Icy Rowing Competition

Most Aeran know how to row to their boats and back, especially during icy circumstances. Row through an icy course along the rivers of Thelos in small dingies. This course is designed to test your strength, endurance, and sailing skills.

OOC: For the purposes of keeping a continuous event log, the event is taking place at Thelos - Dreamer's Plains - otherwise it is located along the riverbanks of Thelos.


May 20, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Oriana Turgon(RIP) Mihris Ayalith Aegon Shakian



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Dreamer's Plains

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This event is a little closer to the river than anything held previously before it. Standing nearby is Darinel Alcaldia, looking quite ready to get things started. She looks around to see who has arrived, offering ready smiles to those who've started to get settled. "Good day! Welcome to the Icy Rowing Competition! If you are looking to join in on the fun, do please get in line."

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Oriana's been around somewhere the entire day, somewhere. Where ever it was that she had wandered off to at some point she's wandered back to, her hands laden down with a necklace she bought from some group of kids, and a drink, and a bowl of chowder. When the ice rowing event is announced she gravitates in the direction of where the event is taking place.

Turgon Aenorr's not much for boats, but when something has the word 'Icy' in it, the Faenor imagines that has to at least have a sense of danger to it. It's for that reason that he makes his way towards the part of the river where things have been set up. When the call to get in line is announced, a small smile tugs at the corners of his lips and he moves forward to be the first one in line.

Mihris has been talking tattoos with several people, watching as they get non permanent ones and cheering others taking their turn on the ship rigging. But now? Now she's eaten some of the fare and then moved over at the call from her sister. Mihris grins a bit and nods to Darinel before she steps forward to toe the like with Turgon. Her head turns to look at him with a sound of shell beads hitting each other as her. "Hello." She remarks and offers her hand. "Mihris Alcaldia."

Turgon eyes the Aeran elfess as she approaches, then looks down at her outstretched hand for a moment before taking it and giving it a shake, his gaze coming up to meet hers. "Turgon Aenorr. I imagine you'll probably end up beating me, but I hope I at least make it a challenge."

There are small dingys resting near the edges of the river. Each one has a paddle, and is large enough for one or two people; though most comfortably just one. She grins when she sees her sister, Mihris, take up one of the spots. "So, it seems it shall be a competition of two, eh? It doesn't seem like a fair competition with an Aeran at the helm, but it should be fun and educational all the same. Can I get your name dear sir?" she asks of Turgon.

"I would expect no less from one of your kinship. If anything I have found you do not give up so easily," Mihris says with a good natured smile. A toss of her vibrant read hair before she rolls her shoulders back as if to loosen up. They may not have met officially earlier but Oriana is given a nod and smile. "I a rusty dear sister...he stands a good chance," she remarks with sincerity. Her eye move from Darinel to look upon Turgon.

"It's true, I'd like to think that it's the place we choose to reside that makes so many of us want to hold on and be stubborn, but I think we'd be stubborn no matter where Khelgar was located." Turning to the sound of Darinel's voice, Turgon offers her a slight bow of his head. "Turgon Aenorr of the Faenor Kinship. Fun and educational it might be, but I will do what I can to make good Mihris here earn her victory." He flashes his teeth in a quick smile.

The nod from Mihris is answered with a smile, and then waves the hand with the drink in it, "Hello, again!" Oriana never got a name, but she seems friendly enough, or potentially tipsy enough, to wave and say hello to anyone that holds still long enough.

Darinel grins at Turgon. "Good, good." She says, then looks to Mihris and Turgon. "Go ahead and get in the boats. There's a course to follow, which was longer, but I'll shorten it since it is just the two of you. You'll follow along the river, taking care not to hit any of the rocks in the water. The current is swift, but not so swift you can't easily avoid them, but rest assured the dinghies are also tough and will not break if they hit any of them. I had them well tested before putting them to use. There's a series of flags along the riverside. Each has a color. When you get to the orange flag, you'll turn around and come back. First person back here wins. Understand?"

"I look forward to it," Mihris says, offering a deep inclination of her head out of respect for the Faenor facing off with her. Her eyes slip towards Oriana and gives her a wink. Everyone should be fluid and happier by now with how much rum had been passed around at the festival. Approaching her own boat, she moves to carefully lower herself into it before taking up her oars, flexing her fingers around them until she seems happy enough with how she is positioned. Rolling her toned shoulders back she looks up for the signal to start after listening to the instructions.

Eternity, the Brundir Shrine messenger goat arrives, following Ayalith.

Turgon bows his head to Mihris. "Good luck to you, Mihris." Focusing his attention back on Darinel, he listens to the rules and nods. "It all seems simple enough, guess it will depend on the ice and the currents." He rubs his hands together and takes in a breath. "Should be fun." He says as he gets into position to await the starting signal.

"Oooh," Ayalith murmurs to Eternity, her trusty goat, as she enters the faire grounds, spying those getting ready for the rowing challenge. "Just in time. Come on, let's find a good spot to watch." She weaves through the crowds to find a perch on one of the benches that affords her a good view of the festivities.

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Oriana juggles her bowl and glass until she's able to get her hands free enough that she can awkwardly clap for the pair of them that are competing. Then as everyone gets in their boats and things she quiets down to watch, starting to look very curious about how this going to work.

"Alright then. Push off into the water, and get started down the course!" Darinel calls out. And the first part of the course seems to be a nice easy bit of riverwork, with no obstacles.

Turgon checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Mihris checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Ayalith claps for the general competition as it begins, as she has no chosen champion. She's just here for the fun of it. She leans forward on the bench, craning to watch the boats find water.

The signal is given and Turgon takes off for a sprint towards the dinghie, shoving the small boat with all of his strength into the water and then jumping in right as it's about to get away from him. Quickly picking up the oar, he starts to paddle with his strength to keep the boat as close to the center of the river as possible, to give him the most options when dealing with the next part of the course.

Aegon checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Fitting her feet into the seat bench in front of her and spreading them wide to give a strong base to push against she waits. Her oar comes out to give a strong push off and perhaps that is what edges her just in front of Turgon for the first lenght. The oars begin to cut through the water with practiced ease. Slice down they go then push, up back, slice down push, up back...it is a rotation she keeps at, focusing on her path with a forward look to be sure she is straight before glancing over her shoulder.

Aegon is about as stocky as Elves get, and he makes a great heaving and huffing noise when he pushes his boat into the river, having been quiet reserved before that attention getting explosion of energy. Would have been easy to miss him before that! After the push and some splashing as he runs to catch up and dive in, he gets himself situated for the rowing, grunting as he goes as if the sound itself gives him strength.

As the course gets started, Darinel stands on her tip toes to watch down the rivery part of Thelos where people are gathered. "And, it looks like Mihris Alcadia is off with a slight lead!" she calls out. "But it seems that Turgon Aenorr is not to be deterred as he bow is directly on the stern of her boat." A pause, and she blinks. "But what's this? A secret entrant have we?" she says as she watches Aegon rowing past Mihris at an easy pace. "Interesting! Now, let's see if they can manage the tricky bend." And, indeed, there is a tricky bend! It'll require paddling and pushing with a paddle to maneuver and get through a narrowed set of the river with rocks.

Turgon checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Mihris checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Aegon checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Turgon grunts as the current pulls the rear of his boat in the opposite direction of what he'd prefer. While he doesn't completely bungle turning the corner, the fact that his boat gets hung up on a couple of the rocks certainly lets the other two competitors get ahead of him. Gritting his teeth he murmurs under his breath, "Garwen give me strength." And resumes paddling, trying to put as much into it as he can to make up lost ground.

As Aegon passes her, it completely throws Mihris off so that somehow she barely manages to manuever and she is quickly passed up by Aegon. Her eyes widen and she flexes, trying to press through the motions of getitng herself through the obstacles. It is a barely won thing as she digs her heels into the position of her boat and throws her back into it. SHe glances back to see Aegon take a healthy lead and she mutters below her breath before calling out to Turgon, "HEY! It is not me you have to worry about."

Aegon isn't one for bluster before the event it seems, having kept a low profile or snuck or perhaps even cheated his way to the start, but he starts drawing attention with all that noise and then keeps drawing it as he eeks out a little bit of a lead. He's less impressive when it comes to maneuvering, and seems to risk getting awefully close to the rocks and things, "I fear no rocks!" he shouts with glee, and of course he doesn't... it's not his boat!

Ayalith's hands lift to cover her mouth as she watches Turgon's boat fumble a bit - but thankfully he stays afloat, and she turns her attention to the two sailing past him. A whoop of encouragement is given to both competitors - one that has her goat looking up at her curiously. "What? I enjoy a good show."

Oriana's watching with rapt attention, but she's also drinking at the same time. The chowder in her hand has long been forgotten, or at least, is forgotten for the moment. It'll probably be fine, though.

Darinel grins a wide grin. "And it seems like our mystery sailor, is he from Faenor?? is just keeping right on going!" She seems amused by this, unable to hide the look of amusement she gives her sister. "But, can they get turned around in time to get back, I wonder?" And, right in the middle of the river stands a tall rock with an orange flag on it - the marker to return home. They'll need to go around it, without bumping into each other, to start the travels back upstream - where the current is moving against them.

Turgon checked strength + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Aegon checked strength + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Mihris checked strength + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Mihris has a surge suddenly forward as she cleasr some more distance on Turgon. There is a breath of relief but when she looks over her shoulder she nearly loses herself in the lead that is had ahead of her. "How do you learn how to sail in SNOW?!" She calls out after the Feanor now leading. HOW?! Befuddled, she grunts, her muscles straining to quicken her pace as she rounds the rock and sets herself for the return. But the lead has been had and the Alcaldia realizes she is not likely to catch up - but never give up!

Turgon grits his teeth and shouts out ahead at Mihris, "I can see that!" Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem like he's going to make up any ground. For some reason Aegon seems to be churning like some sort of tremendous machine, paddling and paddling like an elf possessed, Turgon can see him fading in the distance, and with a laugh, he keeps paddling, even though be barely makes any progress and will continue to come in third. "At least this is good exercise!" He shouts to any who can here him. "A great way to train the next generation of Argent Knights."

Aegon is in fact from Faenor, as his clothes and perhaps behavior might indicate depending on which stereotypes you subscribe to. He's a strong elf, but really doesn't know his way around a boat despite his success. One thing about not knowing how to do a thing is not knowing what NOT to do. Not nowing not to do so, the thick elf gets a good head of steam going and then stops rowing and stands up in his boat! Holding an oar out and leaning on his feet, he hooks the flag and manages to slide his way around the turn. The boat rocks and he gets lucky, by all rights he should be capsizing himself in front of Gods and everybody, but he manages to fall on his rump back into the rowing position. Not realizing the odds he's just beaten, he gets right back to rowing like that's just how it's supposed to be done.

"Oh ho! The mystery man from Faenor seems to get around that rock quicker than everyone else. Look at him go!" Darinel's pretty excited about this, cheering him on in the background. She shoots Mihris an apologetic look, but when someone's doing something great, she's gotta cheer for them. She also cheers for Turgon. "You got this Turgon Aenorr. you could surprise us all. But then.... will they manage the current back, I wonder?" And indeed, the current is very STRONGLY pushing against them. Do they make it?

Turgon checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Aegon checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

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Mihris checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Aegon got lucky on the turn, after proving himself ignorant in the ways of seamanship. He's equally ignorant of his own limits, huffing great beastly breaths in and out as he heaves his little boat through the water, fighting the current tooth and nail!

Turgon might be behind, might be very much behind, but he's not going to quit, not going to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing a Faenor quit. He continues to paddle and paddle and then when he reaches the orange flag, he does as instructed and begins to paddle as hard as he can, fighting the current every step of the way. When he finally makes it back, he's out of breath and basically just falls backwards onto the boat to spend maybe the rest of the evening there just trying to catch his breath.

Shakian slips in for the end of the rowing.

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