Aeran - Fall Hunt

Darinel Alcaldia is gathering together the hunters of the Aeran Kinship to go inland on the island of Lorawin for a hunt. All who wish to particulate are welcome to join her.


Jan. 18, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Velandria Shakian Volith Talien Lucrezia Mihris Selene



The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Inland Expanse

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Velendria has arrived to join the hunt. Instead of her usual robes, she is wearing dark grey wool breeches and a wool tunic dyed a lovely shade of midnight blue. Dark brown leather boots cover her feet. Her hair has been bound up with wooden combs. She does not have any weapons with her. A soft smile touches her lips and her eyes are distant.

Shakian is still looking more at the distant hills than the local underbrush that might contain game. "I enjoyed the ceremony the other day, Wave Speaker," he says, politely addressing the elder.

Carrying no bow or hunting implements nor wearing anything that looks like it would be appropriate on a hunt, Volith strolls into the clearing at the appointed time. Pace slow, hands clasped behind his back, the old elf has a peaceful smile on his face and nods as his comes upon the group. They'd all be known to him most likely and so his nods are offered to each one in turn, "Hello." he greets simply, looking about and taking a deep breath, "The hint of unexplored wilderness mixed with the familiar salt air. There is still so much to explore here. But," he looks toward Darinel, "that isn't our purpose today."

Shakian voice brings Velandria from her musings, "Thank you my dear." She offers Shakian a bow of her head. "I am hoping the hunt will be good. Time to stock the larders, and we can smoke and salt the meat along with the fish." She adds. Pale eyes then go to Volith, "Blessings be upon you old friend, good to see you joining us Volith." She says to him. She looks to her daughter. "I do like watching you use your bow."

Darinel gives Volith an apologetic look. "Alas, no. Not until the leadership decides we're ready to explore finally." She gives her mother, Veleandria, a look to that end. "But, we can at least go out to the places we know where there will be game, and bring back a good hunt today to help fill our larders for the winter to come. Or, maybe, to create into a big feast later this week." She sounds confident about both prospects, her eyes shining brightly. Also, it's a means for her to showcase her archery a bit. She takes a moment to string her bow, and then affixes it in a ready to grab place upon her person. She blushes a bit at her mother. "Would you be willing to bless the hunt, Wave Speaker?" she uses her mother's formal title.

Approaching from the city, Talien spots the grouping of other Aeran kin and makes his way towards them, dressed as per usual in his loose, white sailors shirt and the heavy, long coat he wears with the exaggerated collar and cuffs. He stops a few paces away, surveying the group, before bowing his head politely to Velandria. "Wave Speaker."

When Darinel responds, Volith smiles and offers a faint shrug. What can you do, right? "Plans are being made, I am certain. Reymar and Marindur, at least, have been in the beginning stages of planning expeditions. It is a small step, but it is a step nonetheless. Soon enough, no shore nor hill will be unknown to us." encouragement and assurances offered, he moves toward Shakian, "Shakian, hello. It has been some time, how are you?" Volith moves over closer to them and offers a smile, voice lowering so as to avoid disturbing others. "You must be itching to get out there." he murmurs, looking to the wilderness beyond. "Have a good hunt!" and then he is mingling again, moving toward and before Talien, "Admiral." he greets warmly, "Good to see you." his gaze shifts back toward Lorawin, "Is your father lagging behind or not accompanying us?"

Lucrezia jogs up the hillside to join the others, her soaking black curls dripping down her back and her belt buckled wrong. Her cheeks are flushed and her blue eyes are wide. "Am I late? I'm sorry!"

Shakian nods his head when he's greeted. "Well," he says, but Volith has moved on and Shakian can go back to surveying the distant hills by eye, although he takes his bow off his shoulder as it looks like the hunt is getting close.

Talien gives a nods to Volith as he's addressed. "Wise one," he greets him. "You are, indeed, correct. There are plans in the work for expeditions that will be acted upon just as soon as we have gathered the correct resources. Beyond that, I don't believe I should openly discuss our plans just yet. I'm sure you understand." Then as Lucrezia jogs up to join them, Talien furrows his brows. "Excuse me a moment..." he says to Volith, stepping towards the young elf.

Darinel grins at Lucrezia. "Not as yet, no." She looks to the others and says, "And in case we haven't met before, I'm Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia. Just Darinel is fine," because Darinel likes to keep things light and easy going. "I'll be guiding the hunt as best I can. I'm not the best of trackers, but I can do well in a pinch. Elder Agis is supposed to be teaching me a few pointers soon enough to help hone my skills." For which she seems proud to have found a teacher! She leans in to whisper to her mother a moment.

Lucrezia stops short of the rest of the group when her brother turns toward her, straightening.

Talien crosses his arms, looking down at his younger sister. "Fancy yourself a hunter now, do you?"

Lucrezia says, "I--I can handle a spear. I was going to just see if I could help."

"Oh, come along, Lucrezia! I'

"Admiral!" Velandria says in greeting before she looks back to her daughter. She bows her head to her, "This I can do," a deep breath is taken and then from a hidden pocket she pulls out a small sheathed eating dagger. Unsheathing it she slices the end of her thumb and sings a prayer, "Rithor, walk and run with us, let our arrows fly straight and true. We pray there is no pain for prey, and we will return to our hearths." She then hold her thumb over the ground allowing her blood to be given to the soil. "With this offering ask of this." She then allows her self a moment of silence as she breaths in deeply and slowly lets it out.

Lucrezia is definitely not as late as Mihris and the Alcaldia is hurrying to catch up to the trail that the other woman left behind. She hoists her spear in her hand and uses the butt of it to drag her up through the lands. The shells strewn and woven into her hair like beads twist and glint in the light amongst her red hair. Spotting her mother and sister, she is quick to weave her way towards them, taking long strides to bring her closer to them.

"Oh, come along, Lucrezia! I'm not much of a hunter any longer. Not for many years. You can walk with me if you'd like." Volith waves her over and then turns as Velandria offers a blessing to the small expedition. He remains quiet as she speaks and bleeds and then nods once she is finished. "Thank you, Wave Speaker!" and then he turns to look back at Lucrezia to see if she'll take him up on his offer.

Talien eyes Lucrezia critically for a moment before favoring her with a smile only she really ever see. "Stay close to me."

Shakian listens quietly and then echos, "Thank you, Wave Speaker."

Lucrezia squeezes the water out of her hair, gives her brother a defiantly mischievous look and nods to Volith. "I'd be glad to, honored guardian."

"We're going to stick to the safer trails, Admiral." Darinel assures him. She smiles over at her mother as the prayer is given, offering, "Thank you, Wave Speaker." She then looks to the others. "If you're ready, we'll start down the path into the woods. The walk isn't far, and we should start seeing signs of wildlife soon enough." It looks like she's starting to gather the hunters to head out into the woods.

Shakian drags his attention back from the distant hills and back to the nearby woods. He pulls an arrow from his quiver and nocks it. "Ready any time."

Talien reaches down and pats Lucrezia on the shoulder before moving to make his way off towards Darinel, assuming she's following after.

Lucrezia steps over, walking with Volith Marindur. "Thank you," she says quietly.

"I will stay in the back, you all can go ahead of me. I am just here to observe and offer blessing when I can." Velandria says waits for the others to start moving before she falls into step from behind. She takes her time, moving slowly and watching them.

Volith lingers for a time, content to stay toward the rear of the group. No sense getting in the way. He falls in step beside Lucrezia and tsks at her, "You forgot aged. You can add that one on if you'd like. Or wizened. Wise and wizened? Though, I think I do not look so wizened. I'm rather vigorous! Your father, however. Only fifty years older and so very gray." Volith laughs and shakes his head. "Go ahead with your brother if that's what you'd like. I'll be fine back here. I'm sure Velandria will protect me from any vicious animal attacks, won't you?" he asks, glancing over his shoulder at the Wave Speaker.

Selene is not a hunter but she has come down to the gathering nevertheless. Her long ebony hair as been braided and piled around the crown of her head and studded with tiny pearls that somehow holds it all in place. It looks more an ever day hairstyle than something meant for an Event. Violet eyes flicker in the light as she draws a leather coat around her that has patterns of waves along the hem and the trim on the arms.

Lucrezia smiles, charmed by the older elf's candor. "You seem quite vigorous to me. And Father is...well. He's gray but tough. Like old line."

Darinel starts to lead the way. The path is wide enough for 2-3 to walk down, at the moment, which lends to how many Aeran people have probably used it for the purposes of hunting. "I'm hoping we'll find a nice elk, or something else. Something big. But, elk, there's more than enough meat to share around to the families," she tells those behind her. The brush and undergrowth is littered with brown - the leaves of the trees that have fallen, pushing down anything else below the foliage, which also means that the thorns most would associate with the woods are also gone at this particular time, as their growth cycle has ended. But the woods smell like the woods, full of loamy earthy scents.

Selene checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Shakian checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Mihris checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Volith checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Lucrezia tries to quiet down, leaving the watchful search for elk to those in front.

As Darinel begins to lead them, Mihris finds a pace to join the others, her gaze sweeping over the extent of the land before them. Her fingers tighten on her spear and she continues to use it as a way to help propel her forward. Her booted feet are not as efficient when they are unshod but she manages to keep herself at an eager lithe pace.

Darinel checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Talien checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Lucrezia checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Velandria checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Talien is looking in entirely the wrong places for animals, it's clear he has relatively little hunting experience. He clambers about in the underbrush, probably making juuust a bit too much noise as he moves in almost the opposite direction of the people who've actually, you know, found tracks.

Lucrezia glances around, pointing at a broken branch and looking questioningly at Volith.

Volith gets a laugh from Velandria, "I will try but I think our best option will be to just throw stones. We will be fine I promise." She shakes her head. "He will be fine." She lowers her voice and slowly moves through the brush her eyes everywhere at once.

Talien checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Shakian is looking at the ground. He's far less familiar with the ground at his feet than the distant hills, but there's still nothing wrong with his eyesight. He pokes at the ground nearby with the tip of his bow. "Goat? Deer, maybe?" and looks around questioningly.

Volith is oblivious to the surroundings, relying instead upon keeping with the group, of course. He's hardly hear to look for animals to hunt. "Yes he is. We are cousins, of course. Our grandfather was a strong man in his later years. What's that?" he looks past Lucrezia to the woods. It's a leaf in the wind. No game there. "Just a leaf!" he states with a pleasant shrug. "I can read tides and currents and winds and stars. Animal tracks, not so much." he looks over as Velandria laughs and waves a hand, "Oh, I'm not worried. It's just a hunt. The fresh air is good for us."

Maybe, just maybe being in the middle of the pack is a good way to spot something. Selene tilts her head to the side and pauses in her tracks where for some reason she was not making alot of sound. This might cause Talien to oh, bump into or trip over the other elf in his mastery of making noise. Selene blinks once or twice and eyes the taller male before she clears her throat softly, "There is a clear track of deer heading.." She glances around again and then offers in a soft lyrically husky voice. "To the west..." SHe points in the direction to anyon who might be listening as she brushes herself off from the almost fall.

As they come upon the wildlife trail, Mihris presses the butt of her spear into a hoof print but it all looks a little muddled to her and she can not discern their direction. Her eyes narrow slowly and she glances to the others that have seemingly noticed what is before them. As Selene speaks up she lifts her head and turns about to get a look up and down the trail, "She's right," comes her Alcaldia's observation.

Lucrezia follows the others toward the trail, chewing her lip as she tries to move quietly.

Darinel is definitely listening, since she's leading the hunt. She makes sure to pay attention to everyone around her to make sure they are safe. She grins at Selene, and looks to see what she's pointed out. "Quite right," she tells her. "We should start heading this way, but you'll want to stay as quiet as possible," she tells the others. "So, whispers, please." It is a gentle suggestion, only, not wanting to stifle conversation entirely. She starts leading people off to the west. The tree coverage is getting denser, and the trial has started to narrow. Now only two people can walk side by side together instead of three. "Deer will taste just as good as elk, I think."

As Talien nearly falls stumbling over Selene, he slowly looks down at her, those intense, stormy eyes a little wide. He stares at her in silence for a good few moments, eyes slowly narrowing on her. He looks as if he's about to open his mouth to speak when the group starts to move again. Again, he shoots that narrow eyed look at Selene, but merely turns to follow the group.

Shakian lets a couple of the more skilled archers push a head, and then follows behind them, trying to watch his feet and the local underbrush at the same time.

"We should set up a spot on the rock and go fishing, or clam digging." Velandria, then points to a mark on the ground to Volith and Lucrezia her voice is now a whisper as her Daughter had asked. "There is something, not sure what would make that but I think it could be track, maybe not." She looks over at Shakian and Talien. Her gaze also goes to Mihris. A nod of her head is given to her youngest daughter.

"Deer will certainly do, as will the hides," she points out. Mihris' heterochromatic gaze finds Velandria's and she offers her mother a smile and a nod of her own head. Shells glint in her hair with the movement and she steps forward with the others when they go to move, that spear used to help push and pry at the tracks as they walk, her footfalls quieted with a deliberate lightness of her feet.

Mihris checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Lucrezia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Velandria checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Shakian checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Lucrezia stares at Mihris' eyes for a moment, her mouth opening slightly in aw.

Selene blinks once as she looks slowly up at Talien when he stumbles and she catches herself at the same time. Violet eyes watch his own before she arches an eyebrow as he narrows his eyes at her. Once more blink and then her chin comes up slightly and her own eyes narrow on the male as he moves away. For those who are watching, a tiny half amused smirk touches her lips before she nods about the whipsering to Darinel. The architect stays in the middle of the pack as they move.

Selene checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Darinel checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Shakian has spotted something off to the right. Moving quietly, making no fast movements, he tugs on the tunic of the person in front of him and points.

Mihris' attention is for what is ahead and as she slows her steps she glances back at the others and nods her head, "Young ones, the mother is out of sight I believe, behind the growth," her voice is a hush to those near her, her hands both taking hold of her spear as she sets the edge to pointing forward in readiness.

Lucrezia crouches, surprised as everyone slows down and points.

Selene isn't a hunter, promise! But it seems for this day she happens to be able to notice things of important. Instead of saying anything, she slips as silently as she can around Talien and then to whoever is the closest with a bow. As most archers are taller than her, She stands on her tip toes and whispers into the ear and anyone close might hear. "Large bu...feed 2....families. Does as .... .... ..."

Pales eyes move from the ground to the area when she hears Mihris's voice, then those eyes catch sight of something, "If you look to the right," Veladrian softy says, "Over there," She points out now to the an area in the woods and thickets, "See the does and the young they are of different ages." Her tone remains soft and quiet almost like a summer breeze as she speaks to Lucrezia and Volith. When Selen mentions the bucks she squints.

Talien remains aloof for the moment, towards the back of the group. He watches the others, his jaw tightly set and those almost predatory eyes narrowed still.

Lucrezia looks where Veladrian points, nodding slowly. She glances back at Volith and Talien.

Darinel nods acknowledgement of Selene's words, and looks in the direction of the buck that's pointed out. She then looks to where others are pointing out the does. She considers these things, "Someone can take the buck. The others can pick targets among the does. Try not to kill the yearlings or fawns. They'll grow bigger next year and will be able to breed and produce their own families. We'll want to be careful not to take too many, so we can still have a food supply," she cautions. The woods girl gets to be all woodsy!

Shakian raises his bow, and picks out one of the does, the largest on the grounds that it's probably older and is certainly the biggest target.

Lucrezia holds her breath, her fingers tightening around her spear as she crouches, waiting.

Shakian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

Mihris checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 83 higher.

Shakian may have picked out the largest target, but that doesn't prevent him from missing it by more than the distance of the span of a swain's arms around the object of his or her affection. He stifles a dreadful curse.

Compact Mihris is a coil of muscles as the others suddenly point out more. She has an eye for an older doe and she pulls back, lifting her spear over her shoulder and drawing her hand back. Her grip firms and as she spreads her legs wide her body twists with the draw. It is when her sister raises her bow that she starts to tense and ready. The arrow flyers and the much larger spear is thrust through the air with an uncoiling of her form to spread it forth through the air. She grunts with the effort of it, taking a step forward.

Selene found them and while rock to head works on a fish from a ship, she seems to decide that it's a useless cause but keeps the stone anyway and slips it into a hidden pocket. She does move around of the way, taking a moment to climb to the lower limb of a tree, but her actions are if she is more used to climbing a cliff. Once settled she simply watches the others, her eyes widening at first Mihris's hit and then Darinels.

Darinel seems to wait until the others have picked their targets. She wants them to have first shot at hunting the animals that are there. Seeing that they've chosen the does, she focuses on the buck. Each of her movements is a keen act of precise precision. She gets her bow, grabs an arrow, and sets her stance. She breathes in, breathes out, and is very careful about all of her movements. She takes her time, lest something someone else does spooks the magnificent beastie in question. She draws her arrow back, resting her hand close to her cheek, and then as she breathes out she lets go, and with the resounding TWAAAAAANGGGGGG of her bow strong, the knocked arrow is loosed. It sails through the air, and cleanly strikes the buck in the heart. The animal doesn't seem to realize it at first, for when he's hit he starts to run off, and then within a few steps, he stumbles and falls over with a solid thud.

Talien continues to watch, feeling -slightly- less foolish about himself after some other less than stellar performances. He slowly creeps forward, closer to the group. As Darinel makes her kill, both his brows rise, and he gives a couple of approving nods.

Lucrezia inhales quickly, putting her hand over her mouth as the shots are loosed.

Darinel gives an approving nod to Mihris. "Good job sis," she tells her approvingly in whispered words. Luckily, Shakian's miss only spooked the one doe. She shorts and runs off. The other doe just stare at the one that Mihris downs, dumbfounded. Deer have been known to do this. They look to the one that's run off, and the one that's 'laid down', and then go back to eating. Yes, this has been known to happen. Watching this, Darinel walks over to Shakian and whispers, "Want to give it another try. Seems Rithor might be on our side today." Her words are encouraging, as she tries to give him another opportunity to get a deer.

Feathers backside humming have Velandria's attention as she watches. Her eyes are focused and she leans back on her heels. Then after a few more moments of watching her shoulders sag a little and she quietly turns back towards the direction of the ocean.

Shakian listens to Darinel's encouraging whisper, and nocks another arrow. He peers off at the other deer, half-raises the bow, and then shakes his head. "More practice," he whispers. "Someone else should shoot."

Darinel nods approvingly at Shakian. "I'd be glad to give pointers sometime," she tells him, offering a warm smile. She steps back and asks, "Anyone else want to give a try? If not, that's fine. We'll take the two we've killed and divvy out the the meat to those that attended." She already has plans for her portion!

The elf in the tree ponders the small stones in her pocket and the next person who walks under the tree. Her eyes narrow at Talien and she seems to ponder hard for anyone who might be watching. Finally with a soft sigh she shakes her head and takes her hand, free of stone, out of her pocket to watch the deer in the tiny open valley in the trees. Her whisper drifts from above. "The other doe has stopped not to far off.." Her voice blends with the wind and she stays where she is.

Talien considers the deer off in the distance for a few moments before looking to Lucrezia. He reaches his hand out, "Let me use your spear?" he asks, and assuming he's not rejected, he slowly moves forward with it, readying himself for a throw...

Lucrezia lets him take it easily, looking up with wide eyes

Talien checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

The weight of her spear connects with the doe and downs it with a bit more flare and lingering life in it than Darinel's clean shot. She frowns a moment, but eventually the creature slows and quiets as the other stands there watching the death of the one beside it. Straightening and standing up to her full height, glancing aside to Darinel, "Not as good as you...but then you are the hunter. A clean shot." She bows her head to Darinel with a growing smile as the others step up to take what is left of the lingering deer who have yet to flee in panic.

Shakian nods respectfully. "Well thrown," he whispers. Although by now the deer are fairly well clues in.

With bow of her head Velandria heads off in the direction of their settlement. Her eyes distant and her steps are light and slower than before. She moves carefully and soon she is out of sight.

As the heavy spear hurtles through the air, it becomes clear that all those years hauling rope have paid off. It whizzes through the air and, with deadly accuracy, slams into his target, just at the base of its neck. The animal panics for a moment, blood spurting wildly, and it manages to run a few steps away before collapsing to a twitch, bleeding heap.

"I could have just as easily missed." Darinel points out. "Anything could have went wrong. If the wind had chosen to shift direction that would have messed up the shot completely." She tries to brush off the praise a bit. It's Talien's hefting of the spear, and a second doe that goes down, that seems to spook the group. They all startle and run off. The dead dear, of course, are dead and not going anywhere. "We should all work together to bring them back. They are much easier to carry when two people are dragging them out of the woods than one. Normally, I'd cut them up here, but with so many it's better to do it back in town." She looks to others to see who will volunteer before going to find her own dead buck.

Shakian slings the bow over his shoulder. "Of course I'll help," he says. Considering how bad his shooting was, "It's the least I can do."

Lucrezia says, "I'll help!" Lucrezia bounces up, grinning at Talien. "That was amazing."

Talien glances down at Lucrezia as she approaches, chuckling and wiping his hands on his coat. "I was going to ask if were planning on helping," he asks her with a wry smirk. "C'mon - hopefully he's dead by now." And with that, the two Reymar's make their way over to Talien's kill, Lucrezia's heavy spear still embedded in its neck. It has, by now, bled out, and lays motionless on the forest floor. Talien peers down at it, reaching for the spear and plucking it out. "How should we do this..." He glances around, "We'll need a bit of rope, or something like that... tie the legs together and carry it with the spear."

Selene turns to make her way down the tree when Darinel calls for people to pull the deer. A blink once as she hits the ground a little hard and then she is dusting off her hands to move down with the others. She glances to Shakian, "The least you could do is storm off because you missed. You are doing much more than that. You missed, it happens. I could do nothing at all, so in truth if anyone should pull the deer it should be I. Never think effect is for nothing.." Her voice is warm and she smiles which turns her normal features into something of beauty. She bows her head to the Hunter before moving to see which deer she can help with.

Lucrezia pulls a large piece of old net from her rucksack and lays it out on the ground next to the doe.

Darinel checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Darinel grins over at Talien. "I have a bit of rope. Always come prepared," she tells him. She starts to rummage through her backpack, and she pulls out bits of rope. There's more than enough to help tie up the deer to the two spears they have. Darinel gives her buck a curious look and hrms at it thoughtfully. "We'll need to carry or drag this one back though." She starts to put rope around the two front lets in order to create a drag rope, in case she decides to go that way. "At least back to the village, and then we can get a spear to put it all together." She's able to successfully secure her drag rope!

Talien nods and cuts the net up, then goes to work securing the deer's two hind legs together, making sure the knots won't give, as Lucrezia does the front two. The two whisper quietly together, and suddenly Talien snaps his gaze up at her, eyes narrowed just a little.

Lucrezia grins at him and ties her knots fast and tight.

Shakian shakes his head at his niece's complement. "There's no use to throwing a fit. Then we'd have missed that prodigious throw." He steps up to help drag the buck, if his help is welcome.

Talien scowls a little at his baby sister and slides the spear through the deer's legs, waiting for her to take the other end. "Ready?"

Darinel smiles gratefully at Shakian. "Thank you," she tells him. "I promise I won't make you carry it long." She looks around at the others. "Ready to head back?" she asks. The trail from here is pretty easy to pick up, and once she's sure people are ready she starts back with her deer being drug behind her with Shakian's help!

Lucrezia giggles and grabs the other end, ready to lift her, lighter side. "Ready!"

Shakian tugs on the drag rope and grunts. "Ugh. Ready."

Talien nods and together the two heft the dear upwards, carrying its weight between them. The shaft of the spear bows slightly, but it holds under the weight of the animal. As the two siblings continue to speak quietly, Talien looks less and less pleased with the conversation.

Selene helps with whichever deer is left, she is not the strongest Elf but does what she can to pull and work with what she has to carry her head. "We are following.." She tells Darinel and then is probably a little to out of breath to do any more talking while she helps move things along.

Selene checked strength at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Mihris checked strength at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Lucrezia checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Lucrezia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Selene checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Darinel checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Selene has rolled a critical success!
Selene checked strength at difficulty 10, rolling 20 higher.

Shakian checked strength at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Talien checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

It does not take long for the party to get back to the city. It takes some time, given the challenges of carrying things for such a long time! And, as promised, Darinel makes certain that there is an easier way to carry the animals into town once they are on the outskirts. She's cultivated people with all of her outings! When she's certain people have it all together, she turns to the others and offers each a warm smile. "Thank you for coming out tonight. It's important that we be able to feed our families, and put food in the larders for the winter, and many hands make light work. Everyone did wonderfully well," she heaps on the praise.

Shakian lets got of the drag rope gratefully. "Argh," he groans. "Too little physical labor these days." He bobs his head at Darinel's complement and said, "We were well led. Thank you. And I'll take you up on those shooting lessons one of these days." He glances out toward the hills. "We still don't know what's out there."

Lucrezia says, "Thank you for leading us, Kinlessa."

Talien bows his head slightly in Darinel's direction as she makes her closing remarks. Looking over his shoulder, he says to Lucrezia, "We should get this home."

Darinel smiles at Lucrezia, nodding her head. "You are quite welcome. Thank you for coming." She looks over at Shakian. "Any time. I'm not the best of teachers, but I'll give it my all." She looks out over at the hills. "Either there, or the island off the coast, one day," she agrees, sneaking a look in Talien's direction. No, she's not making any pleas, not yet anyway. She's being quite patient.

Lucrezia nods, almost bouncing on her toes.

Selene is going to be sore for a few days, she could not even hide the strain on her body there at the end. But she is oh so happy to hand off the deer to the next group that gets them where they need to go. Hoping no one is looking, she groans softly and turns to stretch slowly with the soft unlady like sound of popping bones. The release has her letting out a tiny whimper and only then does she turn back to hear Darinel and gives her a soft smile. "I was happy to help. Please know your welcome at the Cheif's home at anytime for company or a drink.."

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