that makes finding the location difficult.
An expedition lead by Elder Kaelyn Serannar set out to the south west of Khelgar searching after a Woman in Steel. High Lord Ellyn Reid, Lady Heir Talrin Keir, and Warlord Sylindra Filinnar accompanied her on this holy quest. Their expedition took them down the mountains and next to a glacial river. The most beautiful waterfalls spilled over the sides of the landscape and down into an epic ravene. Rumor has it that they stumbled upon the dwelling of the Oracle of Garwen and were invited in to her home to talk of the challenges that lay ahead.

Kathira of the Wind let the group know she would be in Thelos at Garwen's Shrine until the time to meet with Garwen was upon them. The group agreed to escort her back to the city and named the area around her home, Crystalline Currents.

A great many people helped make this expedition possible, including Delsaran, Garett, Relios, Alistair, Ilesareth, Elohide and Zelda.

House Geminiel, lead by Medeia Geminiel, set off north of Islaspire to learn more about the Syreian Split region of Aarandor. What they found were rich ancient woods, and an alluring predator! After some quick thinking by High Priest Deoca, the members of House Geminiel were seen coming back into the city with a Panther in tow. They decided on commemorating the are with the name of a rather fierce ancestor and former First Citizen, naming it Nehima's Bulwark.
House Ingith, under the scouting guidance of Alethia Ried set out North-East of Salin Hills. They came along what was obviously the edges of the Scorching expanse, right where the desert turns into the rolling foothills of the Volandis Mountains. When they return, it is not with news of newly claimed land or plans to build, but with stories of an impossibly tall Fortress baring the banners of Rithor. Though they could not enter the fortress, rumors say that one can hear the drums of war vibrating the very ground outside of the fortress.
House Reymar, Under the leadership of Kinlector Odissin, set out north of Reymar's Reprieve to see what they could uncover. After a bit of rough seas and a skilled anchoring off a difficult coast, they uncovered a bit of stone-rich hillsides and rich distant forest lands. Surveying the hillside location that looks down over the ocean, they decided to name it Stonewatch.
House Alcaldia, along with Nalaea Reymar, headed out Southwest of Cenote Aureo under the direction of Phaedra Alcaldia. The forest land they traveled through seemed to drag on for several days worth of hiking, but eventually they came to a river! PLanning to sleep before continuing their search further ended up being the best possible decision they could have made. When the early morning sun rose the next day, it exposed a cluster of gleaming and glittering Dreamstones right at the river's edge. House Alcaldia has decided to name the area Reverie.
Under the direction of Danai Egilion, the House set out south of Ad Astria to see what they can discover for their family, as well as to help bring Isalspire closer to a road with Thelos. The forest they ventured in to had quite a few stonewood trees, rare and beautiful. One in particular held some artifacts from days gone by that may have been precious to some of the Oracles. All in all, the area is quite suitable for living in and House Egilion has opted to name the area Stonewood Heights.
Lord Sumelek Monstald set out to the area of the Grey Wastes known as the Valley of the Fearless in search of a suitable place to build a Stone Keep. He and his men traveled to the southernmost portion of that region and began construction a stone keep at the edge of the Run of Volsek, claiming it for House Monstald and the Lorandi Kinship. Marchioness Yvette herself rode out to the site to ensure the safety of her builders. There she named the settlement, Dawnrise.
Kinlector Odissin Reymar wastes no time in claiming what is his. A few weeks after House Reymar adventured north of Reymar's Reprieve, they began construction on Stonewatch. The keep itself is made of solid northern stone, overlooking the ocean. A mage tower and a dock for easier sailing have also been built at the settlement, making it a rather desired stop off location on any route traveling north from Lorawin.
Kinlesse Darinel Alcaldia set out to build a settlement straight after the discovery of the land west of Cenote Aureo. Named for the majestic Dreamstones found at its location, Reverie is a jewel in the crown of House Alcaldia's achievements. Built just along the river, this wooden keep boasts four beautiful spires that rise high over he keep to oversee the land as far as possible.
House Brixtien set out along with their fellow Lorandi Houses to help secure the Run of Volsek. Their House branched south of the river exploring the reaches directly to the south from Dawnrise. While the hills and mountains along the river were beautiful, a certain field just past the foothills caught their attention. The rumors of what they saw there begin to seep back in to Lorandi and grater Thelos, whispering of a holy place to Acharon and Estril, but no one quite knows for sure what was seen. Regardless of the rumors, House Brixtien has decided to name this location Reflection Valley, paying homage to their time on this exploration.
Not long ago, House Egilion discovered a bit of forest they had named Stonewood Heights. Trevarius Egilion has taken it upon himself to oversee the construction of a stone keep at that location. Accented with the presence of rare and beautiful stonewood trees, a stone keep has been constructed at the edge of a very dark and ancient forest in this territory. The keep itself was constructed high in the skyward reaching branches, made to mimic the natural growth of the tree as it bends in to dwellings. The Keep is near an elevated tree-top dwelling thought to have once been used by the Oracles.
Built deep in the foothills of Reflection Valley, a wooden keep has been constructed by House Brixtien under the direction of Lady Saga Brixtien. Within its walls, the starbust found at the site has been protected by a wrought-iron fence that's never locked. The settlement is also flanked by shrines to Acharon and Estril.
House Serannar set off on an adventure along the the Run of Volsek. On their journey they came across a very detailed very large living statue of a dragon. Made of both stone and fire, whoever crafted this ancient artwork sure put the terror of such a being into its expression. The ridge crested sculpture spurred the sites name soon after, Dragonridge.
Under the direction of Noelani Marindur, the fames explorer house of the Aeran Kinship wastes no time in building as settlement on thier newly claimed lands. The architecture of Glimmer Falls is so natural in design that one imagines it may have grown from the rocks and trees and earth around it. The third stone keep of House Marindur helps to establish the family's hold on the Whispering Tides region of Aarandor.
Glimmer Point secures a strategic place along the coastline for House Tenlindil. The construction of a stone keep solidifies their claims. Along side the stone keep, several, much much smaller stone dwellings have been erected. Some question the sanity of General Helene for her choice of very tiny houses, but most simply trust she knows what she is doing, even if no self respecting elf could even set foot inside such a structure. On the beach itself, a shrine of Aereth is constructed as a sign of good will towards the Aeran Kinship and in homage to the Goddess of the Sea.
Not long ago, House Sedriel, under the direction of Flame Speaker Jarlanen, set out south-west of Wyndsong Vale to see what they might find in the unkniwn bases of the Volandis Mountains. Their journey took them right along the egde where the sandy desert meets the rolling hills that lead in to the mountains. Tucked away in that difficult terrain they encounter a magnificent creature. It flew over head with a trail of fire and embers, and swooped down to attack them. Luckily they were able to kill the beast. But when they walked over to examine its corpse, they found nothing but a pile of ash. Soon after, a new fire bird arose from the ashes and took flight once more. In honor of the Phoenix that resides here, House Sedriel has names the area Pyre's Heart.
House Rylanth, lead by Lady Hyacinth, set out north of Dreamer's Repose. The group has coined the name Shimmering Coast when refering to that stretch of Aarandor, and the name did not dissapoint on this journey. They encountered an old lighthouse along the coast where a river from Lake Heledir reaches the coast. There is some mystery around what was found inside the lighthouse itself, but House Rylanth have named the unique location Sunseer Port.
House Laenorin, under the direction of Consul Alexandria, set out west of Isalspire to help bridge the gap between the Duindar home city and Thelos. Though there has not been much said publicaly about what was found there, a rumor claiming they found a singular blackened tree has made its way back to the cities. They have decided to name the area found Aenori Grove.
House Geminiel has been busy at work building under the direction of Aurelian Geminiel. Completed in the early spring of 54 PA, the stone keep of Nehima's Bulwark protects the Isalspire to the North.
The Argent Knights have been busy at work seeking to expand their influence and sure up the southern border of the Faenor Kinship terretories. Under the direction of Grandmaster Talrin Keir, and with help from Lord Heir Garett Ingith, Scholar Zelda Nerea and Scholar Ozymandius Keir, the wooden keep has been established. The location has been named Moon's Fortress and has expanded the Faenor Kinship's reach further south, establishing a clear border between them and the Lorandi.
Not long ago, the great explorer Forwen Nerea got together a crew to sail further down the Run of Volsek on a hunch she may find something of value or interest perhaps. With he were High Priest Rawlin, Marquessa Seren, Scholar Qahir Nerea and Aeretheo Nerea. While they had a decently well managed sail down the river, they did manage to come in contact with a very large, very unexpected beast. Giant horns that fork at the base lifted from the water. Sker Buffalo, gentle river giants, as big as the ship itself! They are much too large to tame, but in honor of their discovery, the group has named the area they were found Sker Crossing.
The Galithryn Acadeum has been hard at work expanding its influence in Thelos and beyond. Under the direction of Archmage Nagestos Naevon the stone keep named Ordelliae's Gift has been constructed. It is located north in the Grey Wastes. Alongside the keep is, of course, an impressive stone mage tower.
Dreamer's Landing was settled in 54 PA by the Priesthood of Loran under the direction of Marquis Rawlin Rylanth, High Priest of Loran. A wooden keep now stands watch on the coast line acting as a harbor for the near by Dreamer's Repose, even though the journey is a two-days jaunt. The structure itself looks over the western waters of the Shimmering Coast and is said to enjoy breathtaking sunsets.
Lord Haedirn Rylanth has been tasked with the job of developing a settlement for House Rylanth at Sunseer Port. Which seems to suit him just fine, being out of civilization and in to the wilds again is his natural state of being after all. When is job is complete, there is a wooden keep built around the ancient Lighthouse of Torth along the waters of the Shimmering Coast. The keep acts as a protective structure for the historic site as well as dwelling for those who travel to seek out its stunning views.
Under the direction of Kinlessa Theleria Laenorin a new stone keep has been built at Aenori Grove. The structre itself places the Tree of the Oracles at the center of the settlement. In the construction of the natural and organically constructed keep, it was ensured that no trees were warped, cut or moved in any ways, allowing the natural beauty of the forest to shine through in all aspects of this settlement.
Frostmarch will likely forever be known as the staging ground on which the first great battle of Aarandor was held. The fight of the Faenor against the Ice Watchers began in this very location where the Faenor proved themselves victorious. In the years that have passed since that first battle, Frostmarch remained a name alone. In the spring of 54 PA, that changed. High Lord Emyrion and Lady Ideh Morinen of House Morenin claimed it as their own, building a sturdy stone keep at its peak. This settlement acts to further protect the Faenorin Capital, Khelgar, from the south-west.
House Nalduine, under the direction of Lord Zedmir, set out North of Dragon's Bounty to see what they could find in the unclaimed lands between there and Thelos. Their adventure brought them on to a pack of animas the resemble boars. Much larger, meaner boars. The species has been names Hellpigs. The group was able to not only protect themselves from the ravenous creatures, but to tame them and begin domesticating them as well. Hellpigs have begun to arrive in Torendaar because of the groups discovery! They have named the area they were found, Silvertusk Valley, in honor of the ferocious beasts they discovered.
The Red Maelstrom set out north-east beyond the unknown reaches of the Whispering Tides. No one was sure if there was anyting past Ataril's Key, but that didn't stop them from searching. The crew was lead by Nalaea Reymar and while the journey was fairly smooth, what they found when they set foot on the northern most of the two islands was near indescribable. Rumor has it that a point marked by a gust of wind and a wave entwined left the crew of the Dark Heart bewildered and overtaken with the power of the history of that place. As they left the far north eastern reaches, they decided to call their point of landing on the northernmost island, Twin Isles.
A group from the Priesthood of Gala set out from Anu's Summit north-east to help bridge the path between Thelos and Isalspire. With Lady Nesara Palinnar at the lead, the group pathed through the outer reaches of the Volandis Mountain range and in to a more green and beautiful portion of the mountain. Thier expedition lead them to a specific peak where a cluster of stones that glow indigo in the night were found. On further inspection, the stones were identified as Sorrowstones. A very rare and beautiful stone associated with Glanor and the mourning process. The group decided to name the location Sorrow's Grace in rememberance of the unique gems found in the location.
Zaltar Aynarr set off south of Nasherat with friends and members of his family to help uncover the unknown reaches of the Scorching Expanse. The scouting party came across an unexpected discovery in the descolate sands and approached cautiously. It couln't be, could it? The famed Battlecats of Nashari. But it was!

The group was able to approach them respectfully and almost as though Rithor themself had planned it, the battlecats were reunited with the Thalerith people. In honor of their discovery, Zaltar named the area they were found, Cat's Craddle.

Not long after their first settlement, Ordelliae's Gift, The Galithryn Acadeum under the direction of Archmage Nagestos Naevon, began construction on a new Stone Keep, this time to the south west of Thelos. A road has been constructed, connecting the Holy City to the keep itself. The Golden March is located between Moon's Fortress and The Golden Wood and along with it has been built an impressive mage tower whoes spires reach high above the tree line.
Under the leadership of Marquis Hatharal Palinnar, and with the protection of Lady Ember and Lord Talyn, a new settlement west of Torendaar has been built. A majestic silver-gilded bridge crosses over the great chasm that once spawned a silver golem in this area. On either side of the bridge, an impressive stone keep has been built up claiming this land in the name of House Palinnar.
House Nalduine wasted no time in establishing a Stone Keep at their newly discovered land, previously named Silvertusk Valley. Under the direction of Lady Tarathiel Nalduine, the area is now known as Silvertusk Manor and holds dominion over the land where the Hellpigs were found.
The Blessed Order of Solaris have brokered a deal with the Dryads of Nivermer Forest to build a settlement north-west of the sacred forest. This wooden keep marks the change in domain along the Faenor and Lorandi border giving the Order the share of land that includes the forest itself.