An Icy Death

The battle with the Ice Watchers leaves many dying and wounded, and they will be remembered and honored. But house Morenin only has one Lord Heir. Rigoth is taken to the Thelos Hospital after devastated by mortal wounds.

Story Emits

Early in the morning, a group of Faenor healers walk through the portal from Khelgar to Thelos with an ornate stretcher on their shoulders. Somber, they walk through the streets of Thelos to the Eternal Grace Hospital. It is yet unclear how this has happened, but laying on one of the hospital beds is now the corpse of Lord Heir Rigoth Morinen. The healers that tended to him have done all they can do. It would take a miracle to bring him back now.
Being given the opportunity to die surrounded by loved ones is nearly any elf's wish. Those who come to mourn and pray over Lord Heir Rigoth are vast in number. It is strange that the impact you make on the lives around you is never fully realized until you are no longer there to appreciate it. Though many have been in and out of the Eternal Grace Hospital in Thelos, the group that was there to witness a miracle will surely never forget what they have seen. Princess Leda arrives, a small trinket in hand, and kneels to pray. As she mutters a prayer to Gala, something miraculous begins to happen. The fatal wounds suffered in battle begin to heal. The flesh knits together and his body is made whole once more. Even as his body heals, he does not wake. But the glimmer of hope is enough to keep everyone at his side praying.
Rumors begin to spread around Thelos that Lord Heir Rigoth Morinen has finally awakened at the Eternal Grace Hospital, his body now fully healed. It would seem that the prayers to the different gods offered by many that cared about the man, might have been answered.
Word starts to circulate through all the Kinships of a new Healer's Guild based out of Thelos, designed to be a center of learning and healing technique regardless of affiliation. Although the organization is spearheaded by Gala's High Priestess Valreia Laenorin, the new guild itself is headed by Elder Asa Keir. With permission from the Holy Council of Thelos, they have carefully restored an old building near the Eternal Grace Hospital. Between the two is a garden which was planted by Lord Gureylain Rylanth and named in memory of his late wife Elonwe. Princess Leda Serannar and Lord Zedmir Naludine get the word out, smooth the process of getting the building restored, organizing the bureaucracy of setting up the guild, and recruiting new healers.