A meeting of the Trident

Posted by Elleth on 08/04/19 US/Pacific

A call has been put out by Captain Elleth Alcadia of the Aeran Fleet, her boots barely back on the weathered docks of the Harbor before she starts sending out messengers left and right. The Captain humbly requests that Trident meet as soon as they are able so that they can have the most time to discuss the terms and possible oath with the Watcher.

She requests the presence of Initiate Nalaea Reymar and High Priest Tykalos as their insight and assistance have proven invaluable in the situation the Aeran people face.

She keeps the Fleet on alert though the message to the citizens of Aeran is much more tempered as she doesn't wish to worry or raise alarm - the General and the Sage are amiable to them and wish to speak further on how they can continue to live peacefully.