High Council Candidacy

Posted by Belstrom on 12/05/19 US/Pacific

Elves of Aarandor,

As high priest of Acharon, meetings, rules and petitions are not the first things I think of each day. But I do recognize their needfulness in the city of Thelos and as the time has come to select a new council, I'm speaking to you about your choices.

The potential in all elves, regardless of kinship or patron, opportunities and learning for young and old, evolution and growth, innovation and development as a people -- this is what I want for Thelos. If you hope for these things as well, know that I would be honored to work alongside the high priest of Loran and the high priestess of Baridon, making sure that all who visit the city of shrines are heard, and that it can continue to be a place where dreams come true, and justice is safely administered.

I dislike tedious waits, so you can expect items to be handled with due and timely consideration, and given the many choices available to elves, I would be happy to meet with electors or anyone who has questions or suggestion for me as a candidate for High Council of Thelos. Let this be an open forum for ideas and thoughts to be exchanged.

Belstrom Devrien
High Priest of Acharon