Tails to be Told

Rats are still a thing, a little less than they have been as many have been purged and the melting snows have evaporated - but they have found little places to hide here and there. The library is very cozy after all...come read some tails.


July 6, 2019, 9 a.m.

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Rawlin Diagones Nalaea Aurri Ellyn Vella Darinel Kythaela Zaltar



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Grand Library of Thelos - Main Room

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The squeaks have been moving through the library for over a week. Little sounds of tiny feet scurrying through the walls or amongst the book shelves. Just one or two here and there but one could swear they were strategically placing themselves to disorient any searching for them. Maddening really. If more than one person were to work together maybe they might be able to extract the damaging little rodents from the precious library. The squeaks have grown a bit, almost as if the rats had called friends over for a party and they decided to stay way too long - perhaps nesting together.

The walls echo with another squeak as a rat can be seen running from one bookshelf to the next before scurrying along the wall. Off it goes driven with some unknown purpose before it disappears. The poor library! The poor books! Certainly at some point they are going to do some lasting damage.

Diagones checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Rawlin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher. Rawlin rolled a critical!

Aurri checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Ellyn checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Nalaea checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Ellyn checked dexterity + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Diagones checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Rawlin checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Bjornolf, a massive Alpha male Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental leave, following Ellyn.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Rawlin checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 16 lower.

Seykir arrives, following Vella.

Bjornolf, a massive Alpha male Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental, Vella arrive, following Ellyn.

Rawlin, who is now wearing an ornate circlet on his brow, is standing near one bookshelf and thumbing through some of the cookbooks his cousin helped gather up, seemingly searching for some sort of recipe perhaps. Then he hears it. Was that a squeak? He glances around and tries to see if anyone else in the library heard it as well. Then there's another. And then he sees one of the buggers running from one bookshelf to another. "Damn it." He sighs and adjusts his varne crystal before trying to capture one in a bubble of abjuration magic. "Come here you little bastard." He runs after one rat trying to hit it with the magic... and failing. The rat goes one way and the next, and suddenly turns and runs straight at the High Priest and right up into his robes. He frantically begins beating at his robes while hopping from foot to foot.

Aurri checked luck at difficulty 5, rolling 10 higher.

The little Head Scholar is already in the process of looking for rats. Indeed, she's been looking for them for an entire week, hearing the squeaks while trying to do all manner of work. Frowning, she crawls behind her desk, looking on the floor. She makes a high pitched squeaking noise, herself, when she spots a rat, and quickly casts a shield around it to hold it in place, so someone else can grab it. The shield is wavering, and the poor rat is squeaking up a storm - likely yelling at Diagones. "I could use a little help down here," she says. "And please! Please, if you're casting spells - do NOT cast fire spells near the books! Keep them near the fire pit please, please!" she says, looking up with pleading eyes.

The library is not the sort of place that Nalaea would often go. Oh, it's not that she dislikes them or that she can't handle them (after whatever fashion), it's just not her -scene- as it were. She's more DO than THINK. Often to the point of 'do without thinking' in fact. But that's where this particular occasion plays to her strengths. Finding out there are rats in the library is definitely a DO situation. She's meandering around shelves and books and stacks when she hears it. A squeak. And she hears EXACTLY where it is. So when a rat goes scurrying by at the end of the row, she already has her mala crystal in hand and points at it. "YOU." That 'you' is punctuated by a very focused crackle-pop of lightning and voila: one charred rat. Dinner anyone?

Aurri might be quite aware of the rats himself as he spends quite a lot of time in the library these days as it's lead by one of his best friends after all - well he ain't got many friends to be fair. The Prince got better things to do. But yet he notices the squeaking, alas can spot no source of where it may be coming from right now, as no rat catches his eyesight. But alas, the rats don't seem to bother biting him either, lucky Aurri.

The murmurs of the crowd outside, of more furry little friends to contend with that have been slowly plaguing the low city of Thelos draws some attention. Ellyn slips inside through the elegant doorway in a sweep of shimmering silver silks. Her heavier white jacket and soft furs left behind for the rising heat of the day that has her long silvery white tresses pinned up on top her head with long silver pins topped with delicate snowflakes at the top to rest within like subtle coronet.
The high lord looks towards the commotion within with a curious glance to cursed words, crawling fiends, elves, and oh so many delightful sight that cause her to chuckle. Just in time for a small rat to dart out in front of her from one book shelf to another. Her movement is quick, she isn't quick enough to a dip and reach, fingers snapping moments after it's tail disappears.

The rats are now beginning to move, the panic created by Diagone's squeaking catch has set something of a panic amongst the rest that are hiding. They begin to move and some slip off a shelf and are moving to the next. Surely wherever they are is unsafe. The trapped one before Diagones starts to push at the failing shield, showing its long teeth in its panic. Aurri fails to see the one right under his nose - literally right before his face on the nearest shelf at eye level, now listening to the panic. Nalaea's little singed rat causes the air to fill with burned hair and flesh but one less pest to ruin the books while the poor High Priest is having some trouble with his vestments..that are oddly moving along his leg. ZIP! More rats run about, a few here and there but nothing overwhelming but sadly Ellyn misses one. Right now it is rats winning and the elves with one..one and a half.

The rat on Rawlin continues to climb higher and the one in front of Aurri starts to disappear back behind the books.

Vella checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Diagones checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Diagones checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Vella checked luck at difficulty 5, rolling 7 higher.

Rawlin checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Darinel checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Aurri checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Rawlin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher. Rawlin rolled a critical!

Nalaea checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Nalaea checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Ellyn checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Ellyn checked dexterity + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Rawlin continues to bounce from foot to foot while smacking his robes. He lets out a little scream as he suddenly feels it tumble down his leg and then sees it land on the floor near him. He points his varne crystal at it and tries to capture it while dancing away from the little bugger. His attempts to shield the rat all seem to fail and instead he heads towards Aurri. "KILL IT." He yells while pointing at the rat.

Jackpot. Diagones has found a small nest of rats, under a bookshelf. She crawls closer, slowly, trying to be as stealthy as possible, and then raises a hand, casting a stronger shield this time than the time before. The shield encases the rats under the bookshelf and she calls out, "Someone come over here and kill these! I'll hold them still!" Her hand stays up, protecting the integrity of the shimmering pale gold.

One rat down... too many to go. Nalaea is satisfied with her fricassee rat and turns to try to find another. Unfortunately, she can't pinpoint those damn squeaks. She turns in a circle slowly- there? No... there? Nope. Maybe- but she hears Diagones' shout and well! Convenient rats are convenient. The woman is holding up her mala crystal as she scurries (much better than a rat can tyvm) towards the scholar. "Just stay clear of them!"

A library serves as hallowed ground for the silent and thoughtful, but not so now. As the cacophony of squeals both elven and otherwise rise, it cannot help but draw Vella's attention from her seat in a quiet corner with a heavy book of esoteric origin. She blinks slowly, several times, before her gaze begins to sharpen and focus on the world around her. Just in time, she manages to draw her legs up and tuck them against the antique tome as something suspicious scurries past her. "Ah--!"

Lady Luck seems to be more on Aurri's side this time, as the young Prince spots the rat just as it is about to vanish from his sight. "Don't you dare." he murmurs to himself, before touching his own mala crystal to channel some energy of his own. Adhering to Diagones' advice that he certainly heard and he wouldn't want to scorch any of the books himself either, he instead uses to apply some ice magic to the rat, turning it into a yummy rat popsicle, maybe dropping right in front of Ellyn's snow wolf for a small treat. Refocusing on his surroundings, he then glances towards Rawlin "I shall get to it then." Sounding serious, as he is when doing magic.

Although she's been out of Thelos for a while due to some family matter or another, rumors of yet more rats plaguing Thelos have reached Darinel's ears. She takes the time to make her way to the library, where she's heard they are residing this time. "About time Thelos invests in some cats, I think," she says as she enters into the establishment. "Or borrow some cats from others," she harrumphs as she notices a furry critter scurrying in the far right corner. She takes a moment to see what others are doing, and only once she notices them attacking the beasties or other such things does she pluck her bow from her back, string it with the deft surety that comes from long practice, and take aim at the furry beastie she noticed. Twang goes the bow, and the rat that she was aiming it is skewered true. She frowns as she notices just how many are in the building. "Not sure I brought enough arrows for this."

It's not long before there is the chitter, squeak and sudden activity of another scurrying little rat, snow white in color that tries to dart along another bookshelf. Ellyn might have missed the little creature if not for it's coloration and little black patch over one eye. This time the flow of her form and clasp of fingers catches the little creature in a rather delicate furl of hand that lifts him up. "Ahh, aren't you the most beautiful thing," she chimes, "You really need a name." For the time she seems oblivious to the efforts of others as she gives a soft stroke of finger over it's tiny muzzle and head, the little rat squeaking only once before it's bright eyes lid over to nuzzle beneath.

Panic is ensuing in the nest of rats that has made their home in the library. Safe, dry, lots of places to hide. Diagones is lucky, holding on to three of them as Nalaea is incoming to help her end the rat. The one she previously held is getting loose of its shield...and is going for Diagones in a rush to get away from that wolf it sees. Rawlin manages to free himself of his rat and points it out rather helpfully for the Serannar Prince. Said Prince finally got his target and with a tumble the rat falls to the ground - unmoving and THUNKS into place. Darinel's use of her bow spears one right in the side, it squeaks, slides across the ground and goes silent - tail still twitching. How cute! Ellyn has a new pet though the thing is clawing and scratching at its possible new owner. Poor Vella is caught in the middle of it all, not quite sure what is going on save that a few rats lay dead and a smell of burned fur and flesh has begun to fill the air.

The mild chaos that is ensuing is certainly creating quite the din and there is really no place to try to study a thing in the library as more rats are stirred by the obvious attack and genocide of their population!

Rawlin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Rawlin checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Rawlin checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Vella checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Ellyn checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Darinel checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 53 higher.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 58 higher.

Diagones checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Diagones checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Diagones checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Vella checked command + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Rawlin gets atop a chair... to get a tactical lay of the land of course, totally not because he wants to avoid another rat climbing up his robes, nope. This new vantage point helps him spot another rat, and he fires off a blast of abjuration magic towards the little bugger, attempting to push the shield up against the bookcase and possibly crush it between the magic and the shelf. He misses and merely slams the shield into the book case, knocking off a few smutty romance novels written by Valatir instead. Oh well, at least the rat isn't charging him this time!

"It's in my ROBE!" screams Diagones, standing up abruptly, the shield she was using to hold the rats under the bookshelf falling. Her pretty, pure white silk robe. She quickly unties the belt and lets the robe fall to the floor, stamping and screaming. She's standing in a lace trimmed camisole and pair of pantaloons, both pure white silk, and she runs toward the fireplace, leaving her robe on the floor. Her braid bounces behind her as she jumps up on one of the chairs and stands there, pointing at her robe, trying to calm herself.

There's that sharp scent of ozone again. At least Nalaea is going for lightning over rain. It's much more precise. Even if it is a little unnerving. Ozone burns and then lightning strikes! Very precise, pinpointed lightning. Right into the nest that Diagones has captured. Up close it's liable to be incredibly bright and prickly. Want that hair-on-end look? Stray too near the spots she's scorching. And hey, even if there are black marks left on the floor: the books are safe. Because there are three more burning rats; boiled from the inside out. DELICIOUS. "This," she says, "is why I only wear my robes for special occasions." It's harder for rats to climb under your leathers.

With his first target dealt with comfortably, Aurri switches his attention towards the other rat that was pointed out to him by the High Priest. Narrowing his eyes at the little beast, he murmurs "Squeak as long as you can still, little pest.." Oh finally somewhere to let out his passion without someone scolding him for it, no they are actually gratutious and the Serannar delivers again, freezing another rat just with what seems like an ease to him now, barely showing a sweat, as he smirks into Rawlin's direction "Any other troublemakers I got to deal with for you, Lord High Priest?"

Even dreamy, sweet Vella finally shows a measure of concern. She scrambles to her feet to stand on the cushion, the book hugged to her torso like a shield, the distance put between her and the ground seeming the safest option of all. Her wolf lumbers to his feet, his golden gaze trained to the ground to watch for the slightest hint of movement. "Seykir!" Vella's squawk is all he needs to set him in motion, diving for the gray streak as it darts and claws at the seat to scale its side. There's a satisfying, if sickening, crunch as he closes his mouth around what accounts as more than a snack for a creature of his size.

Darinel only takes a quick moment to suss out more rats. She's not dissapointed as she finds a group of them fleeing to the back. She frowns at them as she takes another arrow from quicker, giving them a critical look in that archer's way. "Hrm. Maybe if I time it just right, I can get more than one at a time." She licks her lips, sets her arrow to the bow, draws back, makes certain her stance is set just so, and takes aim at the running group of rats. It seems her theory is a sound one, as no sooner does the TWANG of her bow sound does the arrow go flying through the air and skewer not one, but two rats at the same time! Thunk! THUNK!

While not easily distracted it seems the feisty little rat clutching at her fingers as it tries to scramble out from Ellyn's grasp has caught a fair bit of her attention from the growing chaos around her. It's tail flails in pin wheeling circles as it tries to squeeze it's way from her grasp and over the back of her hand. It's white fur fluffs up, muzzle swinging around to blink and squeak at the high lord with that one black patch around it's left eye. "Is that so?" she exclaims, having a rather delightful conversation.

Scorch marks can be sanded out of a floor or buffed or the like. Rat damage to paper can not and neither can a fire be stopped if its set on such wonderful fuel. Aurri gets his mark and is left with two counts to his name. Dead rats here and there start to dot the library - two being added to the list when Darinel magically manages to spear two with one! What effortless attempts! Rawlin manages to continue to point and instruct from where he is at but as a book or two fall from the shelves the one he was aiming at lays there dazed.

Vella's companion is swift in his justice and she is saved - also elevated like the High Priest. Safety..for now. Rats can climb. Nalaea is in command with three more down and filling the room with scents that are going to need some airing. Ellyn is making a friend, the rat still not quite liking how its being held is scratching at her hand in an effort to be let go.

Finally there is a robe. Vacant of an elf and moving with something still caught beneath it as the Head Scholar stands atop a chair trying to compose herself.

Rawlin checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Diagones checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Vella checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Darinel checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Vella checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Ellyn checked command + animal ken at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Vella checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Thanks to his Lorandi eyesight, Rawlin is able to tell that the book that fell onto the rat to stun it was 'The 43 Secrets of Gala' an interesting tome that he was still trying to get Seren to read with him. "This is Rawlin's 44th Secret." He murmurs as he holds it into place. "Prince Aurri, should you wish to practice your art once more, I have one held down in place." He gestures to the Prince at the rat being confined by his abjuration magic. "Light him up!"

On the chair by the fire pit stands a very weary-looking Diagones. Her face is flushed, her body nearly naked, and she's shivering, despite the summery weather. It's clear that she comes by her smallness naturally - her arms and legs are excessively slim, no muscles whatsoever. And it is because of this that she decides this is the safest place for her right now, watching the rat hunters with big, wide eyes. "Could... could someone bring me my robe?" she asks in a clear voice, trying to hold her head up with dignity.

Tamarisk, the tree elemental arrives, following Kythaela.

Movement catches Nalaea's eye. Convenient movement, at that. She HAD been about to go looking for more target practice, but one is right there. Right there, trying to escape a pile of white fabric. The Aeran's eyes light up and she adjusts her grip on her mala crystal before taking a few steps to point at the rat. Or where she assumes it'll be in a second or two. And in the end? The Reymar elfess is right on point. Lightning strikes, again, and while Diagones might need new robes (or some daring hemming to those), the rat is dead; fried like the others. "Five!" she calls out in decided victory. Or braggery. Six of one, half dozen of another. "Uh-" she looks from singed-robe-with-dead-rat-topping and then looks to Diagones. "You sure?"

Though Seykir saves her from the first rat, Vella is now on high alert for any other, the wistful expression so usually gracing her delicate features nowhere to be found. Instead, worry carves deep lines where her brows knit together and her lips waver between a frown and a scowl. She plants a foot on either side of the chair's arms to gain more height, her wolf sniffing curiously at the foot of the nearest shelf. Alas, the enemy attacks where she least expects it and with only a small squeak to warn her first -- there behind, the rat who has scaled the back of her seat unseen, unheard, unsmelt, leaps onto the trailing folds of her tunic's hem.

Vella's scream could fair be said to curdle the blood; the book in her hand bounces off the chair's arm and lands with a heavy thud as she scrambles in a useless circle to try and rid hersel of the rodent. "Rat! Rat! Heeeelp!" she wails piteously all the while, to no one in particular and everyone all at once.

Aurri does not read such lectures, certainly, even if the Men of Lorandi pin up calendar that can be found here, too, might suggest otherwise. Not that the Prince would have the focus on that right now. Looking at the squeaky thing in Rawlin's hands he then nods his head, though choosing to freeze the rat once again, as he clarifies ever afterwards "I am sure the Head Librarian wouldn't want me to scorch any of those valuable books." Speaking of... he spots the... barely clothed Diagones and then aims to fetch the robe for her. All gentleman like, of course.

Though that one arrow seemed to flawlessly capture two rats at once, that's a pretty lucky shot, and not even Darinel can duplicate it entirely, even as skilled as she is. She sets her sights on others within the group of rats she was aiming for and then very carefully nocks another arrow. Her motions are practiced, steadied, deliberate as she adjusts her stance and takes aim at another. She releases the arrow and it goes sailing for its target, certain not to hit any of the precious books in the library. THUNK! The arrow hits its mark. Yay! Another rat is felled by an arrow!

Kythaela checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Of course it's not particularly easy to charm a rat and the mirthful quarrel of Ellyn's tone with her new friends isn't helping as apparently it doesn't agree with that state between them. The sudden click and chomp of jaws along the inside of her hand has the high lord dragging her bottom lip in and peering at the small creature. Only then does she finally look up to the continuation of the scene. "What in the name of Rithor!?" she exclaims to the sight of dead rats all around and elves in various states of offering merciless death or of clothes though her Aunt Vella's scream drags her attention around. She slips towards Vella in a flow of silk to try and grasp at the critter that is swinging wildly around on the hem of her tunic. To that sight she can't stifle the chime of laughter.

Rawlin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher. Rawlin rolled a critical!

Kythaela checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

A Duindar spellblade opens the door to enter and encounters a rat trying to run its way out. She pulls out her longsword at her belt and slashes at the rat with reflexes honed by years in training. Kythaela makes a rather messy end of the rat, slicing it right in half as the door shuts behind her again. "My word. It looks like a riot," she mutters beneath her breath as she looks around to see what chaos she has entered. The little tree elemental on her shoulder points, as though trying to get her attention.

The door is open, fresh air wafts in and with it comes Kyhaela who ends the life of a fleeing rat with a deft movement of her sword. The floor is now also a bit more bloody. For the rats though it looks like mass chaos yet for the elves its small dots here and there. Riot possibly! Diagones is safe still, perched atop her chair as the rat freezing Prince Aurri brings her her abandoned and slightly singed robe due to Nalaea ending the rat that had just come out from benaeth it.

Rawlin is still pointing out targets perched atop his chair. Such a leader! Vella's rat is still squrming its away up her tunic as she runs in a circle. Ellyn is on her way to help the dancing Faenor and free her of her stowaway as the impromptu rat pet in her hand is squirming - still not convinced Ellyn wishes to be a friend. Darinel is quickly raining death down upon the rats with efficiency!

Diagones checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Nalaea checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Vella checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Kythaela checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Kythaela checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Aurri checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Aurri checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Ellyn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Ellyn checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Standing atop his lone hill... er chair... Rawlin watches Aurri freeze the rat and nods to the Prince appreciatively. He then takes to surveying the rest of the library, seeing the little skirmishes here and there and so on and so forth. Then he spots something. A group of rats in the back corner. He turns to Darinel and points directly at them and calls out, "There are four of them over there! In the back corner!" He points at them again as if hammering this point home so the rain of death can commence.

Diagones takes her robe from Aurri with a grateful smile, standing just a little taller than him on the chair. "Thank you, my friend," she says, and then focuses on the robe, waving a hand over it. Like magic, because, well, it is magic, the singe and stain are lifted off, falling to the floor in a harmless pile. She ties the robe about her waist and then canids her head to the side. "It's quieter," she says. But then she points to a rat scrambling for the reading area. "Get him! There he is!"

A job well-done. Literally. There's the smell of burnt rat all over the place and Nalaea's roughly-sheared hair is sticking up in a few places from being so near lightning strikes. Not that she appears to mind. In fact, the woman is just looking about for another target when it seems one comes seeking revenge! She has no robes to climb under, but one is definitely taking advantage of the firmer purchase of her leathers to climb her leg. She nearly drops her mala crystal as she flails and hops backward a few steps.

The rat outwits Vella's less-than-skilled attempts to shimmy and shake it off of her -- it squabbles at the elf's hands as they fling past its head uselessly, nipping the air as a warning. Vella's wolf stands, snarling, but as yet does not attempt to snatch at the rat surely for fear of biting his friend, instead. As Ellyn nears, Vella regains some measure of sense and at least manages to orient her panicked jig so that her back faces her niece. "Oh please, Ellyn, help, get it off before it bites me!"

But the rat waits for no one, and as soon as it senses the younger elf is near enough, makes a daring leap that lands it on the High Lord's arm.

Aurri fetches the Head Scholar's robe after it has been freed of any rats. Or so it seemed at least. The Prince hasn't notice that the rat has searched some new prey - being the Serannar himself. Cursing he turns a little to the left and right "Someone get him off me." He shouts, looking slightly irritated, from the hero to the victim in the matter of moments.

Darinel glances over at Rawlin when he points out four more rats. She gives a succinct nod in his direction, acknowledging his help there, and adds an "You Got it!" as well. She glances over at the four rats, and concentration once more takes shape on her face. Another arrow, knocked and ready, and as she lets loose it's with the same precision as the time she took out two of the rats. It seems maybe that first shot wasn't so much luck as one might have thought, for Darinel takes out two more rats with a single arrow; ever careful to ensure the arrows don't stray from their course.

Lenore arrives, following Zaltar.

Zaltar checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher. Zaltar rolled a critical!

There might be a bit of the circus in the library and Ellyn seems merry in it all as if forgetting there are tiny corpses now littering the floor. Her aunts shimmy and shakes only brings more laughter for the shift of body and dress at odds with one another. A sight to behold in Vella's dance with her rat. There is a blink of lash in surprise for the whorl around that offers the creature a chance for a catapulting leap.

For a second it is air born with little arms, legs, and whirl of tail outstretched like a flying squirrel before landing on Ellyn's arm to pinwheel over and about. "Oh!" she exclaims as tiny claws dig in and etch along her pale flesh. "How rude," the sentiment expressed towards the rat as she arcs a slender silver brow at Vella to point it's behavior out the rat wildly makes one gymnast loop around her forearm before beginning to scamp on top and up her arm.

Zaltar checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 63 higher. Zaltar rolled a critical!

Kythaela strides into the fray. She might not be that good at seeing the rats until they are almost on top of her, but she does at least see them, one by one. Her sword, however, has unerring aim and she slashes out with the simple weapon. Each flick of her wrist easily slices through a single rat with absolute focus. She doesn't stop for a moment, though her stride is slow and careful. She blocks out the noise from the entire room to focus entirely on the rats that seem to be scampering about over everyone. Not just feet, as a rat goes flying into the air across the room. She tries to look around to see where she might be needed the most.

Zaltar slips in seeming to notice something, he reaches down and picks it up taking it over to the door and gently setting it outside. Zaltar returns survey the situation quietly

The rats are dwindling. Most laying froze or singed...or with arrows or now slashed. The scene is rather macabre with Diagones only now putting her robe back on after cleaning it off. Nalaea and Aurri both have attached friends now, both trying to brush them free as the last few rodents are trying to find cover. Darinel makes sure that is nto the case! Rawlin calls down the attack and where. Two more are ended as the last two scurry! One goes right for Zaltar who catches it in his hands and is the first to set it outside to let it go.

Ellyn now has one in her grasp and the other is climbing over her - courtesy of Vella. The calm High Lord in the face of rats around her is something to be admired. Kythaela is still near the door with her blade in hand, a rat or two cleaved at her feet like some victorious warrior. It is not on the scale of the Shrine of Torth but the squeaking is coming to an end. The library now just the few stragglers and elves.

Rawlin checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Vella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher. Aurri rolled a critical!

Ellyn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

Zaltar checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Kythaela checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Rawlin glances over to Darinel and smiles, "Nice shot!" He nods appreciatively to the Aeran and her pin-point accurate archery and then goes back to surveying the lay of the library. Then he catches sight of Nalaea and the rat that's crawling on her. "Hold still!" He calls out to her, channeling the lifewell within him he holds the rat in place on her leg. "Alright, he's not going anywhere. Zap him now!" He gestures with his free hand for her to let that rat ride the lightning.

Kythaela checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Kythaela checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 125 higher. Kythaela rolled a critical!

"Aurri! I've got it!" says Diagones. She raises a hand, still standing ensconced safely upon her chair, and levitates that rat off Aurri. "Blast it!" She calls out encouragingly, looking around the library as she does so, briefly taking an inventory of damage and spots that need cleaning and whatnot. And her books. Her precious, precious books.

While she had been gearing up to switch tracks and try a different route (while also preventing the rat from ascending higher), Nalaea is saved by the Priest. Ish. There's still a rat pinned to her leg. Which makes the next few seconds very critical indeed. The Aeran takes a careful, bracing breath before summoning upon the lifewell once again. The lightning strike manages to get just the rat and not her as well- surprisingly, perhaps. It does, however, leave most of her hair standing on end: revealing why she likely keeps it cut short. "Thank you!" she calls out to Rawlin before coughing under the smell of crisp rat (not to be confused with Chris Pratt) and kicking the carcass away.

Clearer senses would see a mage such as Vella put her best skills into practice, but instead she simply bats and squawks at her niece's arm, trying and failing to help her rid herself of the crawling vermin. The damnable thing anticipates every swat so that Vella instead smacks her High Lord, instead, once or twice. "Oh, I'm sorry, oh, that cursed beast!" Vella squeals in between missed strikes.

The elevated rat makes Aurri blink for a moment, but then he realizes why he was here in the first place, to eradicate the rat infestation of the library. "Watch out." he calls out to his friend, before he feels invigatored and draws deep, very deep from his connection to the Lifewell, summoning a lightning bolt this time himself, that some might consider far too big for the cause, but safe is safe and with a little smirk the Lorandi Prince watches the dead and blackened corpse on the ground, before taking a glance about "Is that all of them?" Just like nothing happened.

Rawlin checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

"Thanks!" Darinel calls out to Rawlin, grinning widely at him. Then her eyes narrow slightly as she notices one of the last few rats trying to escape. She quickly nocks another arrow and lets loose, and with another solid THUNK that rat is dead. She steps back and looks at the grisly scene before her, pursing her lips. "Hopefully not many of the books were ruined with their nesting."

It's always a curious thing how family gets along and it seems Ellyn's spirit is matched in turn by Vella as she attempts to duck and weave more from her aunt's swats than the rat as it shimmies up her arm and takes a flying leap to swing from one long silver hair bin where her tresses are kept up and away. "You're supposed to hit the rat," she exclaims as much with a half laugh as the pair, no quartet dance around with one still squeaking in hand to be let out and the other clinging for dear life in those silvered white pinned tresses. She gives a shake of her head, one pin tumbling out to chime along the floor that releases a slow cascade of soft waves around her.

Still near the door, Kythaela sees a rat scurrying toward the reading area. She darts over toward the area and then uses her feet free hand to kick up pillows and toss them out of the way of the oncoming rats. Nothing to hide in here. She's a blur of movement, pillows flying into the air. Her sword follows through, catching the rat on it's tip. As she swings a pillow out of the way with her free hand, it flips the rat up into the air and a deliberate double slash hits the rat on the way back down again. All that's left of the quick motions of her sword is a mess of fur and viscera left twitching at her feet. The library where Kythaela has been smells of blood and gore. Thankfully, they are only rats, so she comes out of the slicing of her blade with only a spattering of nasty things on her boots. Is there anything left of that rat to twitch? To make sure, she scoops the edge of her blade through it again before tossing the rest of the pillows onto bookshelves and out of the way of the nesting vermin.

Zaltar quietly finds the last five rats that remain alive and help lure them outside, seems his calm quiet no threatening manner helps ease the rats to trust and follow him in a rather orderly manner outside the library. Zaltar tries not to attract the attention of the others so he can safely guide what rats he can to safety outside and away from death.

The chaos now mostly consists of elves. The teamwork of Aurri and Diagones along with Rawlin and Nalaea see those climbing on the two elves now down for the count. This frees up Rawlin and the others to help usher what is left outside. Which most are now beginning to follow Zaltar out of the library as Kythaela clears the entry - which was a real deterent if one was a rat. In fact Kythaela has such a display by cleaving the rat mid air that it is a sigh to see. Though a few cushions will have some blood spatter.

Darinel downs another and as the library seems to be clearing there are a few stragglers that Zaltar can not quite influence. Let us not forget Ellyn and Vella, both after the same rat...now going for Ellyn's hair.

Vella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 14 higher.

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Kythaela checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Kythaela checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 36 higher.

Aurri checked mana + evocation at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Zaltar checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Ellyn checked command + animal ken at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Darinel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 24 higher.

Rawlin nods and gives a flourishing little bow towards Nalaea as she zaps the rat and thanks him. "You are welcome." He then rubs his hands together before stretching them out wide. "Elves of Aarandor. I have heard it said that these rats are a test to prove that we are worthy of the Watchers. While I do not believe that this is the case, I can say that the Gods are always watching us. Loran is always watching us. To ensure that we remain active and always moving forward, always improving ourselves and our communities." He gestures towards the carnage around the library. "THIS DAY we have worked together to clear this library of this foul pestilence which has swarmed our city streets and caused havoc and destruction in two shrines already. THIS DAY we have shown everyone what working together can accomplish. I am proud of each and every one of you. Loran is proud of each and every one of you. Stand tall as you go forth from this place and know that you made a difference." He looks around the room once more and nods to himself and lowers his arms.

After applauding properly for her High Priest, Diagones notes two of the rats going for the door. She lifts a hand and the two rats begin to levitate. "Oh no you don't you little.... get back here," she says. "You're not leaving just to tell all your friends about the library and all the places you could nap. No way, no way. Come back here.... someone dispose of these... creatures," she says, nose wrinkled. She's still standing on her chair, mind you.

The speech from Rawlin, upon his pulp- er, chair-gets a sidelong look from Nalaea. It's a bit of an 'okay, but sure.' Either way, she's not stymied or stalled or otherwise put out by it. If anything, it's a sign that they really, really need to take care of these things. There's still too many stragglers for a properly timed (and aimed) strike of lightning, but Nalaea has another idea as she sees the rats start for the door (surely to torment some poor elf at their shopping). The dark-haired Aeran gestures and this time it's more a sweep of her arm than a pointing motion. This time, rather than lightning, it's a strong gust of wind that issues forth to send rats upon their way: tumbling on out the door and into the street beyond.

The battle may be won for elvenkind, speeches, accolades and applause just begun, but some fights are not quite over. Opportunity presents itself in the blink of an eye -- Vella's hand snatches quickly and scruffs the rat just beneath its ears as it tries to burrow deeper into Ellyn's hair. It proves a pressure point that makes the creature slacken enough that she can yank it from her niece's silken, silvery tresses. Indelicately enough, however, that a few strands remain in the clutches of the rodent as it squeaks protest and begins to wriggle.

"Oh, oh!" Vella matches each squeak with a squeal of her own, perhaps too surprised by her own luck in actually capturing the thing to know what to do with it next. She shudders and holds its flailing little body as far away from her as possible, too wary of risking its revenge should she drop it (though Seykir licks his chops for just such a chance), too squeamish to attempt killing it with her bare hands. "What do I do?!"

A glance is given towards the Priest for his speech at this moment right there, but then Aurri is not one for the oratory skills either or the appreciation of it, instead focusing on the few rats scurrying behind at their way out of the door. As Nalaea got the same idea like him, he adds his own kind of wind magic to the effort, sending the rats right out of the door without too much of an effort, as the both evocationists seem to be working together perfectly. He even graces her with a little smile "Seeing your skills in practice I must admit that you are quite adept yourself already." he offers to the Aeran storm witch.

Darinel takes a moment to listen to Rawlin. She gives a nod of her head, as though agreeing with his words. And then Diagones brings her attention to yet another rat. "I've got this," she tells the head librarian. Another arrow grabbed and knocked back, and soon it is sent off after the floating rat. Dead, in an instant, as the arrow THUNKS into it.

For the speech given Ellyn turns to Rawlin for a moment with a narrow flick of lash and a bark of laughter, "Hah! Those are some curious words. Ought to throw a prayer in there for Rithor's little furry fiends." One such fiend that seems intent on gnawing on the remaining silver pin in her hair that slices a few silken strands with it. She notes Diagones' addendum to a couple other critters that are snared up. One might think the soft furry white rat in her hand takes notices as well as it's muzzle swings around and little whiskers twitch quietly.

The snatch of the rat from Ellyn's hair as her green gaze swinging around towards Vella. "Oh oh, here I'll take him." She deftly plucks the tiny creature fro her aunt's hands and whispers to both creatures that have settled. Her words chime with mirth for the scene it creates, "It's alright, I've got him." A fleeting glance given to all before the high lord steps swiftly out the door in a flow of silk behind the flying departure Nalaea have given other intruders.

Done with the reading area, Kythaela heads toward her Head Scholar, her filthy sword held loosely at her side. A swipe of that sword and one of the rats that Diagones is elevating is split in two, though whether or not those bits remain up in the air is up to Diagones' prestidigitation. She lets her sword fall back to her side and then looks around. "This is fun. Are there any more rats?" She seems far too eager to kill more tiny little rodents, make a big mess of the library and bloody her sword even more. Her bright green eyes are shining with eagerness as she turns around to try and find more things to kill. The tip of her sword twitches.

Zaltar frowns at the words being said but quietly continues to lead what rats he can outside to safety. Zaltar is doing his best not to draw attention to himself as he helps the small creatures who are terrified and scared seek safety outside. He does not speak to anyone here, his focus on rescueing the rats he can from death.

There is a definitive cry of surprise from outside as the wind blows the rats out the door when Aurri and Nalaea get the last few out with Zaltar leading his own group. "By Loran!" In strides a Lorandi plucking gingerly at her skirts to lif them so Seren can give them a hearty shake to be sure she is free of any clingers. Her perfectly pinned hair is mussed, strands sticking out here and there as she blinks hesitantly steps inside. The scene she enters in on shall never be forgotten. Bloody, frozen and singed rat corpses dot the library here and there. Pillows from the reading area are tosed out, books have fallen off a few shelves and the general populace of the library looks...frazzled to some extent.

The Lady Priestess wrinkles her nose at the smell, lifting a hand to pinch her nose as she stares at Rawlin - perched on his 'podium'. "Love?" she asks of him, their matching circlets a appare as her own rests upon her pale brow. Diagones on her own chair is given a long look. There is Aurri, Nalaea, Ellyn and Vella with their 'rat friends' as the creatures suddenly seeming to calm before the High Lord rushes out.

Kythaela with her sword out and Darinel with her bow at ready explain the other corpses and she clears her throat, "I see that the rats have not actually left entirely." She intones. The strike team has been successful! Zaltar with his pied piper methods have helped rid the library of what is likely the majority of the rats. One or two may have expertly hidden to give Diagones nightmares at a later date.

"Everyone okay?" she asks, finally releasing her skirts with a cautious look underfoot before she does so. More than a few rats have been saved this day and the library has been preserved.

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