Subject Poster Date
Pride of Loran Escanor 12/05/19
Silver For The Sea Escanor 12/04/19
Champions of Prosperity Escanor 12/04/19
Taking The Reins Escanor 12/04/19
Gemini's Cut Escanor 12/03/19
Answering Aereth's Call Arminel 12/03/19
Heeding (and Leading) Aereth's Call Diagones 12/02/19
Keeping the Dreamers Safe Diagones 12/02/19
Answering the Call to Serve the Sea Diagones 12/02/19
A Bounty of Praise Diagones 12/02/19
Alms for Aereth Diagones 12/02/19
Answering Aereth's Call Diagones 12/02/19
Duel Dodger Reilena 12/02/19
Reckless Gloryseeking Rebellion pt.2 Reilena 12/01/19
Garwen Above and Beyond Vindal 11/30/19
Spiritual Journey Complete Reilena 11/30/19
Negotiating a Rocky Situation Diagones 11/28/19
Hip-Hip-Hospitality Hooray! Diagones 11/28/19
The Fearless Reilena 11/26/19
Sun shines Brighter Garett 11/26/19
Every Grain of Sand Garett 11/26/19
Heaping On Another Helping Ellyn 11/25/19
Heaps of Praise Ellyn 11/25/19
Making an Oath Ellyn 11/25/19
With a Grain of Sand Ellyn 11/25/19
Reckless Gloryseeking Rebellion Reilena 11/24/19
We're on a mission from god Ellyn 11/24/19
Working to Change Escanor 11/23/19
New Navy Escanor 11/23/19
To Boldly Go Escanor 11/23/19
Not Left High and Dry-ad Reilena 11/22/19
Illustrious Explorers Vindal 11/19/19
Blood, Sweat, and Loyalty Escanor 11/18/19
Honest Work Escanor 11/18/19
Good Spending Escanor 11/17/19
A Change of Heart Reilena 11/17/19
Pomp and Circumstances Ellyn 11/16/19
A Free Rein Ellyn 11/14/19
Kind Methods Escanor 11/13/19
Taking Initiative Escanor 11/13/19
A Green Thumb Garett 11/13/19
Providing Aid and Defending the Roads Garett 11/12/19
Strong Arms Garett 11/12/19
Stepping Up Escanor 11/12/19
Successfully Accountable Escanor 11/11/19
Pride Stops a Fall Ellyn 11/10/19
Two Elves Enter, One Elf Leaves Ellyn 11/10/19
Winner, Winner, Krilkar Dinner Ellyn 11/09/19
Not Left High and Dry-ad Ellyn 11/09/19
The Warmth of an Icy Gift Inanna 11/09/19
Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Ellyn 11/09/19
Change Requires Loose Change Escanor 11/08/19
Not To Be Overlooked Vindal 11/07/19
Supporting Public Safety Garett 11/06/19
Support for the Doomsayer Garett 11/06/19
Praise the Priest Garett 11/06/19
Guildmaster Appreciation Garett 11/06/19
Reputation changes Garett 11/06/19
We're All Winners Reilena 11/06/19
Marching Onwards Garett 11/06/19
A More Neutral Stance Reilena 11/05/19
Discontented Healers Reilena 11/05/19
Future Investment Escanor 11/04/19
The Faithful Are Thankful Escanor 11/04/19
Rylanth Stands Escanor 11/04/19
A Frown from the Faithful Reilena 11/03/19
Strength in Unity Reilena 11/03/19
Weakness in Negotiation Reilena 11/03/19
Archery Champ Zymandi 11/03/19
Talented Hands Selandriel 11/01/19
Family Matters Selandriel 10/31/19
Lost and Found Selandriel 10/31/19
Reputation changes Vindal 10/29/19
Jousting For Attention Escanor 10/28/19
House Brixtien's Advocate Reilena 10/28/19
Expand the Family Reilena 10/28/19
On Top of the Mountains Ellyn 10/27/19
Communication: The Language of Leadership Ellyn 10/27/19
Sip Sip Horray Ellyn 10/27/19
Appearances over Defenses Reilena 10/26/19
A Common Defense Arminel 10/25/19
Living Example Escanor 10/23/19
With Patience, Growth Escanor 10/23/19
Order of Excellence Vindal 10/23/19
Agricultural Adept Selandriel 10/21/19
An Explorer of Renown Reilena 10/21/19
The Champion Arminel 10/20/19
Explorers of Wyndsong Vale Arminel 10/20/19
A Real Gem Vindal 10/20/19
Good Deed Escanor 10/19/19
Artifactual Approval Escanor 10/19/19
Apology and Embarrassment Reilena 10/18/19
[Duindar]Pride for Poise Joran 10/18/19
Dreamer's Respect Escanor 10/18/19
Model Marquis for Family Joran 10/18/19
Endorsing Donated Defense of Duindar Joran 10/18/19
Delightful Devrien Diligence Joran 10/18/19
Fearless Leader of the Faithful Joran 10/18/19
On the Hunt for Command Ellyn 10/17/19
Fearless Investments Ellyn 10/17/19