High Council Candidacy

Posted by Rawlin on 12/03/19 US/Pacific

To the Esteemed Elves of Aarandor,

The time draws near when the High Council of Thelos holds elections, a time when the three that have served their terms step down and three new elected persons take up the mantle as the new High Council of Thelos, to oversee and to govern the Holy City for another period of three years. I am making it known that I, Marquis Rawlin Rylanth, High Priest of Loran and Master Healer of the Thelos Healers Guild will serve for this next three year term should the other High Priests and High Priestesses of Aarandor wish to cast their votes for me.

If elected, I would work with the other two High Councilors to swiftly respond to, and act upon, petitions made to the High Council of Thelos. Not that I can guarantee that every petition will be answered in a manner that the petitioner might find favorable, but there will be communication on the petition at the very least.

I will admit that I do not wish to see grand, sweeping changes being made to this city. Thelos is a city rich in history and religious significance and it should be treated with reverence and respect, and we must also ensure that the safety of the elves who come to the city to conduct business or meet with friends and lovers is seen to. No one wants to see a repeat of the tragedy at the Tea House, nor do we wish to see any further violence of any sort take place in the Holy City.

If anyone wishes to ask me any questions, please feel free to send me a messenger.

Marquis Rawlin Rylanth
High Priest of Loran