Lorandi Minister of Loyalty

Posted by Arminel on 04/15/19 US/Pacific

Let it be known, that on this day, the sixth day of the tenth month in the fifty-first year since the Third Migration, that Lord High Priest Rawlin Nalduine is hereby named the Lorandi Minister of Loyalty. The Crown Princess and I are proud to install the High Priest as one of the Lorandi's Ministers, and look forward to his diligent work to cultivate and support the spiritual well-being of the Kinship. His selfess dedication to providing counsel when needed, and earnest desire to see the Kinship made better for generations to come are an inspiration to us all.

We look forward to the High Priest's future successes, and congratulate him on his new role with the Lorandi.

By My Hand,
King Arminel Serannar