Meet and Greet V

Darinel Alcaldia is hosting a general meet & greet for all Kinships, where elves can gather together to meet new people, and share cultural information. Be prepared to discuss favorite past times in your Kinship, or something about yourself as an elf, or maybe share the details of your latest exploration!


July 13, 2019, 11 a.m.

Hosted By

Darinel Dunlain


Nyssa Zaltar Vella Sylindra Ellyn Shamash(RIP)



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Cascade Terrace Tea - Tea Gallery

Largesse Level



An invitation had been posted throughout Thelos that the Tea Gallery would be hosting a large meet and greet for various elves from the different kinships. The late afternoon finally rolled around and the Tea was decorated nicely with flowers on all the tables and a few cloth streamers with the colors of five kinships spanning the beams holding up the second floor. In the corner a bardic duo has been hired to play and they are just setting themselves up when the first guests arrive.

Dunlain enters into the Tea Gallery to see... no one. He is alone, resplendent in his polished steel armor and red tabard with golden scales motifs. He takes a tea cup and pours himself some of the freshly brewed hot leaf water and then finds a seat.

Dunlain has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

Lenore arrives, following Zaltar.

Sprinkles, a white angora bunny with a pink hair bow and an unreasonably fluffy butt, Zaltar arrive, following Nyssa.

Seykir arrives, following Vella.

Nyssa enters through the door to the Tea Gallery along with Zaltar, her little arm hooked in his. Clearly she's teaching the Thalerith some Lorandi manners. Or something. She's wearing a rather resplendent dress, the pale purple bodice snug against her modest bossom and the long skirt done in hues of silver and dark blues. She looks up at him and giggles to whatever he might have said before they entered and then has a look around the decorated room. She looks pleased with the efforts taken to make it a little more colorful. Then she spots a familiar face. She waves happily to Dunlain and starts approaching to where he is seated. Dragging Zaltar along with her with small, eager steps. A small curtsy is offered as she comes to stand in front of the Blood Templar. "Hello Sir Dunlain. A pleasure seeing you here tonight." She tells him, and then looks to Zaltar as if he's, obviously, suppossed to choose where they will sit.

Zaltar enter silently following along arm in arm with Nyssa, Lenore perched faithfully on his shoulder. He offers a polite bow of his head. "Greeting Sir Dunlain," he says softly and pulls out a seat for Nyssa so she can sit before picking the one next to her. He picks seats where the can sit and chat comfortably. Zaltar is quiet for the most part.

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar arrives, following Sylindra.

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Next through the entryway, Vella glides in with a step so sedate that it barely puts a flutter in her gossamer robes. The wolf at her side might normally be given the freedom to warm himself by the hearth at home instead of accompany his elfmate into Thelos, but this afternoon's purpose may find he is welcome company. Vella places a delicate hand on his tall shoulder to guide him around a small cluster of elves, where he might sniff at the bards as they get ready.

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Sylindra shows up at the tea shop, way more than fashionably late. A Warlord has unfortunately many demands on her time. There aren't many elves present, she assumes she missed the main event. Spotting a familiar face at a nearby table, she goes over to greet him, "Dunlain, it's been a while."

Zaltar has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

Dunlain looks up from his leaf juice and smiles, "Ah Lady Nyssa and Mr. Zaltar... you're a bit closer than I last left the two of you." a pause to sip at his tea, "I have no idea how anyone drinks this stuff straight." and then he glances around before sureptitiously tossing the mainly water with dried leaf flavoring, and adds a light brown-yellow liquid to the cup from a metal flask that he slips under his tabard quickly. Then he straightens, "Uh... Warlord, it's." a pause and he settles his cup down on the table, "It has been a while. I was, uh, under the impression that the logistics of the coming explorations had kept you in your spire."

Vella drifts closer to the most popular table, as yet, where the likes of Dunlain, Nyssa and Zaltar sit, her face fixed with a simple smile that just begins to show the mark of age around her eyes. "This is well-appointed," she gestures vaguely to all the decor. Her gaze slides from Sylindra to Zaltar next, to whome she makes a comment with a hint of familiarity. "I see you have chosen to sit, this visit. Very wise, indeed."

Nyssa smiles at Zaltar as he pulls out a seat for her and slides gracefully into place on the char. "Thank you." She tells him. Then she looks to Dunlain. "We spent some time together after meeting the other night. We had a quite eventfull evening here in the Gallery a few nights ago..." She blushes and giggles faintly, looking back to Zaltar shortly. "I hope you have been well sinc elast we spoke?" She then asks of the Blood Templar. She looks towards the door as other elves start to arrive, giving Vella a small wave, although if she sees it or not, who knows. Her eyes widen then, as the ThalerĂ­th Walord makes her entry. She's.....a little scary, and the young Serannar looks shortly between her other companions, keeping quiet but offering Sylindra a polite dip of her chin and a smile when she approaches the table. She grabs something out of a small pouch fastened to a silk ribbon bound around her waist and starts nibbling on it.

The Warlord takes a seat next to Dunlain, and motions a nearby servant to fetch her a drink. "Indeed, it has kept me busy, and progress is agonizingly slow. The independent streak in our people is one of our great strengths, but it can also be a weakness when it comes to thigs like this. It's all rather like herding cats, or Krilikars. Enough to drive anyone mad if they don't take the time to relax every so often. Fortunately the City of Shrines can be very relaxing."

"Umm, thank you," Zaltar says quietly, blinking. He looks a bit confussed and embaressed. "What would you like to drink," he asks Nyssa, his cheeks reddening further as she brings up the night in the teas house. Zaltar falls into an awkward silence

"Oh.My.Blood.God." Dunlain says, placing both of his hands on his cheeks and staring agape at Nyssa and Zaltar. It's a good half minute before he recovers and then greetingly says to Vella, "Hello there! I love your companion, he looks rather impressive. Care to join us?" motioning to an empty just past where Sylindra has taken her seat. He adjusts to answer his Warlord, "I can only imagine, Warlord, such duties I am not cut out for. Better to serve in the one way that I can." he then takes a sip of his brown-yellow liquid. "Ah, much much better."

Vella checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Vella does take note of Nyssa's silent greeting and nods her head in gracious return. "Oh, he /is/ impressive, quite, and should provide a worthy addition to our party should rats make a sudden appearance," she replies to Dunlain, though she smiles at her companion proudly. The wolf yawns, already bored by the business of elves, but it shows off an intimidating number of teeth yellowed by age and brutal use. He lumbers towards the hearth as his friend takes a seat. While the others catch up, she looks for tea -- and finds it on a nearby cart.

Vella twirls a finger, then poses her hands as if already holding a cup and saucer. The teapot there lifts, upends its contents into the empty cup beside it, which then glides through the air -- with a bit of a wobble that splashes a few drops of tea onto the ground below -- until Vella can pluck it with a murmur of thanks for the spirited service.

Sylandra returns Nyssa's polite dip with a curt nod. The Thalerith are a very meritocratic people, so she neither expects nor desires any more than polite acknowledgement. The girl's nervousness around the fearsom Warlod however is oddly endearing, and the woman finds herself smiling warmly at the girl. "First love, huh? Ah I remember the days. About a hundred and seventy five years ago now, but still feels like yesterday."

"Some wine would be nice. Red, please." She answers Zaltar, smiling brightly. She tries to feign some amount of interest at the words exchanged between the Blood Templar and his Warlord, but it's pretty clear that talk of work, any kind of work, is not her idea of fun, probably. Then she looks to Vella and her wolf companion. "Hello. Nyssar Serannar." She introduces herself with a polite smile. "A pleasure to meet you. I like your friend.." she says, loking to the wolf. "..what's his name?" she asks, giving the wolf a happy little wave of fingers. She looks confused at Dunlains sudden outburst, and then her face becomes bright pink as a blush spreads quickly over her cheeks. She shakes her head profusely, her eyes wide. "Nonono, I didn't mean..." A small sigh then as she sees how her words could have been taken. She looks back to Zaltar, mouthing a silent "Sorry." to him. Her giggle seems to indicate that she -does- see the humor in the situation, though. She looks at Sylindra, then, returning the smile. Her lips move as if to speak, but she only manages an "I..." before falling silent again, looking discretely back and forth between the 3 Thalerith at the table, nibbling at the small cake in her hand. Please let that wine get here soon!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Zaltar motions over someone to order himself and Nyssa some red wine, he makes no comment and just shrugs helplessly to Nyssa. Zaltar is blushing as he says softly and slightly stammering, "So uh, well I am Zaltar, I uh well it has gotten crowded has it not." He falls quiet again as he waits for the drinks

Dunlain nods to Vella's words, "If rats show up, I'll count on his aid to ridding us of them." Her magic gets an impressed nod, "That's fairly neat, I wish I had the ability to use magic. It would have made my life much easier back on Lorandar." A light shrug before he looks at Nyssa and Zaltar, "It's not what it seems hmmm?" he grins wickedly at them, "That's what they all say and then... bam!" he hits the table, not hard, but enough to make a noise, "Wedding bells and tiny elves." a pause to sip his drink before speaking to Sylindra, "Never got around to the love part, got around, but never to the big L word. What's it like?"

The flow of conversation between her table companions proves difficult to navigate without also adding to its awkwardness, and so Vella does not attempt to make it any easier. "His name is Seykir, and I am Lady Vella Reid," she says this to Nyssa, but it serves to inform any of the others should they be likewise curious. "Love and magic are both quite the teachable skills," she notes next to Dunlain. "But only if you are willing and make time to learn." It sounds just like the teacherly sort of lecture an elf of Vella's age is fond of giving to the younger generation, but she says it with a warm smile and a salute of her tea cup.

Sylindra laughs at the two youths and their constant blushing at each other, it is simply adorable. She turns to Dunlain, "When you're barely an adult making your way in the world? It feels like being run over by a Krilikar," she motions to Malice who can be seen lounging outside. Thankfully she's not bullying any of the passerby. "Bowls you over, turns your world upside down, everything else becomes a blur except for the feeling, it's the centre of all your attentions, the only thing you can focus on."

Nyssa looks very impressed at Vella's display of magic, and a small "ooohhh.." escapes her. She smiles at Zaltar and dips her chin in a polite 'thank you' gesture when he orders them both something to drink. Er lips then purse together and she looks back at the young Thaleirith with a hint of sternness in her gaze as he stammers out his words. She leans a little closer to him, whispering something to and ending with a less subtly stern look, before returning her attention to the company as a whole. "Well, I have enjoyed his company very much, but let's not go around assuming things, hmmmm? She answers Dunlain with an amused smirk. "Hello Seykir!" she then tells the Wolf after Vella's introduction. "He's very pretty." She tells the woman. "Have you considered making him a little hat? That would look adorable." She then adds, smiling widely and giggling a little as she imagines the wolf with a hat on.

the wine is delivered to Nyssa and Zaltar, and Zaltar pays for it. It arrives just in time for him to sip at it as Nyssa whispers something to him and he shifts uncomfortably in his seat. "Sorry," he murmurs softly. "I don't have much experience or knowledge of love so I can not comment," he tells the others

"I cannot recall a single woman or man that I ever felt such with." Dunlain shakes his head gently, looking at Sylindra before looking at Vella, "I would definitely be willing to devote the time to learning, I've just never looked into it I suppose." but then he glances outside to the krilkar and chuckles, "You brought Malice with you? Is that legal inside the city?" he takes more of a drink and finishes his cup, shrugging a single shoulder, "Not that it would matter, not even I would mess with Malice, let alone most of the other Templars wandering the city." he then gives both Nyssa and Zaltar his attention, "I'm teasing the two of you. A good friendship is worth more than Moonsteel or Dragonhide. I actually assumed that the young lady took pity on our young archer and is teaching him confidence, poise, and the art of entertaining a woman."

Sylindra says, "The Feanor are allowed their wolves, surely I'm allowed my giant carnivorous murder lizard,and the Portal Guardians did not stop me. So yes I'd say it's legal, as long as Malice doesn't maul anyone, and she's a good girl..." there's a rather a pointed pause "...most of the time.""

"I don't like the word 'pity', and Zaltar certainly doesn't need anyone's pity." Nyssa answers to Dunlain in a friendly tone, smiling. "He just isn't used to crowds. I'm just trying to help him....ease into things." She adds, turning to look at Zaltar and giving him a soft smile. She looks a little confused, then, as the name 'Malice' is mentioned, rising from her seat to have a peek out the window, following Dunlains gaze. Her eyes widen when she sees the Krilkar outside. "Oh.." she mutters, looking to Sylindra. There is no suggestion of a hat for her companion, although it -would- look adorable AF, surely. She keeps her eyes on the Thalerith Warlod as she explains about her experiences with the big 'L', falling very quiet compared to her normally energetic and scatter-brained self.

"I do not dislike crowds particularily, I just have nothing interesting to say. Or never know what to say. Gah, I just well, nevermind," Zaltar stammers softly before sipping at his wine quietly

Sylindra barks a laugh, "Yeah, I can see you're helping him ease into something all right. But it's fine, there's no need to rush these things, and it's always best to take it at your own pace."

Dunlain refills his cup with the flask hidden beneath his tabard and takes a drink. Then looks at Zaltar, "Well, if Lady Nyssa has seen to taking an interest in you, then you're a lucky lad." he then hms softly for a moment before he looks to Sylindra, "You know? I never had a pet back in Lorandar... perhaps I should mix things up a bit and look into adopting a krilkar myself. Imagine me going on patrol duty around the city with such a magnificent creature alongside me. I wouldn't need to work to get confessions." he chuckles.

"You have plenty of interesting to say. I don't know why you keep insisting that you haven't." She tells Zaltar. She looks back to the rest of her companions. "He's also a very talented writer." she tells them, giving a faint nod to underline her words. She gives Sylindra a little look of amused annoyance. "I am certain that I have no idea whatsoever of what you're talking about." She tells the other woman, raising her chin and affecting a look as if she totally doesn't care about the Walord's insinuations. The pink coloring her cheeks hints at that being completely true, however. "Why not get a bunny?" She then asks Dunlain. "Disarm them with cuteness." She suggests, although how serious she is is hard to tell. She does smile and giggle a lttle, probably imagining the scenario of a villain crumbling to the cuteness of a little fluffy bunny. She looks back to Zaltar, smiling widely at her own idea, and probably looking for him to back her up on the idea, as silly as it is.

"I uh, I am not objecting but I think she only likes me as a friend," Zaltar says, blushing and rubing his face before sipping more wine and fidgetting with the onxy rose pendant that is attached around his neck. "Uh yea, I am sure that could work," he says, agreeing with Nyssa

"Read you poetry, did he?" Dunlain says with a lilting double entendre hidding somewhere in the comment. He takes a couple pastries from a passing tray and gives one to Sylindra, placing his own on a small plate thing that he obtained with the cup... it's for pastries... "Well, see. Now you're selling yourself short, Salty." a pause, "Because you've now basically made her mind up for her by stating what you just said." he takes a drink and then finishes with, "If you had kept your comment along the lines of subtle inuendo that you /are/ interested in her in ways beyond friendship, eventually there's going to be that moment when you can make a play." he shrugs, "Who knows, if might have happened for you." but then he shrungs again, "Now, it'll be women with loose morals who ask far too few questions and expect way to much clothing, jewels, and perfumes who'll drift betwixt your nethers."

Sylindra takes the offered pastry and takes a hearty bite out of it, then washes it down with a fruit and spice liqueur akin to Southern Comfort. It's all quite excellent, it always is in this tea shop. "Come now Dunlain," she says after he finishes spaking, "a lady always has a right to change her mind, and Zaltar here seems like an earnest fellow, don't discount the poor lad's chances just yet."

Dunlain goes full Nyssa and just shoves his pastry into his mouth. After a hearty gulp of his own brown-yellow liquid drink he sighs and then chuckles softly, leaning closer to the Warlord to whisper to her a moment. He then chuckles to himself and waves a steward over, ordering something stronger along with some extra sweet rolls for the whole table.

The entire gathering of elves never really grew to much more than those at the table overlooking the garden. A few here and there had entered and joined each other at the bar, a couple took the table for two for a while before departing arm in arm with doey-eyed expressions on their faces, and still here and there people had otherwise filtered through in time. The staff of the tea gallery had been working hard to attend to the needs of patrons, and now as the night winds down there are much fewer other patrons and the stewards begin to hover ever closer with trays of cookies, cakes, pastries, parfaits, and the occasional tea kettle or coffee kettle.

Sylindra whispers back, "Very clever, no wonder they made you a Templar.

Zaltar falls awkwardly silent, biting his lower lip and drumming his fingers nervously against the table with one hand as the other fidgets with the pendant around his neck

"I do like you." She tells Zaltar, smiling. She looking back to the others before continuing. "But we only met less than a week ago. If more than friendship will develop, who knows." She adds, shrugging faintly with a smile. "I have waited for 59 years, I am not in a rush." She takes a big gulp of her wine as she listens to Sylindra, nodding at the woman's words. Shen turns back to Dunlain. "I did, as a matter of fact." She says with a smirk in an amused tone. "He wrote a poem for me, and it was very very good." She then adds happily, looking to Zaltar and giving him a look to make it clear that her words are genuine. She giggles when she sees the way that Dunlain studd his face with cake, and proceeds to stuff the rest of her own cake into her mouth, smiling happily and munching away.

"I like you as well, you are plesent to be around. If more develops then so be it but I am not one to push it," Zaltar says softly. He sips more wine and falls quietly

A shot glass with blue flames is set down before Dunlain along with a basket of sweet rolls that is set more to the middle of the table's edge. The Templar waits a moment before downing the drink without blowing out the flame first, he shakes a moment and then sighs. "Ah, good stuff. You wouldn't think they could make such a thing in a tea gallery, but then I know a person or two around this city." He winks and then slides the basket of rolls towards the middle of the table itself, wincing slightly at Zaltar's words. "And there we have it folks, the end of a beautiful beginning." he gives Zaltar a pat-on-the-shoulder look, before speaking to Sylindra, "So, Warlord, did your brother tell you about how I nearly burned down the temple of Torth and in the process almost set Lady Nyssa here alight aswell?"

"No he did not," Sylandra says. "We've both been rather busy, so I haven't had the chance to talk to him a while." She leans in, clearly interested, "Do tell though, it wounds like an amusing tale!"

Nyssa elbows Zaltar softly and give him a faux-annoyed look when he speaks, but it quickly turns into an amused smile and a tinkling laugh escapes her mouth. Then she looks to Dunlain, laughing again at his words while reaching for one of the rolls placed on the table. She takes a big bite and another gulp of her wine. She looks back between him and Sylindra when the temple incident is mentioned, clearly amused by the memory. She keeps her eyes on him, probably expecting him to tell the tale.

Zaltar rubs his arm and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose and sipping wine. Zaltar fidgets with his onyx pendant nervously

"Ah, so here I was. Prepared to give an offering to Torth for a bountiful expedition for our kinship's upcoming forays into the wild unknowns around Nasherat." Dunlain begins, "When suddenly someone opens a crate of rats and it goes full Acharon in the temple." Dunlain makes gestures for just how many rats there are, along with the indication that it was completely chaotic. "Furry little gnashers everywhere!" he suddenly pauses, "Just like when those desert tarantulas got loose at the previous Warlord's wedding, you were a kid I think, but maybe you remember?" he shrugs, "Anyways, so I realize they're not going to life fire and immediately take up a torch to start herding them to the back of the temple where they'd be easier to kill..." he takes a drink for now, to wet his whistle before continuing.

Sylindra laughs, "A crateful of rats in the Temple of Torth? Really? Gods, he must have been right pleased about that, eh? And yeah I remember the tarantulas! I was so bored and suddenly spiders everywhere! I grabbed a knife and picked a fight with one of them, I won. Best wedding ever."

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to make things worse." Nyssa tells Zaltar when she notices his reaction, smiling faintly and resting a small hand on his shoulder for a few seconds. "You need to learn to care less about what other people think." She tells him. "Did you hear the story? She then ask "It's was really fun." she adds in an excited voice and then looks back to Dunlain as he starts telling his story. She smiles widely as he speaks. "How did that crate make it into the Temple anyway?" she asks. "And who brought it in, did you ever find out?" she adds, looking at him curiously. Then a grimace at the mention of spiders. "Eewwww.... and at a wedding of all places. Is that normal in Nasherat?"

"Actually they snuck in through cracks in the foundation," Zaltar says softly. "Everyone lost their heads, it could have been handle much less distructively," he adds quietly after sips of wine. Zaltar sighs and strokes Lenore, the ebony raven, who rests peacfully on his shoulder.

Bjornolf, a massive Alpha male Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrive, following Ellyn.

Dunlain grins, "Oh yeah, I was calling myself Arachnid-man for weeks afterwards. I took down one as well and had it taxidermed for my bedroom wall." he then hms softly, "Where was I... oh right. So the rats were cornered in the back, and your brother and I are teamed up to kill these things." he looks at Nyssa, "The little lady here tried to cuddle the rodents into submission, I guess." a pause, "But then Rivaron is calling for someone to use a fireball... and I couldn't just leave him hanging." he grins and takes a sip of his drink, "And so I took up some Torth brand grain alcohol and blow into the torch directly at the rats." he waits a beat, "And I missed in /the/ most impressive way possible. Left massive scorch marks on the rock walls, which I'm told are still being scrubbed out to this day."

Sylindra laughs some more. "And you almost set the poor girl on fire! Oh that's great, but after that stunt I don't think you'll be having much luck finding anyone willing to teach you magic. Imagine what would happen if you had real fireballs!"

The place is decorated with cloth streamers of each kinship which spawn between the timber holding up the second floor. There are stewards serving cakes, cookies, pastries, parfaits, coffee and tea, and there's also an open bar for the occasion. Not many have attended and it's a fairly quiet place at this time, however the bardic duo in the corner is playing gentle soothing tunes. (OOC: A cello and clarinet duo, but more elven in style)

There are a number of elves gathered at the table overlooking the gardens and they all seem to have cups and plates and a basket of sweet rolls on the table as indicative of some who have been there for a while now. Outside is a krilkar and inside is a wolf staying next to the hearth with its owner who seems pre-occupied at the moment.

Amid the summer's night, as conversation drifts amid the flicker of lanterns and candles set about a sleek figure of snow slips through the large doorway. Ellyn moves with a silent grace in a whisper of silver silks that wrap about the curves of her form that trail in a flicker behind her wake. At her side moves a messenger to which she hands off a script of vellum and a murmured word before that elf darts back off into the night. It's only a moment on her heel that a far larger beast pads behind as a massive Faenor wolf engulfs the doorway. It's maw sweeps around towards the table of those within though it's takes the High Lord a moment to let her gaze follow.

She dips her head in a wordless greeting that sends a cascade of silvery white tresses over one bare shoulder, the warmth of her jacket and soft furs left behind. A smile tugs at the corner of her lips as she spies Vella and casts a quiet wink in her Aunt's direction as she moves through the room. A glance is given towards the streamers with a slight arc of silvered brow as she slips towards the tables laid out with various offerings.

Zaltar silently shakes his head, sitting next to Nyssa before he notices Ellyn enter. "Greetings," he tells her softly. "I, uh am not sure we properly met," he continues softly a moment later. "I uh, I am Zaltar," he finishes and sips more wine, looking a mixture of uncomfortable and embaressed

"Oh, right. Didn't you mention something about figuring out where the rats came from the other day. I'd still really like to help." Nyssa tells Zaltar. "Maybe some of the other's here would like to help as well." She looks back to Dunlain as he continues the story, the wide smile at the memory of it. "I bet I could have managed, too, if everything hadn't turned so chaotic, probably without hurting so many of the poor little rats." She tells him, folding her arms across her chest and giving him a slightly accusing look that yet holds a large degree of mirth. "It probably wouldn't have been as much fun, though." Shen looks to Sylindra. "Oh, it wasn't that bad. My dress got a little singed, but I never really liked that dress anyway." She tells the woman, shrugging and still smiling widely. She seems to be in a very good mood as she takes another healthy gulp of her wine, almost emptying the glass. When another elf enters with a large wolf following. Nyssa offers the newcomer a polite dip of her chin. "Hello. Nyssa Serannar. A pleasure to meet you." She tells the woman, still. "Won't you join us?" She asks, her gaze flicking over to the large wolf. He'd look super adorable with a little hat, too, but she doesn't suggest it. For now.

Dunlain grins wickedly, "I wouldn't be able to make as much as a spark with all the connection to magic I have." he pauses to take up a sweet roll and take a bite of it. He motions for a parfait and also looks to the others to see if they'd like one too before selecting a chocolate parfait with raspberries and brown butter toasted breadcrumb crumble on top. "But yes, I very nearly set the building on fire along with our poor Lady Nyssa here. It was an exhilarating feeling, wielding fire even for a moment." he then looks to Zaltar, "But one of the real heroes of that day was Salty here. He was shooting them down with a bow like they were deer in the open. And like he said, he found the cracks in the ground that gave the rats their entrance and exit." a pause, "He's surmised some interesting information about the rats and what we might do for next spring to keep them from flooding our streets while the melt floods their homes."

A deep guttural noise is heard that draws up from the great wolf's chest, jaws opening towards as Ellyn lifts her gaze from the offerings towards the table. The rumble cutting off sharply as the High Lord smiles, "A pleasure," she muses in a delicate chime lips before giving another dip of her head. Her companion passes in around her form to pad over towards the other wolf to the side of the room as she offers, "High Lord Ellyn Reid." An offering to all gathered to faces she knows and those she does not.

Though there is a formality in her bearing, it is broken a moment as a server draws near and a few words are exchanged between them. Her attention turns back more fully then for Nyssa's offer. "If the rats were the worst of the problems at hand I'd be extremely thankful," she offers with a bit of mirth as she shifts to join then. Dunlain gets a quirk of slender brow for the enthusiasm of his story as she selects a chair. A sweep of one hand is given to the side of her dress to settle into it with a slide of silk skirts about her knees.

Sylindra glances at the arriving elf while she munches on a sweet roll. She leans in close to Dunlain and whispers something to him. Then she turns back to the new arrival, "High Lord Ellyn Reid, I am pleased to see you. How are things up in your frozen mountain?" The last part is said with friendly levity, like a joke between friends.

"Sir Dunlain Devrien, Knight of the Sacred Order of Blood Templars. Honored to meet you in person, High Lord Ellyn Reid." Dunlain bows his head and adjusts the way his seat is positioned so that he can include the High Lord in their conversation better. He nods to Sylindra as she whispers to him and whispers back before he straightens. "I was just regaling them with the tale of how I /nearly/ set the shrine of Torth on fire while trying to erradicate the rats from within it." a pause, "Would you care for anything? I can ask one of the stewards for you."

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The place is decorated with cloth streamers of each kinship which spawn between the timber holding up the second floor. There are stewards serving cakes, cookies, pastries, parfaits, coffee and tea, and there's also an open bar for the occasion. Not many have attended and it's a fairly quiet place at this time, however the bardic duo in the corner is playing gentle soothing tunes. (OOC: A cello and clarinet duo, but more elven in style)

There are a number of elves gathered at the table overlooking the gardens and they all seem to have cups and plates and a basket of sweet rolls on the table as indicative of some who have been there for a while now. Outside is a krilkar and inside is a wolf staying next to the hearth with its owner who seems pre-occupied at the moment.

"I uh, I just was trying to make my way over to help Nyssa. I just wish I could have been quicker," Zaltar says softly. "I am sorry you where injured Nyssa," he tells Nyssa quietly. He sips at his glass of wine

There is a chuckle that escapes Ellyn's lips for Sylindra's query. "It is but rock, grit, ice and storms at the moment. In other words, much of the usual. Like yourself Warlord we do not see much of the fairer weather as is here in Thelos." She gives the elfess a wink before turning to Dunlain. "The same Sir Devrien, I received your messenger the other day though things are still in discussion. I'm not certain we will move with one outside the kinship though it is more a matter of convening within Khelgar. Still I was impressed as there aren't many who often approach the Conclave on such matters. For one who knows our laws, you know they are fraught with political peril on many sides. Not something I'd expect a Thalerith, let along a Blood Templar to shy away from on any account."

Sylindra says, "Ah yes, fair weather is seldom found in both our lands, but is that not by design? Harsh climes make for hard people, hard people make for strong kinships, strong kinships ensure the safety of Elvenkind.""

Through one of the windows facing the outside street, the figure of a silk-and-leather clad man can be seen near Sylindra's krilkar. Shamash is peering down at the thing's large head, a blank expression on his face as it stares back at him. This heated contest of wills draws out for a pregnant moment, and breaks only when a fly dances from the lizard's face to the elf's own. A faint click of the tongue, a pivot of a heel, and the man enters the tea house proper, one hand folded behind his back and the other clutching his prayer beads near his stomach. "The weather is always fair, Warlord," he remarks, passing beneath a Thalerith banner. "Not once during my retreats have I been rained on."

Ellyn lifts a hand to unfurl a finger towards Sylindra, "And that, is why I like you Warlord. We have much in common between our kin." Her head tilts as she grins, "Although the frustrations of needing to thump other things to get things to fall in line. Still I prefer a bit of fur overtop and underneath my leathers." A small quip to be certain before her gaze turns towards Shamash as she dips her head towards him in greetings. "I wish I could say the same above the mountaintops, though I guess I can if we speak of rain. I would joke that it washes the rats out of Khelgar and into Thelos but likely someone would take me seriously and find it an affront."

Nyssa looks to the young Thalerith sitting next to her as he mouths something to her, nodding and smiling at whatever he 'said'. She quickly devours the roll she had picked up and reaches for another, immediately starting to much away at it. The rest of her wine is is finished as she listens to her companions exchange pleasantries and friendly banter. She seems to be enjoying herself quite well, listening with amused interest. "You don't need harsh climates to foster strong people." She interject at the conversation. "If you do, you're probably just not very good at it." She then adds, raising her chin proudly, maybe seeing the words as a slight to her own Kinship. She doesn't look upset, though, a smile still on her lips as she gives Ellyn and Sylindra a glance in turn as she continues munching away at the sweet-roll.

Zaltar sips at his wine quietly, letting the others speak around him

Dunlain looks at Zaltar, "Salty, you're selling yourself short again." a pause, "C'mon buddy, take a little credit when it's due. You did great and many people saw it." He then hms softly as he listens to Ellyn and nods, "I wasn't sure whether or not the Conclave would go with someone outside the kinship, but I had hope that a neutral third party could prove to rise above the political climate that often graces your reknowned hall." he pauses to accept some coffee that is poured for him by a steward, "As for convening within Khelgar, it's not too much of an issue if the Conclave grants me just enough permission to pass through the portal for the purpose of the trial itself." he shrugs very lightly, "Still, if the prosecutor you do decide to go with isn't me, and would like someone to converse with about the case, I'm happy to help. Law isn't just a pastime for me, it's part of my daily life." He then chuckles at Nyssa's comment before glancing over at Shamash, "Hello there... uh..." he trails off without any recognition coming to his eyes.

Sylindra "You're right girl," Sylandra says to Nyssa in a tone of clear amusement. "A people who live amongst peaceful forests and gently rolling fields are just as hardy as those who make a habit of taming vicious murder lizards and ferocious dire wolves."

The stewards continually buzz about, making sure any need is tended to when they slip by. Drinks are refilled, snacks and desserts are delivered or whisked away at the patron's request. The bardic duo begin to play a more light and airy dance number, and a couple of patrons go out onto the dance floor to enjoy the moment. Outside a Templar on patrol suddenly screams and is seen running down the street and away from Malice who sits by the front door... the Templar's halberd is left behind on the ground. For the record, the murder lizard hasn't moved even a muscle so far as anyone else can be certain of... especially since it was just in a contest of wills moments prior.

Sylindra looks at the impassive Krilkar, looks in the general direction the Templar disappeared to, glances at his dropped halberd, then finally looks at everyone in the room and shrugs. Malice is still being a good girl.

Ellyn lets the ice green of her gaze flick towards Nyssa beneath the veil of her lashes. Her head tips, "A fiery one, you should come to one of my hunts sometime. I've hosted one along the plains here in Thelos for anyone to join. I was impressed by some of the Lorandi's gifts with prestidigitation they used for it. And you Zalter, I believe you are an Aynarr, yes? You are always welcome to join with House Reid." She smiles to the pair before chuckling softly to Sylindra's words. "I too heard a short version of the tale at the shrine and I'm certain the priests and Torth himself value your assistance there."

To Dunlain, the High Lord offers, "A neutral party is indeed what I am seeking personally. One of the Old Wolves has offered up his services and I would be hard pressed to turn one of them down from any House. I am considering asking him to assemble a team to investigate if need be and I will pass your words along. I didn't want you to think you'd not been heard from. And oh, a pot of tea." It's clear her mind is on a different track as Dunlain had offered to have a server get her something.

Shamash evaluates the gathered one by one with rather straightforward appraisal, his eyes roaming them top to bottom and back again like marauding hands. "The dullest blade is one that never cuts," he reasons, inclining his head to Nyssa. "For strength exists only in the measuring of it; untested, there is absence." He purses his lips and reflects on that for a moment, a faint shake of his hand leading that necklace of beads he holds to chime together. The large man shrugs a little, and offers Ellyn a faint smile. "How decadent Thelos must be to import even its pests."

Ellyn has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

"I uh, thank you Sir Dunlain, you are very kind," Zaltar says softly. He sips his wine and falls quiet again

Shamash has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

"Damn right." Nyssa replies to Sylindra. "We have Lions," she adds at the mention of over sized wolves and murder lizards. Her whole body makes a little jump as someone screams outside and the clang of metal hitting the ground sounds out. She looks a little confused for a moment, but starts giggling when she looks out the window and realizes what has, most likely, occurred. A little uncertainty appears in the depths of her hazel eyes when the offer is made for her to join a hunt, but it quickly disappears again. "I would like that." She tells Ellyn confidently. "I'm not very experienced with hunting, but I'm sure I could get the hang of it pretty easily." She then adds, making it pretty clear that she indeed doesn't have much experience with hunting and that she likely underestimates the skill it actually takes. Then she looks to Shamash. "Did you....just call me dull..?" She asks him, lips pursing together to make a small wrinkle appear on the bridge of her nose. She's not dumb...not exactly. But she can be a little slow sometimes. She looks back at Zaltar as if expecting him to defend this imagined slight, then back to Shamash.

"Our impassive newcomer is Shamash Sedriel, son of Emek Sedriel," Sylindra explains to the gathered company. "He is a warrior-priest of Rithor, and a strong and stalwart one at that. I had the pleasure of sparring with him some days ago, and he held up against my sword better than most." She addresses the man himself, "I was not expecting to see you around here, you struck me as a man most comfortable in the desert."

"I am Aynarr High Lord Ellyn, I am not sure what is the meaning behind your offer but uh, thank you as well," Zaltar says softly. "Hello Shamash," he tells Shamash politely. "I would hardly call Nyssa dull," he says mildly. "This is a lot of people to keep track of it, quite draining to be honest," he murmurs softly before drinking more wine

That green gaze lifts as Ellyn regards Shamash with a direct gaze of her own. "Actually I admit I may have stolen away from the library with one of them to import him into Khelgar. Not even a mouthful of a snack for the wolves." She gives a soft lift to one pale shoulder along with a hint of a smile in return, "A pleasure, Shamash, it is good to see more priests of Rithor around Thelos." To Nyssa and Zaltar, she gives a smart nod at the mention of the hunt, "There is no need to be, facing the hunt is often as much the challenge when the prey comes charging to mow down the hunter in closer quarters." She grins at Zaltar then, "You look not much older than Lord Heir Rigoth. Which is not a slight, more so given that he died for our kin... and still came back."

Dunlain draws over a steward and talks with him for a moment, hand rising and then falling after a second. The steward nods and leaves towards the back of the building near the kitchen. The Templar himself then looks at Ellyn, "I appreciate you letting me know in person, it's always nicer that way." a pause, "I hope for a swift and just trial." Soon a few stewards return with cups, saucers, tea plates, tea spoons, and a full spread of sugar, honey, milk, syrup, jams, and pastes. A delicate thin circle of pastry is rolled into individual selections and layered around a centerpiece of balled fruits and berries dusted with powdered sugar. A pot of tea and a pot of rich evening coffee is brought to the table, each guest being asked what they would like and then having it poured for them. After another moment a plate of nuts, jellies, and cheeses is set down along with saltwater crackers, biscuits, and flat bread. Dunlain nods towards the original steward who stands watching everything like mister mother hen.

"Well, enjoy yourselves folks. I hope this can cover anyone's fancies, and if there's anything else you need just let me know." When the heritage of the newcomer is stated, Dunlain looks at him for a long moment, "Emek's kid?" a pause, looking then to Sylindra, and then back at Shamash, "I didn't know he had a kid."

"No," replies Shamash to Nyssa, drawing closer to the table. He prefers to stand by it, rather than take a seat, perhaps a concession to his bulk and long legs. "But if you fear being thought such, sharpen yourself. As the Warlord says, I am Shamash Sedriel, priest of Rithor." He looks at each person as they're named or name themselves in turn, eyes resting on their faces long enough to commit the profile to memory. "Spend too long in the desert, Warlord, and even stone is worn smooth. At times, I like to visit Thelos, that I might remind myself what color looks like."

A moment later, as Shamash is making to speak to Ellyn, he turns to regard Dunlain. "My father has.. children," he says, with an awkward delay thrown in. "We all miss him very much."

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