Subject Poster Date
The Work of Elder Agis Nerea Erotas 06/24/19
Elder Agis Nerea Ayalith 06/23/19
Command of the Sacred Order of the Blood Templars Falron 06/22/19
Belstrom & Rigoth Must Answer Rawlin 06/20/19
The Order of the Barbed Star Rigoth 06/20/19
Watcher's Forgiveness Valeria 06/20/19
Order of Acharon Belstrom 06/19/19
Renewed Confidence in the High Council Rawlin 06/15/19
New High Priest of Rithor Zenandra 06/15/19
Resignation from the High Council Catlith 06/15/19
No Confidence in the High Council of Thelos Rawlin 06/15/19
Missing from the Shrine of Gala Valeria 06/09/19
A Morinen Beseeching Eirianwen 06/02/19
Victory at a heavy cost Gariss 06/02/19
Marindur Expedition Selandriel 05/30/19
A Statement of Gratitude Rawlin 05/26/19
A New Priestess Rawlin 05/09/19
2nd Aeran Champion Rythadrien 04/28/19
Preparing the Champions Agis 04/26/19
Family is a funny thing, ain't it? Rythadrien 04/25/19
Restoration Training Valeria 04/25/19
Aeran Champions Rythadrien 04/25/19
Thalerith's Champions Sylindra 04/24/19
Duindar Champions Teroleus 04/24/19
Missing Archmage Maltavius 04/19/19
Faenor Champions Ellyn 04/18/19
Lorandi Champions Arminel 04/18/19
Appointment of Ministers Leda 04/16/19
Lorandi Minister of Loyalty Arminel 04/15/19
Amendment Re: Ten Champions Rawlin 04/14/19
Advice Regarding the Ten Champions Rawlin 04/14/19
Blade Sworn Vows Sylindra 04/12/19
Lorandi Marriage Hatharal 04/09/19
First Steps Arminel 04/08/19
The Great Task Before Us Rawlin 04/07/19
The Future Volith 04/07/19
A Statement of Resolve Tykalos 04/06/19
The Death of Us, Or of Honor Odissin 04/02/19
Vigil for the Allied Races Ellyn 03/31/19
On Losing Our Immortality Rawlin 03/30/19
Baridon and Me Rythadrien 03/28/19
To My Kin Volith 03/27/19
Change Your Mind Elstrin 03/27/19
Revocation of Edict Tykalos 03/26/19
Declaration of Intent Emyrion 03/26/19
High Council Edict - Re: Vandalism Rawlin 03/24/19
Forging our Path Galeren 03/23/19
To Find a God Tykalos 03/23/19
What Aereth Wants Tykalos 03/22/19
Priesthood of Loran's Statement Rawlin 03/21/19
Faenor's Council of Five Accord Ellyn 03/21/19
Edict of Banishment Tykalos 03/20/19
Acharon: Things Must Change Belstrom 03/19/19
Garwen Speaks Boros 03/18/19
Glanor Awoken Deoca 03/18/19
Lorandi's Words Arminel 03/18/19
The Will of Rithor Zenandra 03/17/19
Thalerith's Choice Sylindra 03/09/19
Aereth's Will Tykalos 03/08/19
The Hard Choice Ayalith 03/08/19
The Secrets of the Portal Guardians Dalarin 03/07/19
Speaking Truth to Power Nagestos 03/07/19
Forgiving Baridon Valeria 03/07/19
Safely Home Arminel 03/04/19
Thelos Tournament Winners Hatharal 02/17/19
Return to the Fold Sylindra 02/08/19
Nasherat Curfew Sylindra 01/30/19